Kevin Glenn Sucks!

Way to choke, you bum!
The stamps should start Mitchell next week.
Glenn is an interception waiting to happen.

For Glenn, that was a bad play call to start with on that out pattern that became an interception and then poor clock management at the end that pi$$ed me off even more because I wanted to see a final play with a kick for goal or rouge! :x

For a QB, clearly the head and heart win usually over the arm.

It also does not hurt that Calvillo is the head coach as we also learned tonight. :stuck_out_tongue:

It's also his first game of the year and his first week of practice with the starters. I think it's simply that his vision was blocked (he's not the tallest QB) and the pressure to win the game. Can't wait to see what the Cowtown papers have to say. Is the world fallin apart? Should they hire Ryan Dimwiddie 8) ?

Too bad 2, because he was having a great second half.

I think Cleo Lemon needs to be mentioned first. :smiley:

I heard that ET was thinking of giving him a call... :stuck_out_tongue: :lol: :lol:

...not even close...because if Huf decides Glenn isn't his starter he puts in Bo Levi 'Brass Ones' Mitchell...

How time flies. Not long ago it would have been "Bishop or Printers?"

It always amazes me that no matter how many times the QB carousel idea fails, fans keep wanting to try it.

I fully expect Michael Bishop to be in the CFL this season, perhaps Calgary at some point

....Kevin does have a penchant for 'serving one up' at the most crucial times in a game....With a lead like he had, what was he thinking throwing a pass out to the flat deep in his own end, when he couldn't see over his linemans head...Just asking for a pick.... Cardinal sin for a qb....I'm not at all surprised though, as he did this with the Bombers, which cost us dearly a lot of times....I think the fans in the hammer have also seen that one before....It's not that Glenn sucks,he just seems to go brain-dead at times and undoes all of his hard work during a game, in one bone-head move...I'm glad he's plying his trade elsewhere, other than with the BluenGold and kind of vidicates all of which we said about the guy :wink:

Glenn is not a terrible quarterback per se, just highly capricious.

I've never seen a QB exhibit the hot and cold pattern as often as KG.
As a fan, it can be both frustrating and heart wrenching as heck.

You never know which QB will show up, the good or the bad, and the uncertainty may be worse than actually knowing.

With most QBs, they can have bad games, bad quarters, or just bad plays. Glenn seems fairly good, but has one or two extremely bad plays per game. Arm punts are one thing - McManus was famous for those, and I suspect Burris will be throwing his fair share this year - but guaranteed pick-sixes like the one last night? Saw it too often the last few years.

If you're going to revile Glenn for that admittedly poor INT, you have to also give him credit for being razor-sharp for most of the second half and giving the Stampeders a comfortable lead. Calgary had some breakdowns on defense that allowed the Als to go deep and get back into striking distance.

Had Glenn not stunk it up the whole 1st half, the game wouldn't have come down to that late INT.
2-for-11 and 18 yards? Really? He had open receivers all game and threw short wobblers or over-thrown wobblers.
Not to mention the poor clock-management.
The guy is brutal.
I'd cut him right now. Play Mitchell or sonopoli. Playing Glenn only stunts the growth of a prospect, and for what? An old inconsistent vet with no clock-management skills who is below 500 on his career and gives winnable games away. If you're gonna lose, might as well lose with a prospect who has an upside.

As bad as the play was and it certainly was execution wise, how about DD the OC and apparently an excellent one to boot, should not have called the play.
A running play was in order, or some type of a much safer swing or a crossing route pass etc..
Still Glenn gets and rightfully so the blame, but I would not call him a bum or "sucks" as the posting suggests.

So the other team gets no credit for shutting him down in the first half? Come on, man. It was a road game, the Stamps were playing their third game in 12 days, and they almost pulled out a win against a team looking to avenge the humiliating defeat of week one. And as ArgoT noted, Dickenson should have dialed up a safer play on second down --- either a run or a slant where the threat of a pick-six (or almost pick-six) is much less.

Definitely he runs hot and cold, and I was very impressed with the way he fought back from being 2/7 to something like 24/33 at one point. But then he turned to ice on his last two drives. Some of the blame needs to go to whoever called the play that resulted in the interception, and some of the credit needs to go to the fans who made it impossible for Glenn to hear and then communicate the plays to his teammates on the last drive. But some blame needs to go on Glenn for making the throw for the pick.

Absolutely, especially the part in bold. Glenn should never have thrown that ball. At that point, it was worth chucking it away or even taking a sack to keep the clock running.

How can you credit the als' defense for Glenn's inaccuracies? missing open receivers with short wobblers or over-thrown wobblers?
Watch the game again!
Glenn had opportunities and failed to capitalize.