Kevin Glenn being shopped....

As of todays acquistion of Stefan LeFors...Kevin Glenn has been told by Mike Kelly he will be moved....A change of scenery could be what is needed for Glenn ...Kelly said on a local media station.....So long Glenn ....hope you land where you would like to play....or where someone really needs a solid back-up.... :thup:

This is weird... Are you guys really that confident in Dinwiddie and LeFors? Wow... I don't know what to say about this. :lol:

Dinwiddie, LeFors, Randall, Chang…

Wonder if they’ll try to deal Glenn for another QB (hello Casey, how are ya?).

That's hilarious, Jack. :lol: Man, I don't know what to expect from Winnipeg next season.

...well lets put it this way....we DON'T have any confidence in Glenn... and I don't think we're done dealing yet.... i would have to say...stay tuned... :wink: about a deal for A.C. ....MadJack.....oh wait a minute ...he's still an fa.....Have you seen Anthony and Kelly talking lately :lol:

hey papa I won't talk trade with you anymore, you were trying to fleece me last time out...........once bitten twice shy and all that :smiley:

Seriously, though, when Kelly publicly states he's going to try to trade Glenn, isn't that a bonehead thing to do? He just drove the price down, since everyone now knows he wants to unload him. Should have kept his trap shut.................acquiring a career backup in LeFors wouldn't, by itself, have signified that he wants to unload Glenn..............would have been interpreted by many as a lack of faith in Dinwiddie as the backup.

But, by opening his yap, he's now reduced what he is likely to get in any trade. Dumb move in my books, so Mr Kelly loses points on that one.

How much would he have gotten for Glenn anyway?

...I don't know.....sometimes being candid gets you more points than skirting the issue.....EVERYONE knows what Kevins worth is anyway...i don't think we could expect to get anymore than what his latest play had shown.....Besides it sure beats the ... ...'not as up-front dealings' by Taman....(example the Canada ..Moreno deal of last year)...At least you know where Kelly is coming from... :wink:

Smoke and mirrors imo. Nobody is going to pick him up at his current contract. They'll try to move him and when they can't, he will be released along with that fat contract. He'll be invited back to the Bombers or turn up somewhere else trying to win a job at a substantially reduced price.

Wow and I thought Taman was bad if this is true this is plain stupid. You do not make your trades in the media. That is wrong and you do not trade for an unproven QB for two Canadians. So far Kelly is getting a failing grade.

Did he not get your team to the Grey Cup two years ago. Just maybe the supporting cast is the problem for Glenn. I would not be surprised that he ends up in the Riders camp. He would be a good aquisition for them. Not like lol Bishop.

And Kerwin Bell & Sean Salisbury won GC's for the Bombers, what's your point ?

I don’t think the Riders want another statue at the QB position.

No one is going to give anything for Glenn unless he agrees to significantly reduce his salary. I can’t imagine any team will be that excited to pick up $300K on what is now officially a reclamation project.

If the Bombers did this, they may as well blow it all up and rebuild for good.

Apparently hamilton is willing to trade Printers for Glenn, they have to get his salary reduced first however.

A trade for Printers? I'd think the Ti-Cats would be better off just cutting him.

Word is Hamilton's trying to build a time machine so they can go back and not even sign him.

the BEST glenn has ever done...10-7.

glenn has never been that good a QB, IMO.

Interesting, they would have won the 2007 GC had he played in that game(according to the Bomber fans), but now he is a bum. So which is it? If he is not good enough for the Bombers now, how would he have made the difference in the 07 GC game? Bomber fans can say he was better in 2007 than 2008, but that doesn't wash. If he has potential to take a team to the GC and hypothetically win it, then doesn't that same logic say that he still the best QB they have?

This may be blasphomus but i'm a rider ran and i think that if Glenn played in the 2007 grey cup the bombers win not us