Kevin Glenn - Over 6000 YDS Passing

On his current pace after 3 games, Kevin Glenn is poised to pass for 6,100 yards this season. Anyone know what the CFL record is in a season ?


Most Passing Yards, Regular Season:
6619 - Doug Flutie, B.C. 1991
6225 - Kent Austin, Sask. 1992
6092 - Doug Flutie, Cal. 1993
6023 - David Archer, Sac. 1993
5945 - Doug Flutie, Cal. 1992

Glenn still isn't on place to beat Doug Flutie's record back in 1991. How amazing was that? Flutie averaged 368 yards per game.

Are you guys only interested in stats, or at some point
in time would you like to win a cup?

For the record, no way does he get 6000yds passing. He'll get injured and come back rusty = loss of confidence.

Seen that movie before.

Ahhhhh, the hay days of the pass crazy CFL... the early 90's!! I miss them, somewhat. Passing for 5,000 yards in a season is the new standard for an excellent year for a QB. Passing for 6,000 or 6,600 yards in a season is unheard of. Too bad.

Sheesh did Flutie ever NOT pass the ball? lol That's an astounding number.

Apparently stats are good enough for some Bombers .No need for winning it all - see the Barin Simpson saga for evidence of that. Cough , cough , Roberts and Stegal names seem to come up too.

Funny some of there supporters think other teams and their fans should think the same way.

As for Glenn's stats , it's only 3 games into the season . Talk about this in a couple of months. But remember wins are still better than stats to most.

You noticed that as well. It seems we will be waiting all season for Stegal to get a touchdown. The good thing the bomber fans will sellout up until he gets it. The Stegal watch will keep on ticking.

I dont think he'll pass for 6000...

Doug Fluties passing marks are insane, but you have to remember in those days you could blow the wad surrounding him with talent. Me thinks those does are long gone with the limited spending teams have at their disposal now, even 5000 yds is gonna be a stretch for any qb in the league.

It's funny that some would try to turn this thread into a "only concerned about the stats" angle. I have been fortunate enough in my time to have seen my team win the cup 7 times. If you can't say the same, then put a cork in it.

^ Awesome post!

Doug Flutie's numbers are ridiculous. He holds 3 of the top 5 spots... Off topic a little bit, but does anyone know his total yards?

Kevin Glenn is doing well so far, but it is early. I doubt he'll hit 6,000.

Calvillo isnt in that list. By the way can anybody tell me who David Archer is??

Anthony Calvillo passes for more than 6,000 yards in 2004 how come he is not on the list?

I was wondering how long it would take someone to catch that. The numbers that I posted earlier in this thread were as of January 1, 2000. I was unable to locate any up-to-date current season passing leaders on-line but I'm certain that Doug Flutie is still number 1 on the all-time single season list.

he will get like 5000


Depends if he can face any more pass defences as bad as Edm's was that 1st game.

KG's been great so far, but I most definitely prefer when he produces the wins instead of all the yardage.

Keep it up, Kevin, and rebound in MTL with the rest of the boys! :thup:

David Archer played in the "Pass Happy 90's". I remember him with Sacremento (one of the US teams), but I think he may have played one year in Edmonton. (Eskie posters, help me out, I could be dreaming).