Kevin Glenn deserves sooooooo much better.

The guy comes into the season week 3 last season after surfer boy goes down takes the team to west semi gets benched only for surfer boy to have one good game then Glenn comes back takes the team to the GC has one bad game and gets crucified. He comes in this season after again surfer boy goes down in week 3 wins a game gets hurt and comes back beats my Riders ( :frowning: ) only to most likely be benched next week, not only that but continuously have a chunk of his teams fan base sh** on him and call for him to be traded. I feel bad for Kevin Glenn. I really do.

Have you heard something about the Stamps going with Mitchell? Hufnagel said a couple of days ago that Tate won't be playing for 2-3 weeks and that's only if the treatments he's receiving work. If they don't then it's surgery and he's gone for likely the season.

I have not heard this, which does change things lol. But if Tate were healthy he'd be starting correct?? Still I feel Glenn got a bum deal.

As a Bomber fan who had their heart broken many times by the enigma that is Kevin Glenn I find it difficult to defend him.

Kevin respect,no respect!!!!!! :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

Wish we still had him........(backing up Burris.....of course!!!) :wink: :lol:

Glenn is a great QB as far as the regular season goes. His problem is that he's notorious for self-destructing in big games. 2011 East final. 2012 Grey Cup.

Glenn gives the Stampeders the best chance to win. With Tate playing yesterday, I could see Calgary collapsing like the first meeting with the Riders, instead with the veteran they fight back and win.

Enigma might be the appropriate word. He's probably the top workmanlike qb I've ever seen without getting quite into the next category of player.

LMAO!!! Rappin Rodney! The King!


Kevin Glenn is what is called today a good game manager. In other words he will not make too many mistakes that would cost you to lose a game. That being said when it comes time for QB to take over a game and win that game and put a team on his back this is not Kevin Glenn.
So when Calgary gets to the Grey cup last year everyone acts like Kevin Glenn had a bad game when really he had the same kind of game that he always had.
Problem was on the other side of the ball was a QB who can and did put his team on his back and drove his team to a Grey Cup.
It is time for the Stamps to Hand Bo Levi the ball because he is young and has shown now that he can put a team on his back to win a game.
Glenn did very little to lead the Stamps to victory and keep the Riders from coming all the way back again that honor goes to the Calgary defense who had to suck it up when Glenn could do nothing to move the ball for the Stamps.
If anyone on the offensive side of the ball lead the Stamps to hang on to victory was RB Jon Cornish not Kevin Glenn.

Even in Glenns other start a victory this season the big play of the game was a tipped pass that Glenn through in the red zone that luckily landed in the hands of a big receiver for a TD and not into the hands of a defender for an INT.

maybe it was the rest of the team and or the coaching that failed.

Kevin Glen deserves much better and it will probably happen next year when he gets his own team in Ottawa.

Kevin Glenn is the back up you want. Off the bench in the 2nd half or starting for an injured starter he's good. As a full time starter he has had only mild success.

Interesting stat; only 2 teams have hosted and lost a crossover playoff game and Glenn was the QB for both of them.

Was it the rest of the team and/or coaching that failed in last season's GC? Or in the 2011 Eastern Final?

Whats telling is that teams tank the season after employing Glenn as their starter. Winnipeg has never recovered actually.

He's probably going to make a very good coach should he want to go that route when done.

Not true, he took the Ticats to the playoffs East semi and the East final. You could say that they have "tanked" since he left.

Yup. what I said is teams tank after he leaves.

Winnipeg tanked after he left.
Hamilton tanked after he left

Yup...and one could also say that they met a darned hot team in the GC last year and choose to ignore Cornish getting only 3.8 yards per carry...15 runs for 57 yards...and one of those was 21 yards...take that out and that is under a half a yard per rush. Factor??? you bet

yes. I wasn't clear in my sentiments.

I wanted to point out that teams tank after Glenn leaves as their starter.

As a Rider fan I would have rathered to had Mitchell start Friday night. Kid's full of talent no doubt, but his only start came against WPG. I think for sure the Riders vet and complicated D would have had Mitchell's head spinning. I feel like Glenn is very underappreciated for what he does.