Kevin Glenn is NO GOOD!


Kevin Glenn is NO GOOD!

Johnny held back for a long stretch, because he wanted to get a good sample size of the play of Kevin Glenn.

Now Johnny feels confident in declaring him a crummy QB!

What the Dickens is wrong with Glenn? With Glenn it is the best of times, it is the worst of times! A tale of two quarterbacks.

Glenn can awe with accurate zippy passes, beautiful touch and great reads. Glenn can lock in on receivers, throw the ball blindly into coverage, or hold onto the ball for 9 steamboats and get sacked.

The two shades of Glenn can alternate from game to game, series to series, and from play to play.

But make no mistake, he is the worst of times! Despite his career yards and touchdowns, Glenn is a .500 QB for his career. He loses as many as he wins. THAT STAT alone is enough to keep him out of the hall of fame.

There is no future with Glenn. There is no NOW with Glenn. Bench him and play Cato.

Work towards a future that is better than .500...

The only reason to keep playing Glenn, is because lame duck GM and useless HC Popp is trying to save his job. :thdn: [/i]

Oh, are you just coming on board now?

I believe I said that before the season started.

.....He's always good for a pic when the opposition needs it...and at the most crucial times... Kevin 'suitcase' Glenn, when he's good, he's acceptable but when he's bad...wait it'll get worse. :wink:

He is what I refer to as a "downhill player".

NOT because he is on the downside (end?) of his career but because his success comes when everything is going well; he doesn't lead teams out of adversity (i.e., he does well when there is no obstacle to overcome)

He did pretty well in Saskatchewan. I understand the frustration with him, but the team in front of him is not any better. Sure go with Cato or Adams or Crompton for that matter. After a couple of games fans will be demanding that Glenn comes back. Incompetent coaching and management is the real problem.

No one is going to ask for Glenn back.

There is a chance of Cato and Adams getting better in the future by playing them now, winner lose. Glenn is only going to get worst, the only reason to play him is if you're try to win now. Which uhhh. ..isn't working so well.

Over 16 seasons he made it two Grey Cups, no wins, one in the season that the league was so bad that KERRY JOSEPH was MOP. But one unique distinction is that only two teams have ever hosted and lost a crossover playoff game; Glenn was the QB for both of those teams.

NO doubt, but that doesn't mean it isn't time to turn away from a mediocre QB who at best (IMO) MIGHT be good enough to lose a first round playoff game and start to develop the future.

Well the first round of the playoffs is better than not making the playoffs. Wettenhall may be able to recoup some lost revenue. I have no issues about starting Cato or Adams. Not sure if they are the future...not sold one either one of them.
In any case, does this look like an organization who is planning for the future? Not in JP's mindset .
One other note, as I mentioned before, I was at the game, first time in a few years. What was disturbing was the plenty of empty seats.... Not good.

I don't know why anyone would waste money on a .33 football club.

Not with the Als crawling in because the East sucks but the Als match the 4th place Western teams' record.
Not with Kevin Glenn being just good enough to get the Als to those playoffs but lose, while blocking Cato/Adams/any late signings from getting ANY practice time.
Not with the playoffs MAYBE giving Popp an excuse to hang on.

I hope for the rest of the season is exciting play and more focus on youth; which is not to say the fan in me won't hope/cheer for a win every game; but my head can look beyond it.

This may be a stupid question, but has anyone from the sports media in this city tried to get an interview with Wettenhall? Or does the media simply not care?
I don't expect any outrageous comments from RW, but would be nice to hear from him. I wonder if bitter Herb tried?

If anyone expects the defense NOT be angry with the offense, they are dreaming, no offense intended. The last four years, this has been the story: inept offense, overworked defense. Your supposed veteran QB throws four goddamn interceptions, you should be angry. The O-line is a turnstile, you should be angry. Everyone is sick of losing but there's only one unit that consistently finds a way to lose us games.

