Kevin Glenn

....With a qb. we win this one vs. T.O.....I'm sorry guys....this guy totally bombed...again....I have never been a Glenn believer and he leaves me still NOT believing after this game....what the hell kind of play calling in the red zone... and that may not be totally Glenn ...but he did not execute....another wash...This team needs a qb. to raise to the next level....just my opinion....and fed-up... :oops:

He had a great season last year... not sure what happened tonight. He didn't throw more than 2 picks in a game all last season. Then tonight he throws 3. There goes my fantasy team. :?

Ya right!! I bet you were a fan when he almost won MVP.

...Bombers should be head and shoulders above the Argos in the east....instead it looks like we'll be neck and neck over the year....UNLESS ...we get as qb. who steps up...Glenn looks bloody horrible...the only thing he completes is 8 yarders lately...and the receivers have to make circus grabs on those ones....I said it even before t.c....Glenn scares me with his tendecy to get injured....and horrible decisions on crucial plays that usually result in interceptions....Give me a gimpy those situations and i'll gurantee the Bombers would be a lot more successful and productive than what they are right now...hell i would even look at Dinwiddie or Randall if this keeps up....and i sure wouldn't have Glenn in my pool....This may sound tough and hard for a lot of Bomber faithful to swallow...BUT after watching the CFL for a few decades....i know players and have seen successful ones win championships...and it starts with believing in yourself....and i just don't see that happening with Glenn////

Its only one game. If this continues for the next few weeks then you should be concerned. Glenn will rebound, and be back in his MVP form in no time, except when he plays the Riders!

I was at the game and Glenn did appear rusty, unsure and was throwing the ball behind and high on numerous occasions. I would have put Dinwiddie in for least a series. Also don't you think that Berry is perhaps too narrow in his ooffense scope in that he adapted his offense to reflect the old Montreal style offense of reads and then throw the ball. Maybe its time for a more wide open offense and that might require a more physical capable arm than Glenn posses. Just thoughts but they looked far too complacent on offense given the home opener and the opponent they were playing. It's early in the season but I'm concerned. Stegall absence was notable in the intensity that he brings to the game. Charlie Roberts was the only player on offense who seemd remotely in the game. And the oline needs some extra practice time.

...and speaking of Charlie....what a heads-up play to take that fumble and almost complete a pass to bail out the Big Blue near the goal line.....not only is he a talented back....but apparently posses the football instinct of the great ones....but we always knew that anyways... :thup: go Charlie

....MAYBE ONLY ONE GAME THIS YEAR....but he had the inerception bug in the home pre-season game as well...before Dinwiddie came in and straightened things out...IF go back to the end of last year....Glenn has been slowly slipping away...I don't know what it is about this guy,,,,he seems to have it all going and then ...boom...a stupid decision resulting in a turn-over... or a fumble (one that caused a broken arm)..I just don't have faith in this guy...but what worries me more is...i don't see him having any faith in himself.....IS why i would have liked to have seen the Bombers bring in an 'experienced' qb. to settle him down....Now we will have to wait for Dinwiddie ...orrr Randall to develop quickly, to take some of the heat off of Glenn and change things up...Berry better have Kevin on a short leash for the next little while or we could be looking at a few more 'blown' games....All in all the game was quite winnable against T.O....even with the rookies we had in the line-up....The quarterback has to stand-up and deliver and he didn't....and he knows it. He was hanging his head on the bench after one of the picks... and so he should..:x

I agree with you dad. So if Glenn does not smarten up whats next on the Bomber agenda.

the net back up gets a starting job and takes 4 years to get us to a GC to lose, fall apart the next season and get replaced by his back up. thats normally how we function

Not so sure I'd blame Glenn for that loss.

The Bombers were moving the ball fairly well, Sir Charles getting roughly 7 yards on first down, then a quick pass on second to get the first down. They did that consistently until they got to Toronto's 40 or 35, and then changed things up by trying to go with deeper, 10 to 15 to 20 yard passes on first down. IF they had just kept doing what they were doing I think a few TDs would have been the result. So I blame that aspect on your offensive coordinator. He played into the Argos' hands by going away from what was working as soon as they got to the 40 or 35 yard line. Suitor pointed this out as well during the broadcast.

That said, was Glenn great? No; a mediocre game by his standards. I'd expect better next time out (which happens to be against my team so I hope I'm wrong !!!! :smiley:)

But to me the turning point of the game was when Cam Hall had an interception in his hands and dropped it; had he hung on he would have gone all the way for a TD. Instead, next play the Argos score a TD. The real turning point to me. Too bad too, otherwise I thought Hall had a great game.

