Kevin Glenn.....................still ringless!

Of course it was a team loss. Thing is, if it had been a team win, there is no doubt that the top storyline would have been "Glenn leads his team to a Grey Cup." Well, he didn't.

It's not like the rest of the Stampeders suddenly became inept. There is clearly a solid group of players there, one that won more games than anyone else this year except BC, and then knocked off BC in the playoffs. But collectively, they didn't play well in the Grey Cup - including the QB.

Great QBs sometimes just find a way to win. They carry the team on their shoulders if they have to. And they do it in the games that count the most. There's a reason guys like Ray, Calvillo and Damon Allen have led their teams to multiple Grey Cup victories. It's not just random, and it's not just luck of the draw.

The thread poster is bang on.

Glenn would be a great fit for a team like Ottawa. They'll need experience and a veteran to get the job done but there won't be any expectations of winning.

Glenn... Not a big game guy.

He's won some big games.

Off the top of my head, the upset in this year's Western Finals against Lulay and the Lions.

And last year beating Calvillo and the Alouettes in Montreal in an offensive slugfest in which he and the offense needed to score 50+ points to win at Olympic stadium, which was a huge upset.

Those are two big games in the last two years.

KG is a legend in his own mind. KG does not have a strong or accurate throwing arm. The only ring I see for him is in the bathtub. KG is effective only when he has a strong OLine and receivors who can catch uncathable balls. Before the Grey Cup game, TSN, Milt Stegal made a huge point of KG asking for starters money after the Grey Cup…Chris Shultz did not agree with him at least not in public. I agree with Shultzie, KG is incapable of getting the job done on a consistent basis.

Stampeders QB Kevin Glenn vows to rebound from tough Grey Cup

Still under contract with the Stamps, Glenn said he's expecting to return to Calgary next season.

"At this point, I leave as a Calgary Stampeder and hopefully come back as a Calgary Stampeder," he said. "If not, then that's just the way the business rolls."

Calgary head coach and general manager John Hufnagel is also counting on Glenn to be back in the fold next year.

"Right now, he's under contract to come back and I expect Kevin to be at training camp," Hufnagel said. "A lot of things can happen, but I have no preconceived thoughts of him being anywhere else except a Stampeder."

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It tells me what Keon Raymond thinks of Drew Tate relative to Kevin Glenn.

It tells me nothing about what the stamps think of Kevin Glenn, drummer_god..

Glen looks like someone else we know and love (well maybe not love) by the name of Hank, can look great one game and a disaster the next. :cowboy:

"If Kevin wasn't here, you never know how the season would have went," said receiver Marquay McDaniel, who was also Glenn's teammate in Hamilton. "It's good to have that veteran guy who's been playing for a long time with a lot of experience. You definitely need it because you never know what could happen."

McD says it best....Glen got them there, period. You can't take that away from Him. He & team didn't win period.
I say, let's see what Tate does in 2013......or is he the next B. Pierce.....injury prone? I'd go with Glenn in a heart beat as he's proven & willing to learn. These other guys..........proof isn't there ........yet.