Kevin Glenn - - Worst Big Game QB In History

No surprise that once again a Kevin Glenn led team has soiled itself and completely folded under pressure. Gush all you want about his career numbers, but the cold hard reality is that Glenn is a career loser who always saves his worst for the big games.

He makes a very good back up, but if Glenn's your starting QB you've got ZERO chance at ever winning a championship. No idea why the Stamps decided to anoint this stiff as their starter, but Glenn was the perfect face of the Stampeeders - - soft and not willing to pay the price.

The stamps knew KG would lose the game, and this would be the justification for letting the RedBlacks take him in the draft. Stamp fans won't be mad about his departure.

Imagine had the stamp's won...and again this do you let your grey cup winning QB go to Ottawa for nothing? Try to sell that to your fans.

Crisis avoided.

Kevin Glenn's gaffes had little outcome on the game. He threw 2 interceptions which resulted in 0 Saskatchewan points. It was Calgary's receivers that should get the brunt of the blame. I thought Glenn was far better than Tate, but I understand making the switch at the half.

So assuming that what drummer says is so,and it is indeed Glenn who is left unprotected,then the question is who do the Stamps protect ?? Bo Levi or Spicoli Tate ?? odds are the Stamps are going to lose one or the other,so the big question is who would the Stamps fans rather it be??? My guess would be most fans would want to protect Bo Levi.


and most likely the consensus of management as well.

Levi is the future.
Tate is in limbo.
and Glenn is out.

The Stamps will be in a good position next season as they will be able to retain Levi and either Glenn or Tate if Ottawa knocks on the door.

impending FA status will be a pertinent factor.

BTW, what is the status of both Glenn and Tate?
I believe Glenn is an UFA in February while Tate will be entering his option year, (is this correct?) which may result in the RedBlacks passing on Glenn unless a pre-arranged deal is in place.

I don't believe Area 51 is trolling at all, I've been saying this since last season, Glenn cannot handle big time pressure, he never really showed up for all those mediocre Ticat Playoff games in the late 2000's, totally lost control of last years Grey Cup and threw 2 picks in the West Final AT HOME. I like Glenn as a Quarterback I really do and he's going to make the Redblacks or Bombers very happy as he mentors a younger QB i.e. Willy, Collaros, Reilly. But when it comes down to playoffs they need someone who can elevate their game, not stick to theirs, look at Durant. He may not be an elite QB yes he had his best statistical year but he had some big gaffs in the regular season, playoffs roll around and he knows what's at stake and elevates his game.

We've seen this act from Glenn before, but as usual far too much blame is being put on one guy. Glenn wasn't fumbling the ball. Glenn wasn't the one who had a non-existant run game in the first half.

Calgary the team was outplayed by Saskatchewan the team. No one guy lost that game. Glenn gets singled out though.

Glenn executed and had the Riders reeling, Cant blame him for the early fumbles.

Glenn made those weak Ticat teams look better than they were!

He would give the Red Blacks instant credibility, which is what they need to get off to a successful start

RedBlacks will take Rob Maver from Calgary and not one of the quarterbacks.

Interesting fact, there have only been 2 teams in CFL history to lose a cross-over game. Glenn was the starting Qb both times. I still think that Deeter Brock is hands down the worst big game Qb in CFL history.

Arash Mandani reported on twitter that Kevin Glenn was signed to a contract extension two months ago and it was never reported.

cfleskfan wrote: [b]RedBlacks will take Rob Maver from Calgary and not one of the quarterbacks.[/b]
then whom do you believe the RB's are eyeing as the two QB picks in the draft?

If Collaros is traded to Winnipeg preceding the draft as suggested by the TSN panel, that leaves Willy, Demarcos, Neiswander, Marsh, Goltz and Lefevour as potential unprotected pivots, all of which are far less proven that Tate and Glenn.

You can't pin the loss on Glenn. He wasn't perfect for sure. But he laid out some nice balls to his receivers only to have them put the ball on the ground and give it back to the Riders when the Stamps would've been knocking on the redzone had they held onto the ball instead. Losing Bolden, Johnson, and McDaniel in that nothing game at the end of the season vs BC didn't help the Stamps either.

