Kevin Glenn

I've been searching around but can't seem to find any update on his injury. Have you Bomber fans heard anything as to what exactly it is, how bad it is, and whether or not he'll be able to play in the semifinal? Might be lights out if he can't....

....word is ...everything is uncertain....i think the medical staff will have a good look at Glenn in the next couple of days...and as it stands right now ...' its a possibility he 'might' play....but i agree MadJack...if he dosen't i can't see how we are going to get to Montreal..... 8) :roll:

Agreed papa, you'd have to say that sadly your chances are not too good if he can't play. Been a concern of mine this year, the lack of quality play from backup QBs....makes expansion look like a dubious proposition given the thinness of the talent pool. Look around the league:

Montreal: Nealon Greene was brutal, Brady I think still has some upside;

Toronto: Spergon Wynn was brutal (now we know why he was only fourth string in the Peg last year), and I've never been impressed with Bishop;

Hamilton: Only got to see Eakin, and he was brutal.

Winnipeg: The less said about Quinn and Dinwiddie the better.

Saskatchewan: one of the few bright lights; Rocky Butler rose to the occasion when called upon (okay, okay, I know it was only against Hamilton)

Calgary: the backup is Danny Mac, and let's face it father time is passing by....

Edmonton: Jyles looks like he might have a future

BC: best backup in the CFL this season in Buck Pierce.

Papa if I was Berry and Glenn can't go on Sunday, I'd start Banks. Can't be any worse than Quinn or Dinwiddie, can he? Besides, in one game you never do know. Just keep handing the ball off to Roberts (Argos aren't that good against the run), hope for nasty weather, and maybe Allen will go down and then you're only facing Bishop or long as Banks doesn't throw too much and you keep running Roberts at them, you may still have a shot.

well word from glenn himself is that he will be starting in TO on sunday. He has the confidence in himself to get back to playing level right away and try lead this team to a win. Which makes me happy seeing that somebody on the blue and gold roster still has some heart to play.

...totally agree with MadJack about the lack of depth at the pivot spot in the CFL....latest word out of Kansas City is that they have taken Printers off of the pr. and rate him as third string....sooooo it looks like Casey ain't coming back to this league anytime soon....BUT ....time to stop chasing rainbows....THERE HAS GOT TO BE ...talent south of the border that can excel at the quarterbacking position....its a matter of finding them...We may have to hire the lions scouts, it seems ,to come up with some decent players one else is able to find any ...but getting away from all that and in the here and now....I sure hope footballmad is right...and Glenn is good to go...or just the problem we have been talking about (lack of depth at qb.) is gonna come back to haunt us......goBigBlue :thup:

as a side note....whatever happened to the talent like Russ Jackson that came out of our country....dose'nt seem to exist anymore... :roll: ????????

That's encouraging news about Glenn....even if his ankle is taped up and frozen, I suspect Glenn on one leg is still better than anything else the Bombers have on the bench.

Kevin Glenn Has 80% Medical Clearence to Play on Sunday from the BB'S Medical Staff ... he has been practicing with the first team with no signs of pain on Tuesday, Wednesday's Practice will determine if he can go.

And Blue Bomber fans everywhere like me breathe a collective sigh of relief...

hello everybody a couple of nights ago with respect to the doug brown show, this soward charcacter (t o receiver) referred to the argos as the dream team. this is my opinion only, "dream team alright all they are doing is dreaming" lols

re tor and mtl. both have some serious rebuilding to do. the bombers are very close to becoming a darn good team. papazoola and mad jack great posts.

Toronto is so "ripe" for picking. Damon Allen has looked ordinary since comming back from his injury. Rickey Williams has been an average Running back. If the Bomber defense can play great and shut down Toronto's offense, I think they have a very good chance of an upset.

I was watching the practice, Kevin looked good. don’t fret Blue Fans Kevin will play, I’m sure of that

...If the Bombers are going to take the next step in 07.....we have to have a qb. who knows how to finish....I'm not hanging the exit out of the play-offs on Glenn...but when it comes down to the crunch...the guy just can't get it done...Glenn would be great in a tandem situation...or failing that reduced to the back-up role...He really threw the game away actually in the first half...and if it wasn't for Heberts interception...that bailed him out...Kevin and Henry Burris have gone to the 'how to throw a game away school'...and until that's corrected...both of these clubs will be runners up for a long time....I haven't forgotten abiut the fumble by Charlie either...that cost us...but he contributed big-time on the score-board...oh well next year....seems like we say that a lot in WPG.......

i usually always stick up for Glenn. but untill he improves, or motivates me to stick up for him again, i wont do it anymore, i wont bash him either though, or ay we need a new QB. Glenns still developing, in my eyes, if we have patience with him, we'll have the future calvio, maybe better.

there were however, no excuses for Glenn this time around. Charlie put up a great production, and he has a great recieving corps, and a healthy enough o-line.

Blink was having a great day, untill he fumbled the ball. That fumble was huge, he said he never really had controll of it...We lost has a team yesterday, Malbrough was guilty of giving up big plays...Glenn trying to thread the needle, the ball should of never been thrown. It was our game to win and we pissed it away..

Agree Hank... while he did play horrible in the first half ..he roared back in the second to put you guys up by 10 and set the table for a win.

You cant expect any QB to drive against the Argos pass defense at will.