Kevin Glenn to the Lions?

Kevin Glenn is due a $ 50,000 Bonus by the Bombers by March 1 so he'll likely get released to traded to the Ti Cats.

If Glenn gets on the open market, the Lions should grab him.

Instead of Buck Pierce, let's grab Kevin Glenn! Look at his numbers from 2007.

I doubt the Bombers would release him. He had a shaky season but they really don't have anybody to fill his shoes. Dinwittie has some promise but he has a ways to go.

Kevin Glenn is nothing more than an over paid back up.

Sorry I still like the Pierce / Jackson combonation.

That would be about the biggest mistake the Lions could possibly make. Buck Pierce is a good young QB and will only get better. Look how long it took Burris to get it together.

You see Lady green, we have so many band wagon jumpers out here. :roll: :roll: :roll: If you don't have instant success, then poof : they want change or they disappear all together.

Bringing in Kevin Glenn would be a mistake.
Bringing back the egomaniac, dressing room cancerous Casey Printers would be a collosal mistake!

Glenn wants to stay near his Detroit area roots…so if he’s released, I doubt he’d have any interest in heading out to BC, even if the Lions were interested, which I seriously doubt.

Lions need a more Mobile QB then Buck with Murphy gone that will create a lot more pressure on the QB's Bucks not very mobile and is injury prone.

You mean someone like Jarious Jackson?? The Lions are fine at the Q.B. spot, and with Wally being the Glen Sather of the CFL, you can bet he will overpay a few free agents to shore up the losses on the Defence. The West should be an all out war again this year, with whoever gets hot for a few hours in November, heading to Calgary for the Show.