Kevin Glenn feels disrespected because he was pulled?

Glenn has always been touchy on the subject of "respect". Much of it is well earned considering what happened in WPG but also that's just the way he is.

It would have been weird if he didn't say anything after last night.

Some are reading way too much into what happened . If people want some kind of player revolt or more acrimony to make MB look bad I think they'll be dissapointed.

Glenn and offense have a new system to work out and it appears it may take some time.

Keep calm, carry on.

On the internet? really? :wink:

It's QB and coach issue. The dream team for complainers and arm chair GMs and head coaches.

You can say whatever you want. That is not the way a team wants to come out of the gate. After claiming they are the team to beat in the CFL...It may blow over or it may leave scarres. We shall see. Getting Edmonton next is a good thing.

Why are you blaming the quarterbacks ?

After that disappointing home opener against the supposedly lowly Blue Bombers, getting the Eskimos next in Edmonton puts enormous pressure and urgency on them early in the season, don't you think?

What I saw yesterday was an offensive unit not yet comfortable with a new system and offense is generally slow to get going early in the season to start with.

As for players getting testy I'd rather have that than apathy as it shows they have high expectations for themselves.

Shout out to the defense esp. secondary - slagged all week if not months by some fans and pundits . Did well against a great rec. corps.

Who’s blaming ?
Since Porter struggled too MB will be less likely or less often tempted to pull Glenn. Use your brain . It’s not that complicated.

Yeah, that was my first thought and then the countless individual miscues started to add up, especially in the 2nd half in which the Cats were shut out.

Even Hage botched a simple snap count on a crucial third down that cost the team dearly.

I am not saying they should be taken lightly but a team with 70 percent new personnel, a rookie coach and a brand new 3-4 defense is probably as good as your gonna get and playing on the road will alleviate some of that pressure I think.

For a minute there, I thought you were referring to Winnipeg...and we all know how that turned out. :? :oops: :cry: I hope you're right, however I think they may put some pressure on themselves.

Glenn played bad, but the cats were still in the game so pulling him in the home opener was a horrible idea. Our receivers looked horrible, the only one who played good was Mann.

I think he was hurt, Mak. Sometimes trying to "tough it out" is worse than the alternative.

That could be it as well. He seemed to walk with a bit of a limp for parts of the game. That would also explain why he didn't scramble on the opportunity to gain large amounts of yardage came up, particularly immediately before his final interception throw.

From The Scratching Post:

A few random thoughts and extra tidbits from last night's debacle, er, Ticat game.

  • this is the third straight opening game under head coach Marcel Bellefeuille where the team has come out and laid an egg against a team they were supposed to beat. In 09, they lost at home to the Bart Andrus Argos (who finished 3-15). Last year, they lost on the road to the Bombers (who finished 4-14.)

I asked Bellefeuille about their slow starts this week and his response, essentially, was different year, different team.

And the common denominator is ...... ?

I think they never should of pulled him in the first place, he did throw three interceptions but we were a score behind. Glenn has been there before and I would of feel more confident in the stands with Glenn at the helm. This will provide distractions that our locker room doesn't need. It was week one and the defenses are always ahead of the game. Only one team surpassed 29 points so far. If Calvillo threw 3 picks are you taking him out of the game, we have to have faith in our quarterback.

Could be that MB saw Glenn was hurt and limping at times. And Glenn is no Calvillo. At least not yet.

Could also be that he couldn't hit the tigervision if he was standing on a platform directly in front of it.Gross overthrows all night long, same in the pre-season.

Glenn was hurt and couldn't perform well, he should have been yanked because most athletes won't admit.they are injured to be pulled. And shouldn't start next game if still lame.

Maby he should have tossed a few balls to the tigervison, Bruce, Stalla and Kelly weren't catching anything...