Kevin Glenn

??, If and I mean IF. The break as we all think it is. Is on the left hand, What do you think? Kevin gets a cast on it,and I believe they will play him. What do you think? pat_cat

That would be "madness"!

Three weeks minimum to recover from a broken arm bone...

Whethe Wpg faces BC or Sask in the Cup Final, the QB is going to be taking HITS...

No they daren't dress him...

Wpg has special teams that can and will score, a D that does not let up (Man, can you IMAGINE that D crew here?)

Ryan Dinwittie (sp?) is a pretty good guy, and he has a remainder of the club that is "on a mission"!

Can the Bombers bring in a new QB? Not sure what the rules are on this point!


They said during the western final that glenn already has a cast from his shoulder to his wrist so I think he is done by the sounds of it.

Feel bad for him!Only the dirty argos would break a Cfl MVPs arm !If they still win the grey cup I will laugh my head off as loud as I did since when edmonton blew that greycup game they hosted!

(Justdoit) Feel bad for him!Only the dirty argos would break a Cfl MVPs arm !If they still win the grey cup I will laugh my head off as loud as I did since when edmonton blew that greycup game they hosted!
Nonsense! I saw the play and it was clearly an accident. I'm as down on the Argos as anyone on this site, but lets call a spade a spade. There was no dirty intent here on the part of the Argos; it was purely an accident.

Pat Cat: I don't think its feasible to play Kevin Glenn in the Grey Cup, even though his shoulder to wrist cast is away from his throwing arm. The average break takes 6 weeks to heal depending on it's severity and as much as I'd love to see Kevin in this game, I don't think any doctor will find it practical.

Listen!He should be done! An argo rolled down on him and put the weight on it!They have been real famous for doing that on us in the many argo ticat labour day games!That move alone ends alot of players in high school or college from continueing thier career!Its dirty and should have a very big penity for doing it!Oh yah I forgot! These are the argos and even the refs couldnt save them from the bombers!Fitting eh!

Looks like Ryan Dinwiddie is in for the game of his life. He won't get much sleep this week. I have seen him a few times and he looked pretty good. Lets see how he handles the Big One.
My guess is that Doug Berry will just want him to be the bus driver and let his receivers and backs do all the work. Heck of a position for a coach to be in though.

I bet I bump into him a dozen times this week in toronto and I will never know who he was!

If they can get their handoffs straight, then they still have a chance. LOL

Charles Roberts is going to be the key to the Bombers winning or losing on Sunday. If they cannot establish a running game, Dinwiddie is going be at the mercy of the Rider pass rush. Establishing a balanced attack is crucial, particularly with a backup Qb at the helm.

I understand that Dinwiddle set the NCAA Division 1-A record for passing efficiency with Boise State. He going to need that on Sunday...he has to be patient and not force matters. The only way the Bombers will keep up with the Riders' high-octane attack is by managing the game as well as they did against the Blue Team.

Oski Wee Wee,

I was hoping that Glenn would get a chance to play and beat Sask in the Grey Cup after the slimy deal the Boatmen and Sask did to Ham to keep them from getting Glenn when we were desperate for a QB.

The funny thing about both football championship games in toronto is that at least one team in each contest have lost thier starting QB!St.Marys QB has a torn ACL and is finished!Then there is Glenn and his broken arm!Miss matches or blow outs for each games!

Miss matches or blow outs for each games!
Ever heard that "the games aren't played on paper?" ...

Your comments TOTALLY DISRESPECTS, not only the BACKUP players - but ALSO the SURROUNDING Team members of each squad.

In a ONE OFF event, like a CHAMPIONSHIP game - teams can, COLLECTIVELY, raise their INDIVIDUAL performances to HIGHER LEVELS. Due to the INHERENT importance of the QB position, these injuries COULD supply each team with a CONCENTRATED FOCAL POINT for their ENERGIES.

Perhaps this is just WISHFUL thinking - but they say football is the ULTIMATE TEAM GAME, and I TEND to BELIEVE 'EM ...


Anything can happen, remember this:

"When regular Colts signal caller Johnny Unitas was injured in the final exhibition game, Morrall became the team's starter. Morrall proceeded to lead the Colts to a 13-1 record"

13-1 record not bad for a backup.