Kevin Glenn……now or later????

Grey Cup in BC……..question marks surrounding Lulay…….

What say you Wally?

Get Glenn now when the price is high or get Glenn if Lulay goes down when the price is astronomical?


Right now things have been quiet surrounding Glenn, I think the REDBLACKS are trying to mend some fences and keep him in Ottawa.
If not BC, with Lulay's health being an issue, would be in desperate need of a Back up. I think the Lions may wait a bit at least until after mini camp to see if Beck can use his exereince and adjust quickly. Hart and Lee too many questions and overall pro expereince is missing.

Joey Elliot released and Steven Jyles signed today, don't remember much about him but he might be a good veteran backup, It will be interesting to see how Beck plays out.

Building a team for the long term is usually smarter than trying to win a championship as grey cup host. Historically, most hosts don’t win championshps. Overpaying for backup players isn’t wise when there is an oversupply of American football players. Besides, Lulay is recovering rather nicely. In 2013, Lulay was subpar. If backups are used, there wouldn’t be a big decline in quarterback competence.

I am much happier now that the Leos have signed Steven Jyles rather than drop their pants for Kevin Glenn. Glenn would have been a strong addition to the quarterbacking stable, but not at the price Desjardins was asking. The Leos don't have great depth right now as it is, this would have taxed them even further for Glenn (probably a CDN starter and a high draft pick - maybe even their first rounder). It made no sense to me.

I'm not sure many would agree with that Thirdperson. It isn't about trying to win a Grey Cup because the team is hosting the GC. It's all about filling the seats during the season and getting into the Grey Cup. Yes, building a team is important and looking down the road is just as important but I don't think any GM or coach writes off a given year in the name of building just because history has shown that hosting team generally do not win the GC.

I must admit that I've not looked through the archives. Is it true that more visiting teams have won than hosting teams?

In acquiring Glenn, the Leos overpaid. I don't think any back-up is worth a 1st rounder. Big mistake on Wally's part. Hopefully the team doesn't regret the move.

Is there perhaps something about Lulay that isn't public yet that would explain this?

I'm very happy the Lions picked up Glenn. He is a good QB and if there is anything the Lions need it is a good back up QB in case Lulay goes down. In fact rotating Lulay and Glenn would not be a bad idea.

Though we did acquire Kevin Glenn, it will not matter if we have Houdini calling the plays behind center, if the QB does not get the much needed protection from the O-Line then the QB is going to get slaughtered.

Last year, the biggest issue was the porous O-Line.

Last season the Lions were still a team that had all of the pieces to contend for first in the West and a Grey cup. All the pieces except a second QB who can come in and win games for you. Not attemping to get or play any QB with anytype of solid pro expereince and going with a second year pro who took barely a snap in 2012 and the season was lost.
Grey Cup at BC place and a questionable QB who may miss more than a few games and evertime the Lions have to step on the field with Glenn they know they will have a great chance of winning

Horrible horrible move. Good Canadians are the lifeblood of any team. They determine the success or lack of success. Imports are a dime a dozen.

The two obvious scenarios:

  1. Lulay is 100%. The Lions wanted a solid backup......not a good reason to give up a top 5 pick in the draft.
  2. Lulay is not 100% and might not be ready...If that is the case then shame on the Lions for not having a reliable backup in the fold. Don't even bring up losing Demarco. the key word is reliable ...which he isn't and never will be.

This is a short sighted panic move. Something I would expect a team like Winnipeg to do. I thought Wally was a magician with QBs. That he could find and develop them easily?

I have been saying that since last season. Demarco was not even close to be ready and may never be.
They really did not have much of a choice at this point though. Glenn will bring confidence for everyone as the 2nd QB. Even if Lulay does start the season 100% there would be a good chance during the season that he may miss games.
Losing jackson and then Reilly in back to back years left them with no one left in the stable.
Beck at least has some high level pro expereince he can now not have to be rushed into CFL offensive schemes which should help them down the road.
They are at the point where they need to keep 5 QBs giving them options to develop

Great, great move. The draft was not that deep and the areas where Lions had specific need were gone by their 1st round pick. They lost what would have been a modest pick for a QB well capable of staring. Imports may be a dime a dozen but starting QBs that are ready to go are not.

