Kevin Glenn needs to be released!!!

I have been a long time Ticat fan......In fact my grandfather played for the cats back in the 20s and I never post on forums such as these but attended Friday's game and am absolutely furious and fed up!

Kevin Glenn has to be let go, traded or demoted........His lack of consistency is mind boggling and he no doubt has proven he cannot lead this team nor any team to success.

I think I am so frustrated because this year's team is so promising with all the young new receivers and talent including Grant, Thigpen, Williams, on and on and yet as we all know a team cannot have ultimate success unless they have a leader at quarterback.

Glenn's accuracy is horrible but worst of all is his attitude.........Watching him walk off the field are two downs and out every time with his head down and just lazingly going through the motions..........

With all the ability to find amazing talent south of the border with our scouting system, why can't we find a decent quarterback???

It is time to give the ball to Porter and let him finish the rest of the season and get another quarterback in for the playoffs........Glenn is done.

And Marcel Bellefeuille will wait until the last minute to do this and has no guts......Porter should have started the third quarter and Marcel should not have waited until late in the fourth quarter..........Marcel needs to grow a pair or get replaced and Glenn needs to be demoted or released.

Absolutely appalled at the play of the team on Friday.

Enough is enough and I will not be going to a Ticat game for a long time..........cheers

Who is with me???

You may be a one man army. Give it a rest. If you think that this is just Glenn's fault, then you haven't been paying much attention. I don't know what frustrates me more, the play of this team or idiotic posts like this one. By all means if you want to be a quiter, then knock yourself out. A true fan sticks by their team no matter what.

AMEN!! I really wanted to kill a few people at that game and none of them were players. Imagine that.

Of course we want to blame the QB, the fans don't see the breakdowns in blocking or the bad route running of the receivers or receivers giving up on a ball etc . The fans in Sask want to hang Durant right now, the Esks fans are frustrated with Ray, Burris is so inconsistent in Calgary. Fact is so few QBs out there and fewer that can so it all themselves.

This time reminds me of the old nursery rhyme:

When they are good, they are very, very good.
But when they are bad, they are horrid.

Unfortunately, Glenn gets the blame for this whether it's his fault or not. He can't be responsible for making the defence play better. And even on offence, he can't control when his young receivers are going to run the wrong routes. I say he's still out starter, as he gives the team the best chance of winning.

That said, I do support the idea of replacing Glenn with Porter earlier in the game when it's obvious that the team is tending toward "horrid". Adding his run threat to the mix would shake up the opposing defences, and might also send a message to the rest of the team. Think about Cobourne and Grant both free to head to the flats or even downfield, while still forcing the linebackers to respect the run. Maybe a rollout or two, like that fan-picked first play? You know, the one that actually worked? Or like the TD pass to Williams? And those designed draws can be deadly. I liked what I saw last week. Both of his drives were well executed, even if the second one was penalty assisted. I feel a lot better about him after seeing that.

I wouldn't be so drastic just yet to release him. But!!! Obie had better put Marcel on a short leash and Marcel had better put the co-ordinators on a short leash.

If Glenn seems to display a funk during a game..yes, by all means...pull him and throw Porter in.

As for the Khari...mix up the play calling...get back to a balanced offense that INCLUDES Terry Grant.

As for Chamblin...get back to a pressure defense that we saw, albeit a short glimpse during the Labour Day game, that has Baggs doin what he does best...rushing the passer. NOT occupying space to prevent a run or pass to the flats.

As for Marcel...learn the word INTENSITY. You may not like the word...but it is necessary especially with a professional sports team. Your team needs to be fired up prior to a game and it's up to you to do it.

I wouldn't be so drastic just yet to release him. But!!! Obie had better put Marcel on a short leash and Marcel had better put the co-ordinators on a short leash.
If I had a nickel for every time I heard this statement...... :P

Problem is, the short leash is never yanked..

not me....... Did you hear about that Football 101 course being offered??? You might want to consider it.

This reminds me of one of the most interesting comments made by a fan behind me during Friday's game.

After one of the O Linemen was called for a holding penalty the fan yelled, "Way to go Glenn, your moving the team backward now!"

Yes, everything that goes wrong on offense must be the quarterback's fault.

You must have been sitting near me. I was overwhelmed by the football knowledge and common sense in the section we sat in. :roll:

I'm unsure as to whether Kevin Glenn can still lead this team to a championship. However, for most of the season so far Kevin has been in the top two or three positions in passing and passing efficiency ratings. Right now he's fifth.

As of today's CFL stats, Hamilton is about 4th in most offensive catagories. Not bad for an up and down, parity kind of jumbled season.

Converely, the defense of this team is showing up about 6th in most of their columns.

