"Kevin Glenn is a winner"

. . . is this years title of Doug Berry's blasphemous auto-biography circa 2008. (this follows)

Listening to Bob 'the snob' Irving on the coaches show this evening is a waste of time. True to Irving's forum, there is such one-sided discussion, yet super-charged with ego it's sickening.

Before Berry even admits that Glenn is done in Winnipeg; the door has all but been shown to Glenn. They call this professionalist? I guess only in Winnipeg.

The thing that gets to me in Winnipeg, before Taman or Bauer reveal it's time to move on, is how snuffed out the fans are getting 8_balled this season. So much promise, that 300k to Kevin Glenn gave us?? This is absolutely mind boggling to say the least. (this follows)

Doug Browns spin zone, has an animated side-kick knob-jobbing his mouth and it's supposed to excuse everything. My god, this season is an all out farce right from the beginning.

The truth be told, I fully anticipate that Doug Berry's solution is to bring in Randall at the "right time".

At 0-4, this entire mess should be cleaned up, and slated to move Randall into the starters role. Dinwiddie is nothing more than a back-up. At 1td per 6 qtrs. of play, there is no excuse (even with Kevin Glenn 300k) not to put Randall in by now. But not one fan is intelligent enough to see it.

This Bomber team is a lifeless arrogant bunch that completely undermines everything the B&G should be.
I am totally embarassed to be a Bomber fan based on such pure brutal hypocrisy, that Randall sits on the sidelines under circumstances that any PROFESSIONAL COACH in this league would have at least given the kid a shot.

WHAT A JOKE. FIRE BAUER NOW!!!!!1111 This is his idiotic bs.

^Honestly I am so mad right now. Berry's "Kevin Glenn is a winner" on CJOB tonight just got me fuming. What a clown he is for stating that.

OK this is ridiculous i know and i have never been a KG fan, he reminds me of Khari Jones WAY too much after injury, scared and intimidated.

Making Dinwiddie The starter is the smartest move Berry has made all year (even though it was Taman who told Berry Glenn had to sit), but Berry in his stubborn fashion MAKES Dinwiddie the #1 QB for the forseeable future, a little quick to make that call, but he has a point, Dinwiddie does "BRING A SPARK" to the BB'e, something Glenn does not.

And to whoever said Dinwiddie is nothing but a back up QB, maybe so, but then again he has only started in ONE game in the CFL and that was the Grey Cup, to quick to judge that one boy. Everyone is calling for Randall as they were, Dare i say, TEE MARTIN, a couple of years back, give Ryan his dues, he has patiently waited for his chance WHILE being a great teamate and he DOES spark the team and gives the Defense time off the field.

Go Dinwiddie Prove me right kid!! First game is against arguably the best team in the CFL .. hmm .. tough test, i predict a close game, but we go 0-5, maybe another bad call from the refs will go in our favor, LMAO.

It's a stretch to say, but I'll say it anyway, this looked more to me like a curse of Kerwin Bell.