Kevin Glenn back to the Peg????

…Just a hot rumour right now but sources in Cal. are saying that Glenn will be dealt to Wpg. before the draft…IF…BIG IF that happens…I’m not all that displeased, though I’m not a great Glenn fan…IF the deal is made I don’t want to give anymoe than a second rounder in the draft…Rumour had it that Huf. definitely wants a draft pic and the second rounder is all I’d give…But then I’m not Mack trying to save his skin…This could get interesting…stay tuned :roll: :roll:

interesting development...
do you have a link to this source papa?

much obliged.

.....all I can give you is a report from an Ian Busby on the stamps site....How reliable that is??????? don't know.. It just sounds plausible but might be just hot air....???

Wow. A lot of Bomber fans are going to have to eat crow :wink:

Haven’t been able to find anything to confirm this either way. The only info I could find about Glenn’s “current” plans can be found at:

[url=] ... story.html[/url]

It is dated February 01/13. From what I can tell Glenn would like to be a starting QB and is willing to compete against Tate for the starting position. How does Winnipeg figure into the mix? Winnipeg, according the author is the only team still needing a starting QB. Glenn however has not indicated that he wants to be traded. Maybe that is about to change or has already changed?

thanks papa.
here are a few quotes from Ian Busby (twitter):

[b]Ian Busby ?@buzrbe 3h Interesting scenario being talked about in Calgary. Stamps trade K. Glenn to Winnipeg for high pick. Risky with Mitchell as backup to Tate[/b]
[b]Ian Busby ?@buzrbe 2h Kevin Glenn returning to Winnipeg would change the dynamic of the East this season IMO. His 2012 season might be his best season [/b]
[b]Ian Busby ?@buzrbe 2h @sixbeamers I wouldn't be surprised to see 1 of the discarded Bombers QBs signed. Last year's No. 3 (Sinopoli) is now a receiver[/b]
[b]Ian Busby ?@buzrbe 2h @sexpanther1977 I've been told Glenn will get moved to Winnipeg. Just a matter of what for. Will happen before the draft.[/b]
[b]Ian Busby ?@buzrbe 2h It's the right move, so why would he make it ... @PentonKirk: Glenn has been available for awhile. Mack is not interested --right now anyway[/b]

Well beagle, Glenn has said over the course of last season that he feels that he is a starting QB in caliber, and that ideally he would like to be somewhere he was starting...but at the same time played the team first angle and stated he was all for playing whatever role helped the club...which he backed up by downgrading his contract.

I've always felt Glenn keeps a team competative, and felt he gut a bit of a raw deal in Bomberland. Had he not broken his arm, and gone on to win the GC adter a darned good season, his career likley would have excelled a lot, and he would be viewed more in the elite category. Last season he stepped guy, new team and played great...he took some lumps early, but finished strong.

hmmmm...i'm curious as to how he would be welcomed (?) back. I remember he was almost ridden out of town on a polls etc. I always thought it was a bit unfair driven by a very strange media who at times want to be the story. I was in Winnipeg at the time and it was rough.

Anybody out there from Winnipeg to render an opinion?

My gut is Pierce will be the guy with an enhanced scheme to keep him upright. But a back-up would be a good idea. It just feels like " why would he "WANT" to be back there.

I don't think they should make the move. Just a strange dynamic.

Very interesting development if the rumor is true. Clash in play styles, though, as Glenn is a pocket-passer and Pierce likes to move outside the pocket (though perhaps the new Bomber directive to keep Pierce upright involves keeping him in the pocket more often?).

Regardless of the type of QB style he has I think keeping Buck Pierce in the number one position is playing with fire. Pierce is a very good QB but only if he can stay healthy. Prior to being traded by the B.C. Lions fans never knew if Pierce was going to get up after being a sacked. He plays with guts and determination but he is terribly injury prone as Winnipeg soon learned. I think his days as a QB are seriously numbered.

Bombers might not even need to give a first rounder. They would lose Glenn at the end of the season to Ottawa anyway.

Oh, I agree with you. I’m just trying to figure out the rationale for being interested in Glenn / strategy for making it work when you have two quarterbacks with different styles using the same playbook. Crowton seems to be more comfortable with mobile QBs, but that’s just my opinion.

I don't know Discipline. I'm not up to speed when it comes to decisions Winnipeg might make. Maybe when it comes down to it they are more concerned with having a reliable starter and will adapt accordingly.

And that would make the most sense, methinks. In fact, it would really allay my concerns with their recent decision-making at the QB spot (cutting the experienced backups, signing backups with 0 CFL experience, putting their faith in a QB who can't stay healthy).

Glenn can run just as well as Pierce. He just does not need to.

Glenn can run if absolutely necessary, but he definitely doesn't have the acceleration to be a ground threat. He's not even as good at scrambling as Calvillo. :smiley:

Glenn is a very underrated quarterback all around I think.

Glenn is/was underrated too IMO. Had it not been for the injury in East Final in Toronto a few years back, he starts that Grey Cup game instead of Diniwiddie the Bombers might have well ended their drought and the perception of Glenn is entirely different. It was unfortunate that Kelly ran him outta here if favour of LeFors and Bishop. But until any trade is completed, I have a hard time believing this is true. First off, they made a very public commitment to Buck as the starter so it would be a complete about face if they all the sudden say that Glenn will get a chance to come in and compete for the starter role. Secondly,although at one point they said they may have up to 5 QBs in camp, they said they were set with the 4 they had going into camp. So if they were to acquire Glenn, which of the 4 goes? One of Hall or Clement who they signed with much fanfare? Goltz? Maybe they want a more veteran presence and Calgary has lowered their asking price on Glenn, but it doesn't really add up right now IMO.

All those in favor of Glenn getting a crack as starting QB for the Bombers say........... :thup:

All those opposed say........................................................... :thdn:

I say.... :thup:

Winnipeg could use a QB that is not only good but that is not injury prone. Sorry Buck, but the writing is on the wall. One more concussion and you may wish you had left sooner.

Yes as far as his ability goes, no as far as his mobility goes. He's a pylon, pure pocket-passer type.