Kevin Glenn / Khari Jones duo?

I believe this is called the "hallow effect" when someone is blind to the fact that their buddie is not doing a great job. Friendship is never welcome in professional sports or business becuase it clouds your judgement. It's tuff to fell a friend that their so called plan sucks. Pro football is business and all coaching decisions should be based on what have you done for me lately - from what I have seen in the first to games, Jones and Glenn have shown " absolutley nothing." If there is one common demonminator, both Jones and Glenn couldn't hit a garbage can with a football if they were sitting in. They both have very week arms and are too short to see over the OLIne.

Notice that both Jones and Glenn have racked up impressive stats in their careers but neither could win the BIG game. They either choke or don't have that killer instinct. That could explain why Milt Stegall, who was fed the ball by these two guys for a large chunk of his career, is the all-time leading receiver in yards but had to retire without a Grey Cup.

Krisium, to be fair, I’d like to ask that question to Milt, what he thinks about the Hamilton situation, off the cuff sort of speak to get a true indication of Milt’s thoughts.

discip: Excellent points in response to Russ's comprehensive analysis of what is wrong with this team.
I have been unable to figure out why, when Obie has seen all this happening before in the past two seasons, he has not stepped in and shaken things up. He has been adding some great players but the on-field mediocrity continues.
I think it's fair to say most of us were pulling for Marcel when he became head coach. But the honeymoon period ended last season for me. His approach is not producing a competitive team.
Unfortunately a win against Greg Marshall's Riders won't mean much because they have the same miserable 0-2 record as us. But a loss to the Riders this weekend will be devastating. I do not think that our coaching staff has the ability to recover and salvage the season, given the performances of Montreal, Winnipeg and yes...even the Blue far this season.

If you were to rank the starting quarterbacks in the league, they would probably look like this: Calvillo A+ , Burris and Ray A- ,Durant B , Lulay, Glenn, Pierce C+, Lemon C . The timing and accuracy of Calvillo and Ray are what professional quarterbacks are supposed to be able to do regularly. Last year Glenn had a career year but we were 9-9. I just don't see Glenn as an elite quarterback in the CFL. I'm not suggesting we rotate quarterbacks but just realize what we have is amazingly average. I pray that the Defence and Special Teams can win some games for us .
Oh ,by the way, don't get me started on the lack of push from our defensive tackles and Maurice Mann's hands. :lol:

Pat Lynch(the old guy who has seen this movie before)