kevin glenn needs to get benched

the way the bluebombers been playing its time for a qb change what do you think

Fans have been calling for a change, but the problem is that Glenn is the best available quarterback on the Winnipeg roster. With a playoff spot pending, late stage of the season is probably not the best time to experiment unless changes are really necessary.

....yes, better change up your qb.....I suggest the Bombers go after Peyton Manning and suit him up this weekend....short of that perhaps Matt Hasselback or Drew Brees.....

....seriously mike, who you going to insert?....Quinn?, as a fan of a team still to play the BBs, please do, replace Glenn with Quinn....

.....the BBs biggest problem right now isn't Glenn but an injured Stegall....with him out of the game it becomes that much easier for opposing Ds to cover Brazzell and Stoddard and lessens the BB offensive impact...yes this will reduce Glenn's effectiveness, but it's hardly his fault....

Great idea mike, lets just draft all the Bisons, their 4 - 0, soon to be 5 - 0 hey Huskie fans.

...Glenns our main-man till the end of this season....and if he gets back to his early season form...we should be fine...Next season is another matter....but that's along way off.... i would expect a change at qb. if Kevin hasn't shown improvement over 05....and RedW....YES...Peyton Manning (yeah sure) :lol: ....or how about?............Casey Printers..... :thup:

papa is right glenn will keep his spot for the remainder of the season and then i think we should go looking for a new qb. Do i hear Carson Palmer

I don't know what this thread is about.

The Bombers are 7-4 with Glenn at the helm. And 0-4 with Quinn. The Eskimos are 5-9 with Ray, and I don't hear anyone asking for him to be benched.

Truth be told, Glenn is playing much better than I first expected. I remember saying during the preseason that the Bombers were attacking the season with a backup QB. Well Glenn is turning into a strater, and as much as he is no Dave Dickenson, he is not the reason why the Bombers rank third in the East (mind you, by only one game).

Over the last two weeks, I was really impressed with that receiver Derrick Armstrong. In Stegall absence, maybe Glenn can thighten his relationship with Armstrong so he'll have two good go-to guys when Stegall returns.

Most of us agree with that take third, but in Winnipeg the most popular guy is always the back up qb, even when we dont have one.

Actually Third, if you go to the Eskies site, and check out their board, there are alot of them that during the summer wanted to see Ray gone. They've changed their tune since the Rider game though...

In this league, it seems you are only as good as your last pass attempt. Glenn would have matured quicker had he been mentored by an established veteran. None were available for him so he took the long road. Learning from his own mistakes. He seems alright now. Just don't give him a 3 years 1 millions$ contract yet ! :wink:

Turns out I'm going to be at that game Pigseye, which will make it two straight Huskie games for me. I know we won't do as well as we did here against the Dinos.... but it should be a good game.

Unless of course you want to tell the secondary to forget to cover a couple of guys like the Dinos did on the 3 home runs.... :wink:

To keep this on topic, I always thought Glenn was a good QB, I was disappointed when we traded him away. He seems to be playing at least fairly well, imo.

...a lot of people forget that Glenn is playing with a bad pin and leg-brace....I don't like using injuries as an excuse...because if Kevin didn't feel 100% he wouldn't be in there...I see a problem though that he hesitates to plant that leg..and he rolls out a lot more...something he seems to be perfecting..I wish we still had a guy like Tom Clements around to give him a few pointers....and that's where Third is right...He's basically learning all on his own (except for some good pointers from Berry)..The whole problem is ...will the Bombers have enough patience to wait ...Maybe..????? I think the last part of this season will go along way in determining that... :wink: :roll:

Kevin Glenn is by far the best QB on The Bombers roster...

I'll trade you guys Kerry Joseph even up for Kevin Glenn right now...

The guy might very well be the all-star QB in the east this year and given the fact that everybody picked Winnipeg to miss the play-offs this year, I think any Bomber fans who aren't on the Glenn bandwagon need to get a grip.
His progression as a QB is way ahead of guys like Henry Burris or Anthony Cavillo at the same age and if you ever get him a real recieving corp and your o-line doesn't consist of duct tape and bubblegum, you guys will actually be contenders.

I think someone suggested it is too early to give him the big 3 year deal?
Too late.
He signed midseason. I do not know how much per annum, but it was for 3 years--and obviously it involved a healthy raise.

That’s a serious contender for “Post of the Year” !

"Understatement of the year" at least....

Thats the 2nd time thats happened to me this year lol. The 1st was about Nealon Greene. I guess when i talk about former Rider Quarterbacks, good things come out of my mouth.

I don't know what you said about Nealon, but let me phrase it this way...lots of fans after we traded Glenn said we traded the wrong QB. I agree 100%. Burris should have been gone.

Oh yeah? Well i agree 110%. So there!

'Nuff said!