Kevin Glenn back in Green?

Thanks for the info, but I still believe that KG is not the mentor type, yes, he has had some experience but not enough IMO, to be qualified as a mentor.. plus he is only 29 yrs old, and my guess is that he could be a solid back up to an established starter- like Calvillo, Burris or Joseph. He would be a perfect fit for any of those guys.

Hmmmmm......Interesting. So Montreal, Calgary, and Toronto could use Glenn, but not the Riders. All those teams have legit starters, and the Riders are playing craps.........

The Riders are terrible at developing QB talent, kinda opposite end of the spectrum to the

who developed calgary's qb?

Well part of the reason we never develop any QBs is we have this jones for other teams' cast-offs that always appear way better than what we have.

The difference is the teams mentioned all have QB's that are 33 and over, who could benefit from a solid #2 this year, and possibly as a replacement in a year or two if things go well. At least that would be the theory.

Contrast that with the Riders who have three 3 kids 26 or younger that management thinks can play. Every snap you take away from those three this year is a mistake.



they picked him up first but he didnt become good there.

I have to agree! I don't think that the Riders are naive enough to think they can turn 1 season wonders like Casey Printers back into stars or 10 quarter wonders like Michael Bishop. Bishop taking snaps away from Durant and Jyles last year was almost as sad as his play. Kevin Glenn is another Marcus Crandell, can't run to save his life.

I'm not in favor of a journeyman number two. I'd rather the QB coach play that role.

You want a QB to mentor Durant, Jyles and Tate who totally has not gone through the maturation process himself?? Wow, that is some kind of thinking... Glenn would prosper being mentored by any of the 3 guys I mentioned.. Calvillo is extremely close to retirement as is Joseph. Unlike Damon Allen they wont be around when they are 43 or 44. Glenn has had only one season where you could call him a legit #1 guy, and last year he took a step backwards. I wonder where his confidence level is really at-- it can't be that high if the Bombers released him to play someone who only became a starter after Ray got injured. Leflors, like Durant has to prove he can lead a team in this league. In all the time Glenn was in Winnipeg, he had only one good year. I certainly would not trust him to be a leader for younger QBs-- Glenn still has a lot to learn, and he certainly would not do that here.
The Saskatchewan Roughriders have yet another option at quarterback. Kevin Glenn is on the market after being released by the Winnipeg Blue Bombers on Monday.

On Wednesday, Riders Head Coach Ken Miller was reached for comment on any possible interest in the former Rider and offered a short and sweet, "right now in my personal perspective we don't have any interest in Kevin."

Miller went on to say that Darian Durant, Steven Jyles, and Dalton Bell don't need a veteran quarterback for mentorship. He added Durant and Jyles can rely on their own experience from last year and the offensive coaching staff of Miller, quarterback coach Jamie Barresi and offensive coordinator Paul LaPolice to aid in the development. All three coaches have experience coaching quarterbacks in the Canadian Football League.

Right now it appears Hamilton is the front runner to land the former East Division Most Outstanding Player.
REGINA -- A former Saskatchewan Roughriders quarterback isn’t likely to become a current Roughriders quarterback.

Head coach Ken Miller said Wednesday his CFL team isn’t thinking about signing Kevin Glenn, who was cut by the Winnipeg Blue Bombers on Monday — ostensibly because he was due to get two large bonuses in the coming weeks.

“Not at this current time,? Miller said when asked if his club was interested in Glenn, who began his CFL career in Regina. “We have a lot of confidence in our young quarterbacks — Darian Durant and Dalton Bell and Steven Jyles.

“Right now we’re pretty comfortable in the fact that we think they’re going to develop and be the quarterbacks we anticipate that they can be.?

Seeing as how Miller used the phrases “at this current time? and “right now,? might the Roughriders’ stance on Glenn change in the future?

“We’re in a change business,? Miller said. “Certainly decisions can change, but right now we’re not interested.?

