Kevin Glenn / Khari Jones duo?

Let's try to figure this one out. You have an 11 year vet in Glenn with many seasons of fantastic stats. You have Khari Jones, a former all-star and MOP with equally impressive stats. These two guys have had a mentor/tutor, friends on and off the field type of relationship for years. How is it even remotely possible that with all that experience, these two as OC and QB could produce such a bland and anemic offence. They have a fantastic arsenal of weapons at their disposal and have accomplished nothing this season so far. Bruce, Stala, Thigpen, Bakari Jones, McDaniel have been virtually non-existent so far. Something is terribly wrong with Glenn this year. He's throwing into double coverage when other receivers are open. When he does spot an open receiver his timing is way off. How many overthrows have we seen so far? A wide open Mann 3 or 4 times just in the pre-season game alone was way overthrown. But the play-calling is suspect also. How many times have we seen 2nd and 10 followed with a 4 or 5 yard sideline pass and three defenders in close proximity. Is that the new, aggressive offence we were promised when Mike Gibson vacated. Remember all the Gibson bashing last year? Last year we ended the season weakly with the loss to BC and then the Argo playoff game and and it's rolled right into this season. So who's to blame now?

The problem could be that they ARE such close friends. Speaking from personal experience, it is very hard to suddenly be both a friend and a supervisor. If KJ needs to rip KG a new one, that could put an incredible strain on their friendship.

two games into the season?

Yes but these two games weren't close back and forth shootouts where we lost on a last second field goal. They were beyond pathetic. Right now who actually has confidence in the offence?

Jones should be looking to the O-line first. They’ve been sieve like for the better part of both games this year. Glenn under pressure = sacks, overthrows and picks…

Also, not so sure about the 6 hitch passes and 5 draws for almost no yards.

Ray didn't seem to have that problem. How many times did Ray pick up the blitz we sent and find his hot receiver. Knowlton and Johnson would get to Ray untouched in about 2 seconds only to see him complete a pass to Stamps or Messam for big yards. We can't seem to do that.

The heavy blitz with poor DB coverage on the "hot" pass leaves our DBs scrambling to catch up

mike: We know it's only two games into the season. But we are 0-2!
And it looks to me right now that we are the weakest team in the league despite the talent we have.
Sound familiar?

Isn't this what Marcel was (in)famous for when he was OC in Sask and Mtl? Maybe he's teaching his rookie OC.

I agree with mikem. Only two games into a season with a new offensive co-ordinator. 16 games to go.

I do not think our Offensive game plan is centered around Avon enough.
Establish a running game with Dueces and some screens and swing passes to him.
Then start to play action and get the ball to Bruce.
Make them key on Avon.
In 2 losses Avon has averaged 4.6yds/carry on 24 carries
Use our running game to open up the passing game.
I'm sure the"O" line would love this too!
Edmonton had an equal number of running plays to passing plays

This bugs me more than anything else... we saw this last season (the hitch passes and draws up the middle again and again)

Glenn may look off, but the playcalling as a whole has just looked unimpressive. Avon isnt being used... not because they havent gelled.. but because they simply arent using him.. If these are the plays this offense has conjured up (or simply carried over from last year from the looks of things) how is anything going to change with more time together and more experience?

How is more time together going to involve Bruce getting into the offense more?? We know he's there. They know hes there.. so why arent you throwing him the ball?? (when even in double coverage he still almost makes that catch)

To me this is less a problem of timing and getting everyone on the same page, and more a problem of the playcalling as a whole.

As I’ve said, this is the CFL 3 downs, if you can’t run and Glenn can’t run, then you better have a cannon arm and Glenn doesn’t have that so what’s next? You’re smarts and that’s where Khari and Glenn need to unite - and very quick otherwise both are gonzo quick. Not much else left here really when you aren’t that athletic and don’t have a cannon arm, your’e down to the few choices after that I’m afraid.

Khari needs this book

On 2nd Thought maybe the Whole Coaching staff Dose

:lol: :lol: :lol:

Indeed. With a player of Cobourne's caliber, you don't make him a checkdown afterthought unless your offense is so sizzling hot that you can afford to not utilize him to the fullest. Avon is arguably the best back in the league at catching passes out of the backfield. Use him on screens and swing passes. Split him wide on occasion, let him find the soft spot in the zone, and give him a chance to rack up those yards after catch. Why are you paying him so much money if you're not going to maximize him in your offense? Same goes for Bruce. When things aren't working, you have to go to your best players. With all respect to Mann and Stala, they aren't your best players. Avon and Bruce need to be more involved.

It's not even that Avon cannot be "calling" while blocking...

As well, there has to be a rotation into the game of Marcus Thigpen at slot to complement the existing slotback lineup we have. There has to be some sense that speed is going to be used to influence the safety and create mismatches on the field. The Cats do not put opposing defences in chase positions at the level of Montreal, Calgary, or Saskatchewan.

Who delivered the dagger for Montreal last game? You guessed it, that receiving titan Tim Maypray. Look at how Trestman inserts his speed guys during the game to create a one-on-one mismatch. What do we get? Not a lot of sizzle, so you do not have the secondary break down because speed is not being used to create hesistation, tentativeness, or panic in the secondary.

Thigpen was a receiver for part of his NCAA career. Even as a decoy, he would create headaches in coverage for opposing DCs. Instead, we get the spectre of Augie Barrenechea lining up at TE as the wrinkle-du-jour. Head scratching, anyone?

It is sure easy to play match coverage in third gear as we found on Saturday. The Tiger-Cats did not use their offensive personnel to the max (Bruce as a far-side receiver??? Pfffffft) things got under control for the Esks once the running game with Cobourne was jettisoned and the Cats did precious little to force passing windows open, either by running crossing routes with their speed receivers or by a meaningful play action game. Instead, we were left to watch Mann surrounded by green jerseys admiring a KG armpunt. You can see better cunning in a CIS offense!

We cannot even get a Thigpen off the bench because this is the franchise that buries speed merchants outside of their appointed "specialties." Getting speed open in space is the recipe for being a successful CFL offensive coordinator and it's not happening enough. Not for Avon, not for Thiggy, not for Williams.

Oski Wee Wee,


But Russ you can't compare an offense that has been installed four seasons ago now with one that is 3 weeks old. At least they threw a few passes to Cobourne in the second game. Bring Bruce back to the slot where he belongs add some motion that would be a start.

For starters, you can assess whether personnel is being used correctly and whether meaningful adjustments in attack are being made, in-game. The passing game looks off to me and they have to synch Glenn and his receivers better.

Dare I say that you could see the m.o. of the Trestman offensive system (adapted to the CFL) in week two of its first year as being a dynamic one whereas with Jones's...not so much thus far. In terms of personnel, the Cats take a backseat to no one in the league re talent IMHO, so it is a work in progress that ought to progress, right? Rome was not built in a day, but we want Rome, not Rome, New York. LOL :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,


I agree with Russ. You could see the crispness and execution in Trestman's offense in game one of the 2008 season. Sure, there were mistakes and hiccups, but he didn't waste any time building a dynamic offense. Similarly, Edmonton has looked sharp out the gate under Crandell despite Ray being on something like his fifth offensive coordinator in six years. Considering that Khari was on Hamilton's staff last year, he shouldn't have that far to go in terms of designing and installing a dynamic offense that plays to the strengths of his best assets.