Kevin Glenn is who we thought he was

What would the CFL playoffs be without another dreadful performance by Kevin Glenn?

In what has become nearly an annual ritual, Kevin Glenn posted a terrible line of 6/13 pass completions with 0 TDs and 3 INTs in barely one-half of football and once again his latest team, the Saskatchewan Roughriders to defeat at the hands of the Toronto Argos on a frigid day at BMO Field.
With the loss, Glenn has a horrible 5-9 playoff record for a .357 winning percentage- one of the worst of any quarterback in the modern era of CFL and possibly the worst winning percentage of any QB with over 10 playoff games to his credit.

All season long I saw countless Rider fans crowing about the bargain deal Jones had signed Glenn to in the off-season, reportedly in the range of $300,000 with bonuses included - perhaps the lowest paid starting QB in the league. They crowed about how Glenn was putting up equally impressive numbers to the likes of Matt Nichols for the fraction of the cost. Winnipeg had clearly overpaid while Saskatchewan signed a Glenn at a bargain contract.

However, chinks started appearing in this argument as the season progressed with Glenn being pulled on a regular basis due to poor production and questionable decision-making. This morphed into a full blown disaster today as Glenn may very well have had the worst playoff performance by a QB in CFL history!

Rider fans you get what you pay for. By paying the lowest salary or nearly lowest salary for a starting QB in the CFL you should fully expect he will deliver the lowest results of any QB in the CFL. Will the Riders learn this harsh reality in the off-season? Stay tuned...

The Last Word

We didn't pay $500K for Durant and still made it within 4pts of a Grey Cup berth and Glenn was a big part of getting us there, and helped develop Bridge.

Glenn earned his keep.

But Ricky Ray is in a category of his own and it showed today.

It's most likely the guys last game - Why not just let it go ? Seriously

You get what you pay for. $300,000 gets you a decent but somewhat inconsistent regular season QB who plays poorly in the playoffs without a good running game. Last Week, Glenn had the benefit of a terrific performance from Thigpen taking pressure off him to pass 40+ times. When the running game struggles, Glenn and the passing game cannot be relied upon for 75+% of the plays as was observed today.

What’s wrong with discussing football players and games on a football discussion board?

Nothing if the aim is to crap on the player. The guy is most likely heading to the HOF despite not winning a cup - given his career stats. He is done in my opinion - no sense heaping crap on a guy after he is done. He played bad today we all get it

I think some are placing too much emphasis on this game alone. I understand that for the bandwagon types they need only wins to keep them engaged, because football is a complex sport and those types can't keep up for a full season.

In the case of the Riders the club's goal was to create youth, depth and talent for sustainable success. For the future. Meanwhile Glenn helped the team do that while (assisted in Bridge's development) while also helping win some football. Glenn showed more to many than what they expected, but he's not the future that's for sure.

But this year was a success in the big picture. We understand that fans that don't know where their stadium is - don't understand this all that much.

Milt doesn't have a ring either. Glenn with that questionable call today, er non-call on the Argo defender, well, that could have turned the game around and Glenn might have stayed as starter and won the game as starter.

Kevin Glenn is a .500 career QB. In the playoffs he has a 5-9 career record. It's not about one game, it is about his career with underwhelming results. Glenn is a compiler of stats, nothing more. Several decent seasons, but few good to great ones. His playoff performances, barring a few games, have been average to poor. This game was probably the poorest of the them all!

He helped this club much more than Durant could have. Plus helped develop Bridge. No pouting, no whining. Easy on the pocketbook too. He fulfilled his obligations. Everyone can have a bad game and without any help from the O line for part of the game he's just not going to do well.

The comparison ends at no rings. One is arguably the greatest receiver in CFL history with several elite seasons, an MVP award and several CFL all-star selections. He has performed well in the playoffs when called upon and has a prestigious record that will probably never be broken - most career TDs.

The other is a quarterback with maybe one or two very good to elite seasons, several average to mediocre ones, no notable records, no CFL all-star selections and generally poor playoff performances.

I'm still ok with Glenn as a backup here or anywhere. Character guy

No one other than you is talking about Darian Durant. No pouting?! I have seen Glenn do his fair share of pouting, not to mention general indifference, when things are not going his way.

Bridge may not be the answer in the long term. It will be interesting if Jones is able to make the right call in the off season and sign Collaros once he is released or trade for the negotiation rights to Franklin.

I think the bar needs to be set high for the HOF. It can’t be enough to play >90% of your career as a below-average player at your position with a reputation for underperforming in clutch games. Just because you do that for 17 years doesn’t make you an all-time great.

Was it Muffled Matt Dunigan who insisted Chorky Jones keep Glenn in longer? WOW, Matt might be more damaged than I thought. Only reason the Riders were in the game and actually possessed the lead with under 2 min. to play was Marlon Brando Bridge. Award me a button for surviving a full throttle Rod Black call. The guy is truly the master of the unnecessary - and he didn't disappoint today!

I thought Ray was outta gas after the Riders took the lead - but no, Ray showed why he's a hall of famer and Glenn is the chief coffee-pourer at his Tim Hortons outlet in Motor City. The Motor City Mope - Glenn denied another trip to the Cup, but this time would have been as a baggage boy, back up to both Bridge & Vern Troyer.

Despite being a dopleganger for Evander Holyfield, Durant was deemed expendable rubbish by Chorky Jones. One of Jones better decisions. Keep Bridge, bring in a durable replacement for Glenn and the riders represent a completely viable threat for 1st in west next season. No sissyboys in their defense, unlike Wpg. who fielded a couple in Roc Dudson (Carmichael) and Samuel Hurl - just hard hitters and ballers.
Couldn't believe Ricky was able to lose that number and take the riders out of the Grey Cup equation.
Rightfully, Winnipeg made the wrong call on Glenn - he should have been the backup package to Nichols but was let go cuz he wouldn't take a salary reduction.

But in all seriousness the guy is a 5'8", 205 lb. pocket passer w/ extremely limited mobility. I think he'll either take a 1 year break from the game at 39 or get begged to backup in BC - as he recycles thru the league a 2nd time.

He'll eventually return to the CFL in a coaching capacity before being inducted into the Hall of Fame for his statistical accruals.

Collaros is making an ungodly amount right now - IIRC around $540K I believe?

Two things would need to happen to see Collaros in green & white:

  1. Outright release from Hamilton. Nobody is going to trade for that contract unless renegotiating it down is part of the deal

  2. Jones has got to have faith that Collaros is still the real deal. As a defensive minded coach, Jones naturally doesn’t throw big $ at QBs, so a much lower salary expectation AND some positive impressions are what Collaros needs to bring here.

Is it against the CBA to trade Collaros (for a backup OL and a draft pick or even conditional picks) and then the acquiring team tells Collaros that he'll only compete if he takes a severe haircut on his deal?

Technically yes, however off the record pre-trade dialogue between new team and player/agent makes it happen sometimes. The player goes where he's wanted (and wants to go) and both parties have a good approximation of what it will take to make the deal work. And former team is happy to dump that problematic big salary.