If we had lost in an offensive shootout, I'd actually feel decent about the future. But we lost exactly the way we've lost the bulk of our games since Trestman left: via offensive failure. Bowman is only expressing what every player on that defense must feel.

Bowman isn't payed to express his feelings in public, he's payed to play as a leader. And he failed, as many have done so in recent years. Yup it's frustrating, it is for the fans too, however it's inexcusable for players of his caliber to throw in the towel and to gift opponents the game. Glenn got intercepted - sure, but at least you can credit the Winnipeg D for that. You can't give the Bombers any credit for Bowman's prima donna meltdown and other's dumma** penalties: It's on the players. For the multi-year recurrence of emotional outbursts, however, I blame the coaches, the HC and the GM. GMs with balls get rid of drama queens, no matter how popular they may be, Bergevin did just that with his team. Popp needs to clean up the dressing room. He should start by benching Bowman.

“Whether it was a tipped ball, it still goes on my stats. I’ve been playing this game long enough that I can take the backlash,? Glenn continued. “I can take somebody saying ‘Kevin Glenn, you suck.’ I’ve been criticized for it my entire (career) to where it doesn’t phase me."

   -Kevin Glenn

Okay Glenn, you suck! :smiley:

[url=] ... -popp-says[/url]

Completely agree. Should have happened a long time ago.

Don't know about interviews, but I wrote to BW a couple of years ago and received a longer than expected, polite, but not terribly controversial response.

To a degree, but a veteran QB is expected to recognize coverages and not get fooled as often/easily as Glenn seems to be, and it seems to happen most often at key times.

Bergevin is a racist idiot with the IQ of a doormat who traded away the best player on his team for an older, inferior version of the same player signed to an exponentially worse contract on account of the inferior player being white. If you believe PK Subban created drama, you are just buying the bigoted drivel that the team is selling. Unless you want to count giving $9 million of his own money to Montreal charity, yeah, what a jerk, what a drama queen. :roll: :roll: :roll:

You know what good GMs actually do? Build winning teams. Please tell me how Bergevin has done anything but pi$$ away the assets he inherited from the previous regimes -- his team rode Carey Price to an EDF one year and he persists in standing behind his idiot coach, who doesn't have a clue about how to coach. Good GMs also understand that players aren't robots and are going to express themselves in unique ways (see Nashville, a more successful franchise than the Canadiens in recent years, for a GM who gets it).

Bowman got called for a penalty in response to uncalled infractions. He didn't blow up for no reason. No, it wasn't great, but it sure was understandable. Every man jack on that defense must be absolutely fed up with the offense after the past 3.5 years. As you said, a good HC and GM would clean those penalties up by creating a culture of accountability. It is a sign of huge dysfunction when a respected, hard-working, blue-collar guy like John Bowman is losing it on the field of play.

Whoa there, you're way out in left field. I stopped wearing my PK Subban T-shirt the playoff game he decided to go ballistic and hack at Mark Stone completely out-of-the blue, got a major and a game misconduct, and on the way to the dressing room lifted his arms innocently to the sky as if to ask "What did I do?" PK must have been thinking, hey I'm this really great guy with a huge heart, and Stone's wrist only has a small fracture, what's the big deal?

So when you accuse the GM of being racist for trading an out-of-control player who'd rather systematically put his team in trouble than consider controlling his emotions, you've lost me. Oh and if MB is a racist as you suggest, why would he have lavished PK with an $8 million a year contract in the first place? You're not making sense here.

All I said is that Bergevin had the balls to make a gutsy move. Never made any other claims about him. I'll think he's great if and when the Habs win the Cup.

This is a football forum so no more hockey stuff here.

Well as a fan of both teams it is easy to ask who the worse coach is - Popp or Therrien?

As for a player that possibly played for both teams, the closest I can come up with is Alan Globensky, if anyone remembers him. He was a goon (or if you prefer enforcer) with the Junior Canadiens and later briefly with the Nordiques. He also had a training camp tryout with the Als in the early 70s.