Kevin Glenn Says

....that we are NOT running Charlie enough...could this be one of the reasons we have lost our game..I'm glad to hear Kevin finally speak-up...I know its not usually his style...BUT...that's the kind of take-charge guy i want to see at the pivot spot...I can sense by those comments he is starting to feel the frustration of a poorly planned attack.. :x

Berry doesn't like the run no matter what he tells the press. His offence is easy to defend against and it needs to go. But Glenn is part of the problem too because they have these pull back plays where the play is set as a hand off but Glenn can pull the ball back and pass if they are playing the run. I really don't think Glenn reads these situations very well and he should just hand the ball off to Roberts. He does some of his best running when everybody in the stadium knows he's getting the ball.

thats not the problem hammer. you said it berry's offence revolves around pass so the Oline is always pass protecting rather than run blocking so theres no holes for him to run through regardless.

There need to be set running plays because we all know when roberts gets moving he's hard to take down but if the ball is handed off and he can't find a lane what good is that.. that has been 90% of the problem in the running game this year he is suppose to go threw here but the oline doesn't make the hole and now he's screwed because Glenn has the option so Oline just figure its gonna be pass.

i agree with the roberts statements, 6 carries 6. this is a back who has won the league rushing titles more then once and we are hardly giving him the ball. he is the guy who we have to give the ball to at least 15 times a game, and let him get us the yardage we need. we had the ball off we tighten the pressure, and work the PA to open up the deep field. This team needs to give roberts the ball alot more and this team will start its offence going.

I say we can the idiot Kit "the drive killer" Cartwright who is the damc all maker saying hey lets pass and forget our Number 1 back.

Given how immobile KG has become with those knees, and that the running game has basically staled out. Is it possible ??? that KG was pleading to keep his job ???

Sounds crazy, but Berry has been really tight lipped about the whole thing.

Maybe, a more mobile qb is what is needed to shake things up ?

Well guys as an outsider looking in I would have to say the bombers game plan is very predictable thus the losses. Who the heck is designing this offense?

As an Als fan, I'm baffled you guys went away from the run so quickly on Thursday night. Sure, we stopped Roberts the first one or two times, but it seemed like Berry just abandoned the run even when the score was just 14-0. You have one of the premier running backs in the league, you need to use him more.

Berry just confirmed, that KG called all his own plays in the second half of the game.

Looks like Berry was about as fed up with Kitty Cartwrights play calling as the rest of the Bomber fans.

Charles Roberts will also start returning the odd punt again.

You guys sound like us.

Where's Charles Roberts?
Where's Joe Smith?

Geez one of us is going to be 0-3. Who would have predicted that four weeks ago? :frowning: :frowning:

...YIKES....not me for sure sport...Roberts isn't being used properly in our game...i don't know about Smith...from what i've seen, he seems to have gone missing...0-3....who would have thunk it....One of these teams is gonna be dissected after that kind of start...hope its not us... :roll:

i agree 0-3 for us and B.C just seemed totally out of the question. and it is true both backs have totally cut from play calling.

But up the upside if glenn has been giving the right to play call on his own he did a pretty good job putting points n the board, maybe he will give roberts the chance and give him the ball to help himself out.