Kevin Glenn is NO GOOD!

[i]Johnny posted this in the Als forum. But, he thought it would be constructive, maybe even cathartic to post it here as well. Kevin Glenn has played for a gazillion teams in the CFL, so probably a lot of you understand Johnny's rant.

One thing is for sure, Johnny now understands why fans from other teams are lukewarm at best about Kevin Glenn...[/i]


Kevin Glenn is NO GOOD!

Johnny held back for a long stretch, because he wanted to get a good sample size of the play of Kevin Glenn.

Now Johnny feels confident in declaring him a crummy QB!

What the Dickens is wrong with Glenn? With Glenn it is the best of times, it is the worst of times! A tale of two quarterbacks.

Glenn can awe with accurate zippy passes, beautiful touch and great reads. Glenn can lock in on receivers, throw the ball blindly into coverage, or hold onto the ball for 9 steamboats and get sacked.

The two shades of Glenn can alternate from game to game, series to series, and from play to play.

But make no mistake, he is the worst of times! Despite his career yards and touchdowns, Glenn is a .500 QB for his career. He loses as many as he wins. THAT STAT alone is enough to keep him out of the hall of fame.

There is no future with Glenn. There is no NOW with Glenn. Bench him and play Cato.

Work towards a future that is better than .500...

The only reason to keep playing Glenn, is because lame duck GM and useless HC Popp is trying to save his job. :thdn: [/i]

He's been around for SIXTEEN (16) years of mediocrity and you still needed a "good sample size" this year?

Glenn is mentally weak and can't deal with adversity.

He's been that way for his entire career - - that's why he's known as The Worst Big Game QB In Football History.

Plus he's easily the shortest classic dropback QB in pro football history - there's guys in bantam and junior high that tower over this guy!

Due to barely being tall enough to get onto the rides at Disneyland he's essentially a guess QB - don't mean guess jeans - KG is almost always guessing where the receivers are. All you need is undisciplined WRs, unexpected coverages and vola - you've got yourself a 4 pick game.

I'll tell you what - bombers were heart 'n soul to put away the Als, even with their guessing man QB.

If Bombers don't win the turnover battle next week vs. Sasky = Darian Durant will gobble up his 2nd W of the year, sending bomber nation into panicville!

So he's a BUM? the definition of a Bum in the dictionary is:

travel, with no particular purpose or destination.
"he bummed around Florida for a few months"
synonyms: loaf, lounge, idle, wander, drift, meander, dawdle; More

as a noun:
a vagrant.
a person who devotes a great deal of time to a specified activity.
"a ski bum"

You could say that he is "well travelled" and he has devoted a great deal of time to a "specified activity", a football bum?

I prefer Lyle's term for players like this - - hobo.

When he played in Hamilton, I found that he was:
(a) a player who when playing well was as good as or better than any other QB in the league, AND
(b) a player who when playing poorly was as bad or worse than any other QB in the league.

There is no lukewarm with this guy. He’s either great or terrible. And it’s about 50/50. That’s why I was glad that the Cats traded for Burris, a player who has similar highs and lows but was about 80/20.

The most frustrating thing about Glenn I found when he was here (and I’ve noticed he’s done elsewhere since) is his tendency to march down the field from one end to the other, then throw a pick in the end zone. Yeah, every QB does this once in a while, but Glenn does this a LOT.

Now, I don’t know if I would use the term “bum” to describe him. He has made bad teams decent, filled in admirably as a back-up, and even the Als have suddenly become semi-respectable since he became their starter. But he’s certainly not one of the elite QBs, and there are probably six QBs playing right now who will be in the HOF before he is.

I think Glenn's main issue is that he has always relied too much on the talent around him, which is to say that he has never been much of a miracle maker.

If those around him have a great day, then so does he, but if he needs to step up on his own and do great things in spite of those around him, he really can't.

Thread gave me a good laugh. :thup:

Thread title should be :

  1. Why can't teams in the East win at home?;
  2. Als fans finally realize how blessed they were with A.C. for so many years.