  1. Yes they want a solid backup.
  2. Lulay will not likely be 100% at TC, maybe 85-90, maybe he won't start the 1st couple of games. Yet to be determined. How can the Lions be shamed for not having a reliable backup when they just went out and got a reliable backup. They don't come for free.

A smart move, a just-in-time move, no panic. Wally did develop QBs, they moved to other teams because you can't afford to retain the good ones.

Really he in the recent few seasons has only had 2 back ups developed. Jackson was on his way out in 2012 and Reilly had been developed but really overated Demarco in only his second pro season was not developed. Seeing in 2011 that Jackson was probably done and reilly was moving top the number 2 slot. The beginning of developing should have started with a 4th or even 5th QB. That is where the mistake was made

I agree. There were lots of great prospects picked after the Kevin Glenn trade (but before their next pick) that the Lions could have selected to fill their needs. Look, no one is denying the Kevin Glenn is a great fall back plan....he really is a great QB. But 3 larger questions come to mind - 1) when Travis's shoulder is 100%, will KG get any playing time and 2) will KG be content to carry a clipboard on the sidelines, and 3) will this affect team chemistry if he becomes disenchanted with his role (he doesn't strike me as the "keep quiet and accept my role as long as the team is winning" type, although I hope I'm wrong).

They probably could have worked out a deal with Ottawa around the expansion draft to hang onto Thomas DeMarco at a lower price than a 1st rounder. I would be fine if DeMarco had to start the first game or two. NFL journeyman John Beck looks like he could be a keeper too!

If you really look at the players selected really only a potential starting safety existed that they could have selected. The top 4 Olineman had been drafted and the Lions got the 5 ranked Oline on the Duane Ford list, who had very similar University Careers as the 4 Oline man seleceted before him only he played for an off the Radar US FCS DI school where he was a 3 year starter all conference player etc.

I think also one thing that is being over looked is that the Lions have already signed a 1st round OL draft pick from 2013, hunter steward, from the last class of redshirt Juniors to be drafted. So before the draft even started they already have a top rookie Olineman.
Now having two starting QBs covers the Lions for the season. To win a Grey Cup they will need a healthy and ready to go Lulay but Glenn gives them a great chnace to win a lot of regluar season games along the way. There is no other QB availabe that will be able to do what Glenn can for the 2014 season.

Personally I love having Glenn in the fold. A veteran guy who has been a proven winner the past decade or so. For some reason he has been a bit of a journeyman, perhaps due to the fact that he's yet to be big time in the playoffs, I hope that changes soon.

That is basically it he is sufficient but was never a QB that you would build a team around anymore but very sufficient to where he can certainly start the season as a starter and win enabling Lulay to hopefully heal after the first 6 weeks

If a QB's success is measured on the basis of filling in for an injured starting QB then Kevin Glenn has my vote at least based on the past 2 years in Calgary. Unfortunately, Glenn has often been criticized for not being able to finish the other team off when it comes to the playoffs. In 2012 he took the Stampeders to the 100th Grey Cup but lost to Toronto. In 2013 he played 15 of 18 regular season games leading the Stampeders to a 14-4 season [a league best]. The Stamps would eventually be eliminated by SSK in the Western Final. Glenn was pulled after the 1st half.

Glenn has some great stats. If Lulay is out for a prolonged period of time I'm quite happy to see Glenn at the helm especially with guys like Logan, Harris and Brown to work with. Glenn can be off like any QB. He can also be red hot!

How long Beck or Partridge will be around as back up QBs is anyone's guess. I'm putting my money on Glenn to "cover" for Lulay and do well. The Lions have to get into the playoffs first then we can start biting our nails if Glenn is QB during the playoffs.

Speaking of Lulay….

It has been over 9 months since Lulay was injured. I'm uncomfortable about that. That is a very long time for an injury to completely heal. I have this uncomfortable feeling that at the very least he will become another Buck Pierce. A lot of heart but an injury that will never completely heal and that will be prone to repeated injury. For this injury to have completely healed the evidence will be in whether or not his passing arm can take hits and how hard those hits could be.

I look back that the play that resulted in his injury and as much as I admire Travis Lulay's passion for the game he did not have to do what he did that resulted in this injury.