As for last years Grey Cup game, he was terrible, but so was 90% of the Stamps roster.

Glenn's won big games. He led the Stamps over the Lions last year to get them in the Grey Cup when the odds favoured BC. Back in 2007 he led the bombers to a big win over the favoured Argos getting the Bombers into the Grey Cup vs Sask, until he broke his arm in that game and we had to start Dinwiddie. It's easy to dump on him because he's never won a Grey Cup. Lets look at the two QBs playing for this years cup. In seven seasons with the Stamps Burris got to the Grey Cup and won exactly one time, and he was 0-4 vs the Riders in the west playoffs. The losses get marginalized because he's won the Grey Cup once but how exactly is 1-6 a winner? How many Grey Cups has Durant won to date? 0-2. Yet he doesn't carry the same big game loser tag.

The stamps confirmed it but the hours later retracted it with this

Calgary Stampeders ?@calstampeders 18h

Correcting erroneous reports, Kevin Glenn signed a contract extension soon after being acquired by Cgy and it was announced Jan. 26, 2012

i've read this a few times now. the RedBlacks have stated, they don't want to draft a FA, so there is no worry with that in Glenn's case if the reporst are true.
and there seems to be more smoke about Collaros going to Winnipeg before the draft.
there was a fan poll conducted by the Winnipeg sun, and an overwelming majority want to see Collaros in a bomber uniform next year. hardly any wanted Glenn.
so, if the Bombers' brass really want to get back on their fan's good side, they will do anything to get Collaros from Toronto before the draft.

If the Stamp receivers had held on to the ball on those big plays it may very well have been a different outcome, I don't blame Glenn entirely, a couple pics didn't help, but the whole team sucked, save Rene Parades. The Riders tagged teamed the weakened Stamp D-line and tired them out, that was the difference in the game along with Calgary turning the ball over and over and over! ugh.

Burris or Glenn, doesn't seem to matter in the big games for the Stamps. On the bright side though, the Stampeder training staff is well versed in the heimlich maneuver.

I think Cfleskfan has some merit… Point is that Ottawa will keep options open. It was said that Ottawa will not select any Free Agents in the Draft. But they do have the ability to participate in the free agent market.
Guys like Burris, Willy, and Collaros are all free agents and can demand some cash. Who’s to say Ottawa doesn’t select a fantastic kicker from Calgary, and leave their 3 QB’s alone. In fact, they could select Calgary’s kicker, and then potentially look to trade for a Glenn or Tate, if free agent options don’t pan out.

Reality is there are a hundred different scenarios. It will make the expansion draft and this CFL off season exciting though.

My prediction is that you will start seeing some moves and trades within a few weeks of the Grey Cup being over

There are a couple of threads devoted to the Ottawa selections on here, I have said a few times that if the Ottawa medical staff feel that he is healthy enough, Matt Nichols will be one of the RedBlacks two picks. I lean to Drew Willy or one of the B.C. back-ups as the second choice.

I have said all along that Calgary will protect Mitchell and with the need to select a kicker, the Stamps can't protect both Maver and Peredes. I suspect they will protect Peredes but don't bet the house on it cause they may stick with the guy who can do the punting and the Place kicking. Either way Calgary is likely to lose one or the other. I don't see any other team that risks giving up a quality kicker. If Glenn does indeed end up in Ottawa I don't think it will be through the draft, I can't see Calgary staying with three potential starting quarterbacks again next year. So Glenn would be available through trade and I don't see the price tag being too high.

That'll last right until he plays. Then the fans will be screaming about how he's a bum, and the backup is the greatest QB ever and why isn't "prospect X" being played? Fans across the league are bad for that, but Bomber fans are particularly known for it given their lack of stability at the position for so long.

Collaros showed good stuff as a backup, on a team with a proven offense, with solid coaching, and some guy named Ricky Ray to mentor under. To say that he's going to walk into Winnipeg and magically transform the team into a contender with a weaker offense, god knows who for a coaching staff, probably no QB coach (Bombers don't seem to believe in them), and no veteran to act as a mentor, is complete fantasy.

He's going to struggle. When he does, the only question is if the systems are put in place to let him develop into a legit starter, or if the team will throw him under the bus and keep the QB carousel going like they have with the previous nine guys.