Kevin Glenn coming?

@ArashMadani: Word I'm getting on the Kevin Glenn sweepstakes: Als offer is higher than Sask bid. Makes sense - Crompton makes far less than Durant. #CFL

@ArashMadani: Per #CFL sources: Riders make two offers to Kevin Glenn. A one-year deal and a two-year (incl/ option). Fueled with playing time incentives.

I couldnt care less but if i had to make a decision i have a better chance getting playing time in mtl.

Delete this thread lol

Farhan Lalji and a Sask. radio station saying Glenn will sign today with Sask. Life will go on.

The guy has been wrong on about half what he's tweeted. But if Glenn wants to go backup Durant, it probably means that he's got bonus money based on playing time. Nothing like a backup QB hoping his teammate gets hurt in order to make a buck to enhance a locker room...

Won't comment too much,but maybe it's the best solution/scenario; yes, the Als QB's situation is not settled/includes uncertainties and Glenn would help,but might as well test/go along with Crompton.Skelton and Marsh and hope for the best. Finally, I doubt that the Als can afford much more than $120,000 or so for Glenn,whether a starter or not. He is probably asking for much more.


C’est officiel : Glenn est un Roughrider.

With Glenn now out of the picture Im still hoping to hear Popp makes a play for LeFevour. Bring him in on one of those veteran injury exemptions youre allowed in training camp and see where he ranks.

J'ai bien aimé ce que j'ai vu de LeFevour, tant au sol que par la passe. J'aimerais bien le voir avec les Alouettes s'il se remet à 100% de sa très sérieuse blessure.

S'il fallait qu'il deviene avec les Alouettes un quart de premier plan pour plusieurs années, ça ferait un 2ième # 13 des Timinous qui relancerait l'équipe de Montréal. :lol:

A TC exemption invite would be a good move, but Hamilton, Ottawa and others could well do the same. Knowing he won't be ready to start the season, another option would be for the Als to sign him, and put him on the 6-game list to start the season; moves him off the cap, and essentially pays him to rehab. Might even get him "cheap", in relative terms, on a 1-yr deal.

Here is an excellent (because I agree with it :wink: ) take on Glenn`s signing with Sask. Alot of it would have applied to the Als.

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That was the divide on Glenn, short-term benefit of an experienced QB or long-term need to decide what they have in their younger QBs.

All I know is that I would be far more comfortable going into the season with Glenn on the roster. No question for me.

Now that would be a great idea and good use of one of those injury exemption spots.
I never thought Glenn was a good fit in Montreal. Could be too much temptation to put him in the starters role at some point. Montreal with among the top Oline Units, good running backs, and some skilled receiver weapons. His MO is in that with a good team he can be a proficient QB and manage a game that produce a good chance to win regular season games. Once in the Playoffs though gives a team a very low % to ultimately produce a GC.

Better fit behind a top starter like Durant in Regina. Where should Durant be injured there would not be a total collapse like last year. Durant has been known to play injured sometimes to the point where he probably should not be playing. With Glenn Durant could be sat for a week to avoid further injury during the course of the season. Gives the Riders still a good chance to win while Durant will not get further banged up.