Kevin Glenn

Anyone have a Kevin Glenn trading card? they made them in the 2003 pacific anyone have one?

nope, sorry!

kind of interesting that with all the "hoopla" surrounding Stegall the last few days (and rightfully so!), hardly anyone has bothered to mention Glenn. someone had to get Stegall the ball and while i don't think it was one of Glenn's stellar games - even w 5 td and 400+ yds, i must admit he's starting to impress me somewhat. with this year under his belt, i hope he can only get better. apparently, he works like mad in the film room trying to always learn & improve. good for him, i hope he comes out next year and wins the #1 job outright w Michna & Wynn fighting to take his job! as far as i'm concerned Tee is trade bait, but then again, u never know!

BTW - sorry - no Glenn cards!

i wish i had a Glenn trading card