Kevin Glenn

..time will tell if he can maintain his current level of production but I must say your QB is certainly putting up some impressive numbers right now....the BB fans have weathered a lot of critisism from fans of other teams that KG isn't the man you want playing #1, good for you guys to stick behind your player, he is answering back for you very loudly....

It wasn't only 'fans of other teams' questioning whether or not KG was the man to be #1 in the 'Peg, Red, lots of Bomber fans were of the same opinion. Good on Kevin for developing the way he has, and kudos to the coaching staff for not panicking and bringing him along.

That completion percentage is out of sight, isn't it? Calm, cool, non-flappable, and deadly accurate. What more could you want in a QB?

...a little more durability....IF ...Kevin goes down we are left hanging in the breeze...The reason Glenn hasn't had the sort of hits he took last year is mostly because of the 'o' guys... a lot better protection..He has also figured out that when you roll out, it helps....and he got smart like Calvillo...hit the deck before you get crushed,,,Still the Bombers are pretty well hanging everything on Glenn being there all season...maybe he can pull an AC. and get it done...Sure can't argue with his stats. up till now... :wink: :smiley:

Totally agree papa; still a mystery to me why the Bombers have always had a problem finding a decent backup QB.

I have been one of the more critical BB fans of Glenn. After the first 3rd of 07 I'd have to say that I'am impressed! He is definitely getting the job done!123james321 told me I'd be pleasantly surprised by Glenn this year and so far I am! I agree about the backup situation. If Glenn goes down we are toast! I'am hoping we can get out of Vancouver with a win this friday because we have a bye week after that. So hopefully when we entertain Toronto our backfield will be in one piece again! MadJack I wish I had the answer to the backup question. I know in the 80's we had an excellent backup in Hufnagel. At least when Clements went down we could still compete,but right now we'd be in alot of trouble!!

Keep up the good work Glenn!!! :rockin:

We've had trouble ever since Khari left, Glenn stepped in for his first season and didnt do that good, his next season was a big improvement..and over the years he has started hes improved so much. Now look,leading the CFL is passing percentage, leading in passing yrds. If he gets hurt, we dont know if Dinwiddie is up to the challenge then. Yeah everytime Glenn takes a hit i know its not just me hoping he will be okay to go, and it scares me when he gets up and is limping abit. But so far he's managed to help the team out and no injuries. Lets hope it stays like that.


thanks for the recognition scottsman

i had alwayus said that once he finally had more then one weapon in his recieving corps hed be a gooder. im happy hes finally put in a position to succeed

...Stegal brought up Dinwiddie....IF ..we have to go with him as starter I'm afraid we'd sink in the standings faster than a rock with an anchor attached...i just have to go back to the lions game last year where he pretty much threw the game away...and now this year at the end of the Hammer game when he had a receiver wide open on the goal line and promptly threw a bullet right at the guys feet... I don't like any of our back-up options right now...Glenn HAS to stay healthy or we're done like dinner....KEEP ER GOIN' KEVIN........ :thup: :rockin:

Bring back Stanley Jackson!

And I'll admit that I am one of the Kevin Glenn Skeptics over the years.

Where I noticed the big difference this year is that Glenn is not forcing the ball and throwing un-timely interceptions. The stat the league can't keep is how many times has Glenn thrown the ball away safely out of bounds.