.....I'll add...'field mouse'....Glenn has a great strength...(other than convincing every team in the league to give him a shot) and that is his quick release...He can carve up the opposition in short order...BUT put the pressure on him like the Bombers did last night and voila ...a pick here ...a pick there...everywhere a pick-pick...His penchant for coughing it up is only matched by his 'big sulk' when things start to fall apart...Not my all time favourite qb. but Horton's likes him :wink:

Johnny wants to make this clear. He is a bum as a player, not a person. Now let the trashing of the player continue.

We need to start a grassroots movement to get Glenn traded to Edmonton.

That way he could have the opportunity to do what I assume no one else has ever done: be on the roster (even fleetingly) of every single team in the league.

He's Damon Allen for the new generation, except Allen could burn you for first downs with his feet.

Kevin Glenn will spray the ball all over the field. He will march your team up and down by placing the ball in tight windows. Then he'll throw that ghastly 'WTF was he thinking' pick-6 to put your team behind.....

Well to be fair in that comparison:

Allen won 4 GC
Was MVP in 3 of those
Was league MVP once.

So the only real comparison was that they both have played for a lot of teams IMO

Agreed, that’s a terrible comparison.

Glenn is a poor mans Hank Burris.

Glenn is the ideal backup Quarterback. He'll get you through a game and he'll keep you at 50/50 while your starter recovers and he has invaluable experience he can impart on younger QBs. He's not the guy who will improve your offense by leaps and bounds, and he's certainly not the guy who is make the Al's average recieving corp into a force to be feared. He's also not the kind of QB that will get you to the cup on his merits alone. A Bo Levi or Collaros he is not. A poor mans Burris or Durant I feel is the more apt comparisson.

You have one young standout in Duron Carter, one vet whose best days are behind him in Nik Lewis and average guys in BJ Cunningham, Sam Giguere and Kenny Stafford. Without massive threat that SJ Green brings, KG just doesn't have enough good options. Why that is, when Glenn is not making top dollar and there appears to be few openly apparent cap drains is beyond me.

That’s an excellent point about Glenn being best suited for back up QB. If every team had a Kevin Glenn type as their clipboard holder, the CFL would be a much stronger league.

But you can’t ever compare Glenn to Durant. That’s like comparing apples to snowmobiles.

Glenn and Burris are similar in that both are mentally weak and can’t handle any kind of adversity or pressure. And constantly whining to the refs anytime they get hit.

Durant and Mike Reilly are totally different QBs. Both are warrior like in how physical they play and are tremendous leaders.

In 2013 Durant had the greatest playoff run of any QB in football history. You’d never see that kind of performance from Glenn or Burris.

Totally agree! Hankenstein was MOP last year but wilted in 2nd half of the Grey Cup vs. the superior warrior-type Reilly - just couldn't get it done!
Glenn has never been to a Grey Cup. A bit stronger mentally than Burris but that's not saying much. Both guys have one advantage - both are gumby-type QBs - who fire the ball into the dirt vs. getting hit and twisted in wreckages - better QBs like Dunigan, Lulay, Pierce, Printers, had their careers abbreviated by the so-called hero complex.
Glenn has rarely missed more than a handful of games during his semi-pro career and Hank is even more durable. Collect paycheques, eat, be indifferent to winning, REPEAT.... that's the cycle!

Just a correction-Glenn has been to a Grey Sup game...he led Calgary to one in 2012.
He led Winnipeg to one in 2007 but broke his arm in the final and couldn't play in the GC.

How true.
And as a backup he could still be amongst the dozen best QBs in the CFL - LOL

Glenn is a good QB not a Great QB, he's never been one of the best but seemed inconsistent throughout his career. Seemed that way when he was in BC, i'm amazed he was starting anywhere again personally and I really think Brandon Bridge would've been better in the long run. Hope Bridge gets a chance with the Riders.