Kevin Glenn in the best shape of his life

Kevin Glenn in the best shape of his life
MAY 23 2006 03:50 PM

With Day 3 of Bomber training camp now in the books, there are plenty of smiles at CanadInns Stadium.

One of the main reasons is because of the performance of starting quarterback Kevin Glenn…

With his 27th birthday just around the corner, and heading into his sixth CFL season, Glenn says he finally got serious about conditioning and diet during the off-season, and he’s proud of his new leaner and meaner appearance.

There is little doubt Kevin Glenn will be the starting quarterback when the season begins. What remains to be settled is who his backups will be.

Quarterback Mike Quinn and running back Onterrio Smith spent another day on the sidelines with respective arm and foot injuries, and Charles Roberts made his Blue Bomber training camp debut today, and yes he looked good.

CJOB’s Bob Irving reporting.

So was our x-back up White but that dont mean much

“There is little doubt Kevin Glenn will be the starting quarterback when the season begins” - CJOB’s Bob Irving

“I just don’t know that Kevin Glenn is the quarterback. He’s got to prove it to me. I haven’t seen it on the field.” - BB Coach Doug Berry

“I am really confused by stories out of Winnipeg” -’s RedandWhite

Me too!

well, right now glenn is clearly the best gb in camp, thats why irving said he's going to be the starter, even though that will most likely be true, thats just his opinion. and doug means that he has to see glenn win more games, seeing as we only won 5 last year. it doesnt matter if you blow away the competition in camp, you have to win games.

Hum, interesting attitude? Is he saying: "I dogged it for the past number of years but I am going to really try this time"?

Not so fast! I was at the TC today and to me Glen was not all that impressive. Mind you a lot of the receivers had butter fingers. However, our kicking game has gone south and that is a real problem. 30 yards is not good!

Glenn has been the best qb in camp....but that is comparing him to the other 3 who dont appear to be impressing anyone...

You Bomber fans can talk all you want, but being in the best shape of one's life doesn't mean any spectacular performance is on its way.

However, with Hamilton players, its simply a given!!!!

they showed that last season

Maybe he'll give Onterrio some pointers lol.

he was oustanding again today....he has all but locked up the number 1 position and Berry was raving about his performance and about a brown noser.....

...its one thing to perform well in t.c....and pre-season scraps...but can Glenn mature into the q.b. the Bombers need during the real stuff....i think he's got a great start...and if he can stay healthy....i said it before...this could be his BIG year...go BigBlue... :thup:

It's funny how many players say they're "in the best shape of their life." There was an article in the Spec today where Kamau Peterson was saying the same thing. If all these people are getting in better and better shape, imagine the condition players will be in 10 years from now! :shock:

On the other hand, the Cats also have an O-lineman: 6'6" and 370 pounds! He's a monster, as wide as he is tall. Apparently he's doing pretty well, but the team wants him to get down to 335.

One word BigDave: liposuction :lol:

....seems this guy has to lose more weight than Onterrio Smith....but don't worry it can be done... :lol:

The head coach and incumbent quarterback have developed a solid rapport after a week of Blue Bomber training camp...

Head coach Doug Berry says he wasn't sure what to expect from Kevin Glenn because he'd never worked with him before, but Glenn's intelligence and ability grasp Berry's offensive scheme has impressed the coach, and Glenn says he appreciates Berry's 'straight-shooting' style.

Maturity seems to be part of the package Kevin Glenn has brought back to Winnipeg, and if he can elevate his play, the Bombers' prospects for 2006 will be that much brighter.

Just one workout today (sun), it's at 10:00 a.m. at CanadInns Stadium.

CJOB's Bob Irving reporting