Kevin Glenn Released

After royally botching the whole affair Kelly gives up.
Glenn now has to decide how badly he wants to play this year and how badly Obie or any other GM wants him.

hopefully he becomes a ticat. He's a proven starter and will really push the other QB's to the max to try and beat him out in camp. If he does it is likley Richie Williams will be given his walking papers.

All depends on how much Glenn is willing to come down. Obie has a figure in mind.

Why can't Hamilton just paddle it's own canoe for a change. I think we have a potentially good stable of quarterbacks right now.

We don't need these re-treads anymore. They are nothing but a liability it seems. Let's forget about Glenn, say farewell to Printers and let the new guys have their turn. Porter, Williams, Trafalis and the two newbies should suffice with good coaching and a good O-Line.

For once, it we're going to rebuild yet again, let's REBUILD from the foundation up and develop our own stars.

So lets assume Porter is the starter this year. What happens if he goes down? Look at the disaster we faced with Maas and his arm problems. There was no-one with much experience to step up. I think keeping Glenn around for a season or two would allow the newer guys to mature and also give us more stability and experience at QB.

Signing Glenn doesnt take anything away from QB development. If Porter etc. is the real deal he's not going anywhere because Glenn would be brought in for the experience as a backup.

Keeping and adding expereince is an essential part of any re-build-especially at QB.

My only concern is if Porter stumbles out of the gate would people be calling for Glenn after game 2.

Hamilton fans are not very patient (albeit they've been proven right in being so in recent history).

I'm all for bringing in Glenn

He would be our clear-cut number 2 which is good because although Porter looks promising he still isn't a lock to be a good to great starter

Wow. game 2? Why so conservative an estimate?

Well, looks like Glenn doesn't get his $50k bonus it seems, and Kelly gets nothing at all for him in a trade.

According to a Bomber fan in another thread here, Glenn wants to be near his donut shop in Detroit. So if he is willing to take backup pay to play in Hamilton or Toronto, maybe he'll come east to be near the business, especially since he doesn't have the bonus money.

If he thinks he can get starter money, it won't be from Obie.

The point that I'm kinda hedging around making is this. I hate to say it but we are in no position as fans to expect a Grey Cup victory in 2009 . I know we never expect the team and players themselves to think this way, but as fans, we have to look at reality. It isn't going to happen this year (barring a miracle...I know strange things happen)

But really, c'mon, let's face facts and build a solid franchise over the next few years instead of these constant programs of failure. It just isn't working. Let's go with developing our own stars instead of the -rent-a-star- philosophy we've seen fail year after year.

I like the potential of our quarterback starters and bull pen right now. If Porter goes down, Williams goes in. and that's a bad thing?

Maybe Williams wins the starters role in camp and Porter goes to number 2? That's still a good thing.

Not Tor. either after blowing 200 grand on an O-lineman.

8) You're right there !! If Porter were to struggle in the first half of the first game, I would be calling for Glenn right then and there !!!!! :wink:

Williams going in for Porter is such a bad thing because he isnt a starting QB.

Dont have to take my opinion the fact that the rookie Porter was started and placed ahead of Williams permanently last year says it all.

Williams isnt a starter- Marcel doesnt believe it nor does Obie. Case closed.

8) The TiCats had better at least secure a playoff spot this year, or this franchise will be in trouble, from a fan base position !!!
   Fans are fed up with our recent record, and are not willing to wait a few more years for a big improvement, and can you blame them at this point  ?????        <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

Yah, you make a point. It makes sense.

But then my come back would be that any quarterback moves over the past 3 or 4 years have been out of desperation and with no solid plan.

Maybe, just maybe, this year could be different if we stick with the quarterbacks we have (5 now?) and let a good, methodical plan by the coaches take shape. Porter, Williams, Trafalis and the newbies. It looks like a good line-up to me and once again, we just aren;t going to win the hardware this year. But if we do this methodically, look out in 2010.

We have to quit making the same mistakes expecting different results

Imagine the positive message Obie would be sending to this stable of Quarterbacks if he said, no more -rent-a-stars- boys. I am getting behind you guys from this moment on. Make me proud!

Since when is having an experienced backup a mistake?

Dont know how or why you're under the impression Glenn would be signed as a starter, in fact, Obie has said quite the opposite.

Glenn will be a Ticat soon.

He's a good, experienced backup. Another piece of our puzzle moving forward.

By the way, I think Glenn's signing will mean Richie Williams getting cut.

Too bad I like Richie ..

The difference between your comparison is that Maas and Printers were brought in to be starters. Glenn will be brought in to be a backup.