Individual placings go as follows:

Rushing: Cobourne 2nd
Yards from Scrimmage: Cobourne 3rd Williams 6th
Receiving: Williams 4th
Combined yards: Thigpen 3rd Williams 7th Cobourne 8th
Touchdowns: Coboourne 3rd Porter 5th Williams 7th Stala 8th
Kicking points: Medlock 3rd

Defense tackles: Johnson 4th Willisams 6th
Forced fumbles: Hickman 2nd
Sacks: Hickman 2nd
Fumble Returns: Knowlton 10th

Special teams below:

Blocked kicks: Knowlton 5th
Net punting: Medlock 5th
Punting: Medlock 5th
Punt Returns: Thigpen 3rd
Kickoff returns: Thigpen 6th
Missed field goal returns Thigpen 3rd
Kickoffs: Medlock 2nd
Special teams tackles: Beswick 1st
Most missed field goal singles: Medlock 7th

I don't think Kevin Glenn is solely the reason why this team is not getting it done as solidly as they should. To be fair, I believe our quarterback has had bad days at the office. But in watching the last two home games, in particular, the stink has come from both sides of the ball equally.

Coaching is really where the focus should be when this season concludes, especially the head coach. But that's for another thread.

Just my take....

Not me.

Glenn, while not a good performance by him, was not the problem. The D line pressured him and gave the receivers little to to get open all the while they were being covered quite well by Winnipeg's secondary.

Glenn went 13 for 20, for a 65% completion percentage for 109 yards. As noted on TV, he either had no time to go deep or receivers were covered for the most part. I even recall a decent deep sideline pass that Williams dropped.

Hamilton had 55 offensive plays, take away 10 incomplete passes, that leaves 45 plays for potential gain. Combined, Williams, Grant, Thigpen and Cobourne had 26 touches for 177 yards. It's even wrong to say these guys weren't used enough. They were. They didn't produce either, for the most part. The entire offense line included, and not just Glenn, were also outplayed by Winnipeg's D.

Execution. Simple as that. The O has to out perform the D.

thanks for compiling the stats old fan

Gotta love Justin Hickman.
He's is having another great year for the Cats and should end up with 13-14 sacks by years end.
Alternatively, Baggs seems less focused and somewhat confused this year.
The DC's system may have a bearing on Baggs' decline this season...who knows

And as for my favorite player, rookie Williams could have easily been in second place although the tiny speedster had been largely ignored for a few weeks last month for some odd reason.
Either way, Chris should eclipse 1,000 yds receiving this week. :thup:

you do not get rid of Glenn now, but you keep him on a very short leash

However, I suspect Glenn will be released at the end of the season, as either it will be time for Porter and Boltus to take the next step or someone else is in.

Bottom line is that there is upside with Porter and Boltus tho' they may disappoint us, but there is only downside for Glenn from this time forward as he is not getting taller, he is not getting faster, nor does his arm have the velocity to overcome his other deficiencies. It was a nice run, but I just do not see Glenn coming back

However, if he leads us to the Grey Cup game then he deserves an invite back, tho on a short leash. In essence, I would say KG is playing for a contract now.


To my knowledge, Glenn signed a two year contract extension after last season, thus would be a mighty expensive throw away at $250,000 per annum next season as it is a pay or play option.

And if he plays poorly this post season, a trade may not be feasible as market value will be little/non existent with such a large contract.

Therefore, we are stuck with Glenn at the moment, and who knows…he may surprise us all in the end.
fingers and toes crossed

I think they need coaching changes before releasing players.

I really think KG is a solid qb, he sure isn't a super qb but he is fairly decent. That being said, I've said nothing and who knows what lies in store for the next few weeks in Tigertown. :?

Absurd thread. If he's released, it will be during the off-season. Period.

Until then, safely assume that the Dr. Jekyll Kevin Glenn is the only QB on this roster capable of putting up fiftyburgers on anyone and work backwards from there. This season is ironically the most wide-open re contending for the Grey Cup in years. If Porter and Boltus were options now, then things would be different. Nobody releases their starter mere weeks before the playoffs begin. That is cloud cuckooland.

Oski Wee Wee,


Hey not everyone can have superior football knowledge like yourself or someone like Blogskee wee wee (who has a blog!)
But the reality is that you 5 or 10 extremely knowledgeable armchair quarterbacks sitting on the splintered planks of Ivor Wynne couldn't possibly pay for even Bo Smith's salary. Therefore Bob Young will gladly welcome the other 23000 dumbasses without whom there would be no franchise. Bottom line is that people come to the game and shell out hard-earned dollars to be entertained at the very least. After 2 pathetically boring and uninspired losses at IWS, people will naturally vent, usually at the leaders, like KG and MB.

So if 23,000 people say the world is flat, everybody else should believe them? This knee-jerk blame-the-quarterback sentiment that has long been woven so deep in the fabric of Hamilton football fandom makes it appear to outsiders that the city is populated solely by toothless idiots. It's embarrassing.