///well my son....we can always try the number 2 guy....and we'll probably see him pretty soon if Glenn doesn't get his act together....This team is too good to have mediocrity at the qb. position...I would say if Glenn is playing the same ...short pass..dink and dunk game against Mont. with no tds.... we'll see a change...Will it make a huge difference????probably not but we can't let things keep going bad...or you find yourself out of the playoffs...(cross over is always possible) I know its a very young season but you have to show teams in your division whose no 1 early....orr you might find yourself behind the 8 ball...Last night we sputtered and that can't happen next game :expressionless:

I didn't like the play calling after the Bombers regained the lead in the 4th quarter. On the next drive Glenn threw the pick (overthrew a wide open Edwards) and the Argos regained the lead and never lost it.

The Bombers run a ball control offense and could have put together a long drive of run and short passes, a field goal would have put them up by 4. But for some reason, they try stretching the field and it backfires. That's not the kind of risk free ball we are used to seeing from Berry and the Bombers. The only thing that could have killed the Bombers last night were turnovers, and they made plenty of those.

Berry needs to make a decision on what kind of offense he is going to run because if it involves stretching the field, then Glenn is not the man for the job.

speaking of bad play calling, when did the ideals of football say lets roll out our slow moving qb away from our fantastic oline.

This team cannot be based on rollouts they are useless and take away half the field from glenn. not to mention look at the one where he got rocked my o'shea, good call the cartwright, why don;t you do this team a favour and leave the box.

Come on, it’s the first game of the season and KG doesn’t call the play’s, if anything the O-Cord better mix in some different play’s. In Glenns defense, one interception was 100% his fault, the other two, the reciever’s ran the wrong routes (according to Berry on the post game show), KG will bounce back.

look at it this way, he came back healthy and has a stronger arm, and wind WAS a HUGE factor, sailing throws and underthrown throws. I do agree that we give Dinwiddie more playing time this year though, he CAN be a starter in this league.

I noticed the exact same thing. The offence needed to show a little patience.


Give the guy a break. Runner up for MVP last season and took us to the Cup but you are still willing to write him off after Week One.
It's a shame that this is typical Bomber fan behaviour. The favourite quarterback in Winnipeg is the back up quarterback. You can't keep switching up starting quarterbacks every couple of years. It completely throws off offensive chemistry. Do you honestly think Dinwiddie is the answer? Glenn is a solid QB (with decent experience) and is allowed to have a shaky game every once in a while. Throwing in Dinwiddie would only destroy Glenn's confidence and create more quarterback controversy, which is the last thing the Bombers need. What they do need is some loyalty to the key players.
As we saw with Westwood, when Berry puts a player on a short leash he makes it very public and humiliating for the player. Glenn needs to know he is allowed to make a few mistakes and still have the support of his team and fans.

...NOT WRITTEN OFF MY FRIEND...just expressing a lot of concern about the qb. position....maybe next game Glenn will start playing like he did at the beginning of 07....IF we lose in Mont....i think you'll agree we have to REVIEW WHERE THIS TEAM IS REALLY GOING... and that starts with the qb....or is there going to be a few more built-in excuses :expressionless:

What he did last year, means squat, although nobody is going to throw him under the bus.

Here's the thing, the Bombers run a very conservative offense, high % passes and KG is very good at running it. However, it's predictable after awhile, which is why the Bombers aren't finishing off drives with TD's. This goes back to the last half of last season too.

Now, it seems, whenever the OC tries to open the play book and stretch the field, KG turns into a pick machine. Now it's not all his fault, as the receivers seem to be just as confused at times as to where they are going. However, at some point KG has to show, that he can be successful when they need to do this. Some people are still awaiting for that to happen. And, maybe KG just doesn't have the physical tools to be able to do it, not his fault, so at that time, you have to start looking for someone who does. Or, you just continue to play it conservative and hope that your defense keeps you in the game.

...very good in-sight pigseye....of course we're not going to desert Glenn as someone has suggested that i've done...and like you said, we're not going to throw him under the bus...I agree the BigBlue are too predictable....and that's not Glenns fault...BUT....he has to learn to adjust...If the opposition is on to the short game....stretch the field...they certainly have the players to do it...also when in the red zone...flood the endzone with receivers...and use Charlie ...either running up the gut or as a short receiver...I noticed in the last game that there is no imagination when we get down in td. range...If Glenn can't get it about throwing in Randall...He not only is a threat passing but also running....something that Glenn can't do very well...The other team is keying on our plays in the red-zone and seems like they have the Bombers play-book... With the weapons we have they shouldn't be able to do that...I'm looking for different play-calling in the Mont. game..Here's hoping ... :roll: