Kevin Glenn Traded

To Wpg. for 2018 4th rounder.

CFL News ?@CFL_News 13m13 minutes ago
TJ Heath & #Argos 1st rd pick in 2017, 3rd rounder in 2018 to #Bombers for Drew Willy. #CFL via @olearychris

#Bombers then turn around and trade for Kevin Glenn, using a fourth rounder from 2018. #CFL #AlsMTL

Is there a way of merging my thread with Tony`s? Great minds thought alike.

You have the full details. :thup:

Thanks Tony.

They are now saying the 4th rounder is for 2017.

And it looks like Walters fleeced Barker big time. Argos fans on the Double Blue site not exactly pleased.

There is a God. Thank you thank you thank you. I can officially watch the rest of the als games this year.

That spells the end of Ricky Ray’s career. Obvious he’s told Barker this is it.

Age 37 sure seems to be the drop off age for QBs, Calvillo and Burris excepted. Injuries etc just seem to take their toll on everything by that age.
Elway, Montana, Manning, Marino, Dunigan Glenn etc..

Glenn must just feel whipped hey? Moving again. Back to Winny of all places. He just might pack it in. I really thought he'd be productive here.

Bizarre trade. We needed a fourth-rounder that badly? Or is this just the prelude to Crapton coming back on the active roster? If the latter, I've had it with the Als.

ha ha... too funny. A fan pledging to dump the team should they have the temerity to activate a QB with an 8-3 record for a team with a 9-20 record since his injury. How dare they possibly consider activating him to b/u Cato. The NERVE!!!

Well, one he’s no longer the starter and I guess they’ve decided he had no chance to reclaim the job. And then this would’ve factored in as well:

Didier Orméjuste ?@DidierRDS 48m48 minutes ago

The Alouettes are currently $300k over the salary cap. They have eight weeks to “fix” this problem.

This was sent long after the Bombers trades were announced.

Gary Lawless was pretty much dead on when he talked about this whole sitaution this past Friday. Lawless said Jim Barker has always liked Drew Willy. Willy would cost them (or any other team) at least a 1st round pick and roster player. He also said that Kevin Glenn could be had for a 3rd or 4th round pick.

Lawless then talked about how Willy is not automatically a $400,000 (pro-rated) quarterback to a new team. Willy's actual salary is based on him starting/playing. Plus, he received a large portion of his salary already. A team acquiring him (Toronto) would probably end up paying about $100,000 to Willy this year.

Just for the hell of it, I going to predict that Jonathan Crompton will get activated after the bye so the Als can finally determine his fate.

Mike Bishop went 7-1, who cares ? Crompton sucks azz.

Big question for the Bombers is whether of not the jinx continues. I am sure everybody will be watching if the presence of Kevin Glenn in the role of a backup once again means that somehow the starter ends up on the injured list and KG has to be inserted as the #1 quarterback.

Yup, he sucks! :thdn:

Only way Popp could do that at this point is by restructuring some contracts and moving that money over to January as signing bonus, trading 3 more vets would not even get him halfway there and being that much over the cap would make it very difficult to find another GM job in the CFL.

Is that troll slant attacking me again? Man, I'll say this for him: at least he's true to type. :lol:

Anyhow, if cap issues are at the root of this, at least it means (hopefully) that Crapton and his greater-than-minimum salary won't be activated this year, and that McGee will be activated instead as the third QB to dress, while Popp goes out and finds more quarterbacks.

I'm sad, though, that we're in such cap trouble. How did it come to this? We've had so much salary on the 6-game this season (including S.J. from game two) that I'm a bit surprised that we're in cap trouble.

And he knows this how?

Seems to me the league could save a lot of money on Audits when all the have to do is ask Didier


Popp on the radio this morning said the team wants to look at Cato, Adams, and that (spoiler alert d&p) Crompton might be available in another week. He said the salary cap had nothing to do with Glenn`s trade.

Really difficult to see Crompton suddenly turning into an elite QB, particularly after going through a shoulder injury.

A couple of idle thoughts:

Why the heck would Barker give up so much for Willy when he could probably get him for nothing in the off-season and not have to pick up his high contract?

Is Paul LaPolice now someone to consider as a potential Head Coach?

Popp is driving me nuts. There is no way they can properly evaluate 3 quarterbacks in 8 weeks at two to three practices a week. He's not even going to be coaching that QB next season or possibly even sooner.

This team just can't get itself out of the mess its in. Vernon has had no reps all year how are you going to compare him to Crompton who has four years in the CFL ???

Anyone who's seen Cato and Crompton play know Crompton can't make the throws Cato can. It isn't even a competition.

They pay half a million dollars a year to Popp for this ???

Your not making the playoffs anyway. So let Cato play out the season, like BC let Jennings do last year and let things play out naturally during the off season.

This is a busted organization from top down.