Kevin Glenn is the new Cleo Lemon

His performace today in the red zone was atrocious.

.500 QB ... I think it's safe to say he will be released in the off-season.

End of rant.

Wait...Kevin Glenn preceeded Cleo Lemon. LOL :wink:

As well, Glenn's hot moments dwarf anything Lemon ever did here or in the NFL. Nonetheless, when he tanks it, it IS brutal. Like today.

Oski Wee Wee,


He's his brother Kevin Lemon. :oops: :oops:

if Glenn goes they better get rid of Marcel Belfeuille at the same time because this team is going nowhere with him as a coach. It's not the players it's the coach. When you trade away one of the best receiving corps in the cfl and replace them all with rookies, this is the result.

What a stupid thread

end of rant (this makes it ok right?)

Kevin Glenn was a bum in Winnipeg, he's a bum here. Goodbye and good riddance!

While agree Mr. Beautiful Leaf is'nt the most inspiring fellow in the world,he is'nt making these goofy player personnel decisions...

Those decisions must be laid in the lap of the correct people...

Firstly Mr.O'Billovich...Who takes his financial marching orders from Scott Mitchell who takes his orders from Bob Young...

This is what you get when you trade away your veteran receivers. Makes it harder on a QB when you have to throw to rookies.

So weigh in if you have something constructive to say ...

I see there is a specific witch people want burned in this thread... :lol:

I just thought I should point out that the QB that is currently leading the league in interceptions with 18 is Buck Pierce (no surprise).

No. 2? Kevin Glenn at 17...

It makes it harder on your receivers when your QB is throwing it to the opposition...

Haven't commented on here in a while, but in response to moscamania, and make no mistake about it I am a Kevin Glenn fan, but on both redzone interceptions he missed an open receiver with a terrible throw. I think we have the most promising receiving core in the league that is only going to get better.

again...GLENN NEEDS TO GO!!!!

in 1 half, 0 TDs, 3 INTs...Brutal.
the receivers all played horrible, but that doesn't excuse glenn's terrible ball protection.

Agreed. Porter didn't fare any better today. But now we're seeing the effects of no Bruce, Mann, or McDaniel in the receiving corps. This isn't to say that Glenn wasn't terrible today. He was. But he also didn't drop a sure TD pass in the red zone -- Stala did.

did i say 3 picks?...i meant 4.
even better :roll:

Except for the fact that even with all those trades and many off-season improvements such as RB and Kicker, new OC and DC, the result is still the same dismal .500 record for three straight seasons. Hell we could bring in Geroy Simon and Fred Stamps and still end up .500 so we need to filter out the common denominator of the last 3 seasons and that would be Marcel and Glenn. Every off-season we are always thrilled and excited with the new improved acquisitions and we end up with the exact same result so until these two positions are improved upon we will continue to be a 9-9 team.

9-9? you're assuming the cats beat the argos next week. i don't know that they will.

could be an 8-10 season.

QB stats

Sask QBs 7 of 22, 31.8%, 139 yards, AND HAMILTON LOST!

Ham QBs 20 of 35, 57.1 %, 224 yards, 4 ints

Projected over 4 quarters:

Glenn 28 of 44, 63.6%, 342 yards, 8 ints
Porter 12 of 25, 48%, 106 yards.

both porter and glenn were let down big-time from their receivers.

that said, porter didn't shoot the team in the foot over and over and over....and OVER, like Glenn did.

What he said x 1000