Kevin Glenn feels disrespected because he was pulled?

What did he expect after the third INT?

It is the first game of the season and Winnipeg's secondary is probably the best in the league. This was a lose/lose decision, not only did he show Glenn he wasn't willing to go to war with him but he threw Porter under the bus by sending him in a now win situation. You win or lose as a team and what is going on here is a coach that is more concerned with protecting his job this year than he is with having his players back. This team is going nowhere now with Marcel at the helm.

He was on the limp, thrown a couple of pics and didn't look confident in the 4th so it was logical to pull him.

The only QB that will take you to the Grey Cup is one that is relaxed in the pocket ,is able to have a clear view of the
field with his height and have a strong arm to deliver the ball right in the hands of the receiver.

We only have one QB like that and that is BOLTUS. Until he's #1 we are going nowhere! :rockin:

Did you watch Burris last night? MVP last year and he looked pretty bad.

Based on Week 1 play on the field, it's the old guy Calvillo the best QB so far this season.

Its week 1, too early to pull him IMO. Our fate was sealed when we went to Porter.
Coaching, the theme last night.

I like Kevin he still our Starter but he was not doing his Job
We need the change but it should have been don earlyer

We all know Glenn cannot throw an accurate long ball. Yesterday,he seemed to show us that he throws wobbly,very inaccurate short balls too!!.Both interceptions were SHORT throws that were way off. If he keeps doing this,I don't see how we can keep going with him.If injured,he should have admitted it.I think,he should have pulled much earlier!

Marcel sent a bad message to the team by pulling KG. Not every QB is a Calvillo who can start the first game of the season exactly where he left off in 2010. Some guys will need a game or two to work out the kinks and get in a groove. KG has shown more than enough last year to deserve a chance to pull out the game. One completion or a good run and KG would've been a hero this morning.

Marcel seems to be looking over his shoulder already. Maybe KG isn't the only one who thinks he's on a short leash.

An Argo-Cat fan

Perhaps these problems are the result of blaming every woe on the kickers over the past 5 or so years.

I hope the Cats nip this in the bud fast.

Hi Mikem:

I totally agree with you. To borrow from another sport, coaches pull the starting goalie too if he's having a bad time. They are just as important in their game as the quarterback is in this.

After the playoff crash last year, it should be important for this team to get off to a good start. This is PROFESSIONAL sports and Mr. Glenn after 10 years should know that. If others on this team can be sat down when they're not playing up to standards, then he should be treated no differently.

Not respected!! Put your ego on the shelf, Mr. starting quarterback. Last I heard, this is a TEAM sport. Prepare, show up at game and play well, then you will be shown some respect.

Only good thing is MB got his Captain Hook routine out of his system early .
Probably wont be doing it much anymore since Porter doesnt look like any more of an option than he was last year.

Play better and you'll get the the respect. He was gimpy and lacked confidence.

“I felt disrespected. First game of the season ... he’s the coach, he makes the decisions,? Glenn said. “[b]I’m not saying I’m questioning his decision, that’s just how I feel.[/b]?
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Well stated, especially the qualifier that is bolded and underlined.

Glen played like number two last night, to many donuts in the off season. :oops: The Bummer's had a copy of Jone's play book.

If Kevin Glenn needs an explanation as to why he was pulled last night, show him the tape of last year's semi final game. He wasn't pulled then and the results speak for themselves. That game was even more important then the one last night and looked how he rewarded Marcel's faith.

Work on that throwing mister, or it should be clipboard duty for you.

1 INT was where he overthrew Stala. Another was where there were no receivers in the middle of the field.

You don't pull your starter, who passed for 5000 yards last year, in the first frickin game of the season when you are only trailing by 8 points. That is no way to build confidence and trust with your quarterback. Burris, Lemon, and Pierce were all different shades of bad this week, yet their coaches stuck with them. Why is Glenn on such a short leash? Feels more like a CYA move from Bellefeuille than a thoughtful coaching decision.

Maybe he was dinged up, but whatever the reason, Glenn didn't have it last night. The TiCats are supposed to be a contender this year and made a commitment to victory. The quickest remedy to not getting pulled is to perform.

Something we fans should consider about the post-game interviews: think back to when you played a competitive contact sport. Imagine losing an emotional game only to have a microphone in your face while you're still in uniform. Some journalist looking for a front page quote asks you a leading many of us would provide it only later to regret it? If you never played a competitive contact sport then think about the worst day of your working career.

Glenn played poorly, said something stupid afterwards, but he's human thus deserving of some slack. Especially because as Porter proved, we need him.

I see a troubling consistency in the wrong direction here. The B.C. game near the end of last season and then the semi final game. Now, the season opener. I don't think we're talking about more than just one game.

Perhaps, Glenn's anger will be turned into determination and better play. If so, then everybody benefits. If not, we're in for a long, sad year. If he wants respect and faith from his coach, then he has to earn it, not just take it for granted. The coach's responsibility is to the entire team and not just one player.

As I recall, Cavillo was pulled from last year's loss against Hamilton for not getting it done. He rebounded from that quite well.