Kevin Glenn

...based on that performance ...i hope he's not looking forward to a very big raise next year....that wasn't good enough...Glenn seems to have slipped back into the Glenn of old...i think something has definitely changed for Kevin in the last half of this year......and it ain't good....seems to have lost his confidence...His receivers didn't help him any that's for sure...But please Glenn ...have a look at the guys who can catch the ball..This team had the opportunity to put first place away today...and it didn't happen...AGAIN....same ol' same ol' :thdn:

Hard to argue with you papa but he was getting the crap beat out of him by the Argo front along with the very aggressive Argo secondary coverage. If we don't smarten up"NOW" we won't be winning any eastern crown never mind a Cup!

...i think somehow the 'crown' has slipped away.... :thdn: :frowning:

Personally I believe we are capable of winning it all this year and we could! We are just too inconsistant so we'll probably pay for it. I'am hoping for a Sask/Winn Grey Cup but I'am not so sure we'll be able to hold up our end of the deal!

Unless Glenn is able to turn things around in a hurry I really don't think they should even try and resign him for next year his play was atrocious and he's getting worse every week

C’mon guys, let’s be fair. The key is Charles Roberts. Glenn doesn’t pass almost 50 times if Roberts is there, nor does Toronto sit waiting for a pass. When have you ever heard of a team running the ball less than 15 times? If Charles is back, we beat Montreal, and that miserable looking bunch of Argos lose to Saskatch who do have first place to play for.

[quote="indianjack"]CForgive me, I'm working in China. BC has clinched Ssk must play for Rider Pride.

oh c'mon people, Glenn's numbers should've been better. Let's see 6 dropped catches, not to mention the oline were being knocked around like they were pilons falling down.

Now your criticizing Glenn, wake up if it wasn't for Kevin, we would probably have alosing record and missing the playoff's.

He has matured into the QB the BB'S have hoped for. He is more poised & calm and he isn't forcing many throws like last year.

As for Keith Stokes, hammerbutt mentioned in another post, about the fumble, c'mon man, the guy hasn't played for awhile and he is in great shape. I say keep Keith and get rid of AJ3. look at it this way, stokes is faster and he get's positive yards 99% of the time (and he made alot of player's miss on ST.

Papa, Mrs. Madjack and I actually attended the game today at Rogers Centre, or Skydome, or whatever the heck they call that place. It was our first time attending a game live in Toronto.

That was the worst exhibition of CFL football I have seen in a long time…what a dreadful “entertainment” spectacle. Glenn didn’t light it up, for sure, but geez, Bishop was worse. One blocked punt and TD Toronto, Stokes fumbles (why am I not surprised) leads to Bishop’s one good pass to Bruce and that’s it.

Dreadful game to have to sit through, and I spent money to watch that travesty. BORING, BORING, BORING.

Play like that, I don’t care who comes out of the east, Winnipeg or Toronto; the Grey Cup goes west; Saskatchewan, Calgary, and certainly BC will beat up on the Eastern rep.

I thought it was a Chess match between two teams battling for first place in the East. To bad we screwed up...we'll be back.

For sure it will be a west victory in the Grey Cup this year. I also would love to see the Riders and Bombers in the big game as a football fan could it get any better then that? Bombers better wake up or they are toast and i would worry about there kicking game come playoffs if a kick is needed to win the game, because cry baby Westwood is washed up, will be glad to see him unemployed next season!

Two things about Glenn

  1. His mechanics are all fucked up. He is not stepping into his passes and setting himself to throw, which has thrown the timing with the receivers off. It should take the coaches all of 15 minutes to correct this, yet we are going on game 7 ?

  2. The play calling is so predictable, defences are just waiting for it, the empty backfield bullshit has to stop. Combine that with #1, and you get the results we are seeing.

The coaches need to smartin up and recognize the problems instead of thinking it is something he is going to play through.

Calm down boys. don't hurt urself falling poff the glenn train here. heres it all works.

  1. TO's pass defence. they got some big names and have made huge defensive play after huge defensive play all year. a qb can only do so much.

  2. the oline gave him very little protection and he was taking cheap shots all day.

  3. without roberts he had no option but to go airborne and the defence knew it. that goes along with your predictable play calls there piggy. ya the defence knew they would throw just like i knew it. reid wasn;t moving the ball very well and we had no other options.

