Kevin Glenn on 900 CHML at 5:40 pm today

18 minutes from now as a guest on the Scott Thompson Show.....


Interviewer: You wont be able to hear anything at the game it will be loud
KG: hopefully BC wont be able to hear anything like it was for us in winnipeg

This interviewer needs to get some football edu-macation.

Glenn went on to say that the team is counting on the 13th man to make it real difficult to hear a thing when their offense comes onto the field.

Personally, I hope the decibel level reaches historic proportions when Printers hobbles out onto the field on his sore thumb :lol: :lol:

Hooboy is Printers going to get heckled from the endzone crew :rockin:
I'm licking my chops waiting for the oppurtunity :twisted:

HELL YEAH im practising all ready