kevin glenn frustrated with contract negotiations

what a baby i hope winnipeg doesnt sign him and then noone gives him what he wants i guess he seems to forget we got a cap now even the cfl has me first guys i love it look at my season look what i did. he seems to forget look at recievers he threw to if he was in the hammer he wouldnt of had those numbers

I can understand Why he is Mad

Starting QB Make 350,000 to 500,000 per season.
He base last year 100,000
This for guy who took his Team to the Cup.

i cant see it hes in his option year play it out your under contract prove last season wasnt a fluke and then ask for the money. one good season and hes going on like this. i like the idea of a low base salary it makes players earn their money. in the end it says he earned over 300k last year. how often do u see have one good season get the big contract and stink the joint out for years to come.

this makes Chang a little more valuable.

he's had ONE good season...and didnt even get thu it without 2 major injuries.

if he has another good season, THEN pay him $400,000

he's had ONE good season
It got printers 500k here


Ah, but there's a difference between one GREAT season and one GOOD season I guess.

Like about $400,000 worth of difference.

Speaking of Mr Major Injuries
I Like you Sig.

, printers great season was 4 years ago, glenn has shown steady improvement and wants what they all want, more money.

How about Glenn to Saskatchewan now? Or is it all about money in Sask?

I can see his point. Even the best CFLers make peanuts relatively speaking and for not too many years either. If the Bombers play hardball with this guy they could end up losing him (just like Kerry Joseph). The good QBs in this league are few and far between. They should get a deal done before they can spell Dinwiddie.

An Argo-Cat fan

Toronto could use another QB maybe if he bitches long enough they'll pick him up. :roll: