Kevin Glenn Sucks!

Pressuring Glenn in the pocket, forcing him out of his comfort zone. Stopping the run, making Calgary's offense one-dimensional. Taking away his bread-and-butter routes and forcing him into low-percentage passes. There.

Watch the game again!
No need, I know what I saw.

no after tonights game Ryan will be going to Edmonton.

KG is a tough one to figure out, that's for sure. :?

Here I forgot about Edmonton. Yes u have some serious issues to address. Sasky tends to grow QBs while Eskies had Ray for so long, I can't think of anyone in your system that they have mentored to take over.

This whole topic is ridiculous. Cut the BACKUP QB because he was unable to beat the Montreal Alouettes in their own park? Even if Tate had played, I'd have picked the Als in this one.

The fact is Glenn played well enough to win, but it just wasn't enough on this particular night. Yes, that INT was terrible, but are we going to start talking about cutting every player who makes a bad play?

The worst thing was letting the clock run down at the end. There were something like twelve seconds left after the second-to-last play, and only about five seconds left at the snap. Wasting that much time in a game like that may well have been what cost them the game, more than the interception and ensuing TD.

As a Ticat fan, I agree what others have said that Glenn is inconsistent. One game he'll play like the best in the league, and the next he'll play like he's never seen a football before. It's about 50/50. Thursday's game was a good one. I'm not sure I'll be picking the Stamps next week.

Glenn does suck. We saw that exact same pass too often in WPG.

BigDave's take is excellent and he's right.

Pay attention especially those of you who always trot out the names of all the sorry-butt has-been's and never was's every time a QB with experience like Glenn has a bad game or makes horrible decisions as did Glenn when in counted the most.

Now if you are pushing Mitchell for a greater chance I hear you, but when you bring up all those guys cut long ago c'mon! :roll:

Calgary deserved at least a split in their last 2 games and could easily be 3-0. Luck did play a part in that. It's understandable that Stamps fans are frustrated.

That being said, I think that Calgary has the best 1-2 QB tandem in the league. I'm a huge Henry Burris fan, but I could see his arm was going gimpy last year and his accuracy at times resembled Michael Bishop. They traded Burris at just the right time and Hamilton is going to be very disappointed.

KG is a streaky QB who can be great and suck in the same game as he did in Mtl. They could have still won that game with proper clock management (that's on KG). When Tate comes back, the Stamps will be challenging BC & Sask for 1st in the West. Your future looks bright.

It’s not on KG that two seconds mysteriously came off the clock. Dave Naylor brought it up at halftime of today’s game that the clock went from 14 seconds to 12 seconds for no reason at all and the league is going to look into it. Seems pretty fishy to me (cue the Alouette homers to defend this in 3…2…)

Well perhaps if he is so bad Calgary fans would be willing to trade him even up for Jyles or Pierce? Both those teams would jump to have him right now.

Bishop will be back I'm thinking somewhere, Lemon won't, Crandell will step in in Edmonton, Tebow Will be in the CFL next year praying that he can help the Bombers. :lol:

Really teams need to do what Riders and BC and Montreal do. Develop QBs or your at the mercy of others cast offs.