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats are believed to be in the running for Glenn’s services.

I think it's wonderful that DD is the "chosen one"

Crandell at 33 was no battle hardened veteran with an aura of success clinging to him , he had no real stats or on field qualities that would classify him as "mentor" either, but hey, Darian Durant sure thought Crandell was something........ remember DD's tirade after Crandell was dumped

Fine, Miller is not interested in Glenn.
If it were not for the Bishop fiasco of 2008 Miller would be whistling a different tune about Glenn in 2009, at least publicly..

Glenn is a proven starter in this league Crandell was a backup everyone knew this in western Canada I cant believe anyone would say otherwise. Do you think Edmonton or Calgary would let the guy go if they thought he was a starter give your head a shake

Call him what you want but don't bank on it that K.M. and E.T. would stake their jobs on the guy. Why do you want to put un-due pressure on this young man?

Also, it's funny you should mention the tirade after Crandell was dumped. Ever since then I've been cool on DD. We baby a guy, and then we are shocked when he acts like a baby. Either DD starts playing like 'they' think he can or he'll be boo'ed by the masses faster than you can say Heath Rylance. Thats a scary scenario for this club this season.

I am a fan of Kevin Glenn, and hope he finds the right home. But sometimes, timing is everything and now is not his time to come back to the Riders. After the fiasco ET and Miller created last year regarding QBs, we need to stick with a plan, and develop the young guns. If Durant or Jyles aren't ready to play by their 4th year in the league, they likely never will be. Time to actually play them and find out. All bringing Kevin in will do is disrupt the plan and the team and slow down their progress. The only way you bring in Glenn is if he will compete for the number one spot. All this talk about "mentors" is way over rated. DD did have KJ and Marcus to learn from in his first few years. But now he needs to play. I think he has the potential to be one of the stars in this league. Time to find out.
As for Kevin, I think the Bombers are nuts for releasing him, but he might be a good fit in Hamilton. Or most teams in the league could use a bona fide guy to back up. And then hopefully he gets his chance to be the number one guy again somewhere.....

Hamilton eh? Thats easy to say as a Rider fan. The Riders and Cats are in a similar situation with QB's. Why would the people and club in Hamilton want him? So they can lose more with a never-has-been? What I mean is if you don't want him, why would they? "A good fit".... hahahaha.

Well lets not worry about the fact the Ticats have actually offered him a contract, and go from there:


As for "similar situations", they are "similar" but not nearly identical. As I've indicated, I'd love to have Kevin Glenn. But in our "situation" it is not a good fit. We have two guys heading into their 4th year and they need to play. And the Riders have a solid nucleus of players that are proven and we can afford to be patient with our young QBs (shudda done it last year) while Hamilton is not settled anywhere and adding a veteran QB to the mix can help them tremendously. Plus Jason Maas and Casey Printers are "never wases" One good season for each followed by years of nothing. Kevin Glenn's worst year in the last 4 was better than the 2nd best year for both those QBs COMBINED. Everyone says he only played well one year. Those people have short memories. Kevin Glenn played well 3 years in a row, but has been hampered by injuries. He did drop off last year, but I don't think you can fault him for everything that went wrong in Winnipeg last year. Plus in fact, after he regained the starting job in Winnipeg last year, Kevin played fairly well leading Winnipeg to a 6-2 record down the stretch.

Arius is 100% correct here. The obvious difference is that in Saskatchewan, both Durant and Jyles are in their fourth year in the CFL; in Hamilton, Porter and Trafalis are little more than rookies, having only played sparingly in one season in the CFL.

It happens all the time MJ… there were some fans that wanted Rocky Butler back here when he was released, and now some are on the KG bandwagon. Just wait for it, there will be people that will want Joseph back if, by some chance, he gets released by the Argos, or call for MC to come back…

Should we ask Joe 747 Adams to stand by the phone, too?


Who would park the cars at the Super 8?

Oh I don't know......Heath Rylance? Kevin Mason?