  4. Last and definatly not least. the inconsitent hands of our recieving corps. now i have lve stegall for years and i call edwards touchdown terrance everytime he touches the ball. But really terrance dropped 2 beautiful passes, stegall drop and great pass, armstrong missed a catch every time pass, eckert dropped a few that landed right in his hands.

really to take this out on glenn your all being blind. he was probably one of the best players on the field next to gavin for the team. we lost this game because of 2 gigantic special teams giveaways and a reciving corps that let our qb down time after time.

...good grief and the Mrs. actually sat through that...i hope you had some refreshments to endure that painful display...Actually what that game showed me is....give the Als. a tweak here and a tweak there...they're gonna be right in the mix...Glenns' play has dropped off...reason could be when he injured his other knee...????don't know...but for sure his play has tailed off....I agree with blue'ngold the top receivers on this club didn't help him...and Blink was broke...but heh...some of the other guys should have stepped up...i can't remember when we threw Stoddard the ball last...and that has to be the schemes and or the qb...He's a clutch guy...and when you need a lift ..he brings it....Eckert ..the local kid didn't look too almost seemed like he was the only one open half the time...foot out of bounds cost him a catch...and that's the way the game went...summation...just about but not quite...The Bombers offence has to sharpen up..orrrr we could be in for a quick exit...I did think the 'd' played well for all the missing people (except the missed block on a punt)...otherwise ...i think in this game they definitely out-shone the offence....T.O'S defence is definitely not weak....and they'll be trouble in the if we get another shot at them...our offence has to find away...and Berry is probably poring over the game film as we speak...i hope he comes up with some answers... :roll: :roll:

You almost made me a beleiver! After the first half of the season, I was ALMOST ready to admit that maybe I was wrong about Glenn. But I'm starting to see the "Old" Kevin Glenn re-appearing and making bad decisions.'re right sport,....Glenn has to re-invent himself for the final part of the season....orrrrr it'll be 'that's all she wrote'... :roll:

In Glenn's defence, it was not his fault:

(a) that the Bomber receiving corps developed a sudden case of the dropsies; and

(b) that Fred Reid reminds no one of Sir Charles; and

(c) that the Winnipeg special teams are anything but "special".

Now, if the receiving corps (particularly Armstrong) returns to the sure-handed bunch they were earlier, and Roberts is back in, then, and only then, if the Bombers tank it again would I lay the blame at Kevin's doorstep. Can't blame him for the loss in Toronto.

...not the loss in T.O. ,MadJack...but his play has been taling off during the year-end slide...I don't think it had anything to do with the injury and the brace on the other just seems like he has lost a little confidence...I believe he can turn it around...and write this latter part of the season off as a 'bad patch' he went through....but yeah, you are right in the fact that, it does not help when your so-called 'big guns' ...can't hold on to the ball...i expected a lot more from them the last game...and i have to agree, they let Glenn down...anyway...hope it's a good game Fri...goBigBlue...

My non defence of Kevin Glenn:
a) All the drops were in the 2nd half Glenn stunk it up in the 1st half like he has most of the season.

b)Even when Sir Charles has been tearing it up Glenn has played poorly so the success or failure of the running game seems a non factor.

c) What does the special teams have to do with our offence scoring 8 points?????

Frankly even if our receivers had caught all those balls the drives would have ended 2 plays later with Glenn missing 2 more passes.

Sure with fewer mistakes we might have won but so what that Argo offence played one of the worst games in the history of football a good team would have scored 40 points on them. With the talent on this team winning a mediocre eastern conference isn't a big deal to me but they have no chance against any of the 3 western teams it'll just be like 2001 again a wasted opportunity.

I don't believe for a moment that Roberts would have made that much of a difference against Toronto given the fact that he fared none to well in past outings against the Boatmen. The last debacle at Skydoom had Roberts flaring out of the backfield more than behind it and he was still rather ineffective. Toronto has his number most times.

Glenn certainly should be resigned but not for anymore than he made this year. He does not command more than $200,000 a season in my books and I would ask all of you to consider all the Qbs currently in this league especially the starters and tell me who would take Glenn over there current QB. I believe no one.

Glenn may never have as many good receivers in the future as he has right now and regardless of their drops you have to continue to make good decisions and lately he has has a penchant for throwing more to db's than guys on his team. (overstated perhaps but you get the drift)

I do not know what his problem is, but he has to step it up at his position to give this team any chance of going beyond the 1st round of the playoffs and don't forget that Monteal may just sneak up on them and bite them in the ass in the playoffs.

This team as a whole may be counting their chickens before they hatch............