Kevin Glenn post DELETED?!

Mods it's bad enough to Lock a post !!!but to delete it after it raised an important Question and had generated 3 pages and over 1000 views !!! regarding our Greenhorn , Rookie backup with nine throws all season .Austin running up the score and blowouts helped give our backups a lack of live game experience which could bite us in the a$$ An interesting backup QB situation ! It has caused some Flack! And I guess it's an inappropriate Question to Visit on this forum?! :thdn: :?

Perhaps your post answers the question that was posed in this thread?


I am no Troll I am
Just a
Very worried fan who is thinking about our Qd situation if Mathews (I hope he does well) goes down we are FINISHED sorry to say just my worthless opinion ! as I spend over $ 2000 a year on 4 season tickets but what am I to Know since I help pay Catetakers Bills down at THF!!!

Take a deep breath. I pay just as much as you to watch a team with 1 win, the sun still comes up the next day.

If you’re going to rant, at least get your facts right.

Mathews, J - HAM - 18 comp, 29 att, 62.1%, 247 yards, 0 TDs, 3 ints, 46.2 rating.

In a year in which 19 different QBs have started games in the CFL, Mathews (soon to be #20) ranks 17th in passing yardage.

Sure Ex Pat, way to ruin a good thread by bring up facts!

I can empathize with your plight. I too suffered through our one win (against your team, no less) season prior to Bob Young buying our team. Not only did we have just the one win, it felt like it might be our last year - that the team might fold. The sun did indeed come up and right now we are in first place. Worry is natural, but why worry until after the Calgary game when we know how JM does after a full week prepping to be the starter?

I do understand his worry, I just think it is premature and makes him look like Chicken Little. Perhaps he is right, but I really, really hope he is wrong.

As for your team, other than your upcoming visit to THF this year I wish you the best. :wink:

I think if Ham can stop the big rush Cal will put on Math he will be fine, but weather we beat Cal is another thing. :slight_smile:

If we can get my favorite bobble head fora Trade fuck$$$$ all why not bring him in for insurance policy for our playoff run?!
fantuz is getting on with age ?! And we have depth with that position?!

Trade deadline looming shore up our QB situation we want the Cup !!!!$$$$ just in case he could be our true #3 $?!

Lots of debate on 900 and CHMl after rider game and deadline looming ..,,,

Why would we want Glenn? He proved once again tonight he is no match for a good defense. His favourite receivers are the opposing team and the ground!

NO TO GLENN! Give Matthews more time. Last night was a good confidence builder.

"Good Post"....there is no disrespect for Kevin Glenn because he is a good quarterback but is not our way to the Cup. We have a good young one with Mathews and a little time to work him...bringing a QB in at this stage of the season would be plain stupid and would destroy all confidence in our 2 remaining QB's....The development process of Mathews could be wild come next about a 1...2 punch in the QB position!

I agree. Bringing in Glenn would only hold Mathews back and slow the development of a valuable asset. We know Mathews has got the tools it’s just a matter of wether he can put it all together on time!

Glenn is never coming back here and I don't want him. Attention media! Its not happening We will go as far as Matthews takes us and I'm good with that. This is valuable game time and he will be better for it in the long run and so will the Cats if they can hang on to him

I'd feel more at ease if the Cats had a decent backup with some experience in case Mathews goes down.
Masoli is inadequate and Harris has little to no experience.

Glenn is not the answer IMO and it is highly unlikely the Argos would part with McPherson, especially to a heated divisional rival.
and bringing in inept guys like Goltz, Brink, Neiswander, Elliot, Jyles etc etc would be a complete waste of time.

admittedly, I do envy Calgary's position given that Tate is a great insurance policy were BLM to be injured, not to mention that Ray is set to return any time also giving the Argos great security at pivot with Harris.

Can some please tell to slide feet first instead of putting his head down… Sheesh lol

I still don't get the idea of why some fans and media wanted Kevin Glenn back in Hamilton? Granted he's a good player and Yes can be insurance to a team but with two young QB's in Collaros and Mathews under Kent Austin's system it only makes sense to continue with Mathews after the injury to Collaros and given Jeff's past history with Austin and Condell.

People seem to think that bringing in a veteran QB gives you instant wins but it doesn't there are no guarantees and besides Glenn would have to learn the play book of Austin & Condell. In many cases it could take even an experienced QB a few games or more to learn and get in pace with the receivers and players.

It's a good decision to go with Mathews and backed up by Harris and Masoli, the tools are already in place to get the job done!!

Now it comes down to execution and great play in every game.


Tell that to Henry Burris

I'm not sure this was ever a serious contention. Do you really think the Ti-Cats and Riders were in negotiations over this? I think this was simply an idea to fill airtime at 1150 and other media outlets. No idea is too outrageous or stupid enough not to be discussed on your typical sports show. YMMV.

That, and the way the TSN panel were beating that dead horse pre-game was ridiculous. IIRC, only Schultz advocated continuing with Mathews (for all the right reasons, i might add), but that douche Climie said that the Ti-Cats should spend the farm in order to get Glenn. I certainly hope his professional clients (ie: his "real world" job as a labour lawyer) don't fall victim to his negotiations...