Kevin Glenn back in Green?

I for one think that Kevin Glenn returning to Regina is a great idea! He still has the talent left in him to win a Grey Cup and is only 29 years old. The fact is that we have one of if not the best receiving corps in the league to work with so Glenn could do a lot of damage on opposing defences. Now I'm not saying that I don't like Durant as I have a lot of respect for him and faith that he will one day be our starting guy and take us to a cup, but he showed a lot of signs of inexperience last season and really jeopardized our team. I think although Glenn had a bad season last year he is still more consistent than Durant. As well, it is important to take into account the offensive scheme he was in last year. The offensive scheme in Winnipeg last season was highly ineffective as it was predictable and too pass heavy to be successful even for the CFL. There is only really two negatives to be weighed in signing Glenn. One is that it may hurt Durant's feelings and make him want to go elsewhere for work. The thing is that he has no other options as almost every other team has a set starter in place that they hold more valuable than Durant. I also believe that Durant and Glenn both have winning as their main priority at this stage in their respective careers and would be smart enough to realize that they will have a better shot at winning a Grey Cup with both of them on the roster. Secondly, Glenn may want too much money. I'm not sure what our cap situation is currently but assume we could afford to give him in the range of no more than 200k. I'm pretty sure Glenn was getting 250k in Winnipeg so I think this would be a reasonable offer since his value has decreased since last season. But even if we only pay him 200k, what happens if Durant wins the starting position in training camp or Glenn gets hurt seriously again and then rides the bench all season eating up that cap space. These are two things the roughrider management should consider before they sign him.

by happy to be green on 22 Jan, 2009 - 01:29

The “rumour” being passed around on the Bomber forum that we have expressed an interest in Glenn, Armstead, Armstrong and/or Canada has zero validity. ZERO!!! And, saying such is not intended to be insulting to those four guys in any way. Rather, it’s simply pointing out the TRUTH since it’s nothing more than a “rumour,” lacking even one ounce of truth to it!

Why? Because we can't afford their salaries. Or, better stated, have spent our money building a deep and strong Canadian nucleus...a good YOUNG TEAM!!! And, speaking of the latter, my job is to find the young versions of many of those good players mentioned above, not operate the team as if it's fantasy football...where I'll get praise for bringing in guys with "name recognition."
Tillman wasn't interested then -- don't think anything has changed.

That's a good point. I don't know if ET will change his mind or not on Glenn. As for the other players mentioned there, I just don't think we really need them to begin with. We have a great group of very talented receivers so Armstrong and Armstead aren't really needed especially since they are imports with big price tags. Canada has a bad attitude an even big health issue right now. So I can totally see why Eric wouldn't want any of those guys. I just think Kevin would be a great consistent player to have available on the sidelines atleast. But if he wants more than 200k we simply couldn't do it. It wouldn't seem like a smart choice at all.

Well, maybe a few things have changed:

  • Tillman is suspended
  • Canada has been released
  • Glenn has been released

Trading somebody away to get somebody with an inflated salary is never a good plan. Because they've been released, the Riders are free to offer them something more reasonable ( and Rider-like ). Tillman also did think that Glenn had an upside, just wasn't worth the price.

by happy to be green on 22 Jan, 2009 - 17:28

For what my opinion is worth, I believe Kevin could bounce back and have a very solid season. Sometimes the quarterback gets too much credit, and, even more often, he gets too much blame. Like our injury situation last season, no one could have imagined that season could unfold in the manner in which Winnipeg's did.

IF Kevin is traded, (and that's IF), I would expect him to come to come eager to put 2008 behind him. Within our fraternity, he is respected and all of us expect you'll see "a competitor" come back with something to prove.

Once again.....To para-phrase coach Miller; QB is the hardest position to play in pro sports.

Once again.....To para-phrase guru ET; The ideal situation is to have TWO QB's at CFL caliber.......and one more from ET...." DD was clearly NOT ready to start in 2008".............hmmmmmm

Going into 2009 I'm not sold on DD or any of our other unproven QB's. We NEED the experienced depth at QB.....

We can't afford to "develop" both a starter and backup QB where in 2010 we will be faced with more F/A's.

The West will be tight once again in 2009 , and i want another home playoff game with all the $$$$$$$$$ it will bring the Riders... Glenn would help get us there, even if only in a mentors capacity

If you are going to have a "mentor" QB, you need someone who has had more success than KG does in this league.

So, like a Marcus Crandell type success????? Yeh he was Grey Cup M.V.P, but how often is the winning Q.B. not? His team was 8-10 that year and pathetic. The D rose to the occasion in the playoffs and bang, fluke out a Cup. Glenn is 29 years old and has a wealth of C.F.L. experience. He was nominee for East M.V.P. 2 years ago. That award is for 18 games played, not a hot half as the G.C. M.V.P. Glenn is worth every penny of $250,000 wherever he ends up. Granted, signing him would probably mean the end of Durants loyalties, but what if. I think the age difference is probably only 2 or 3 years, and with the way things work in Riderville, as soon as Durant is seasoned, after a couple learning years, We would not match the 25 or 50 grand raise he is worth, and he would end up in Calgary, Edmonton or B.C. anyway. I think Glenn would love to come back and finish off in Regina, where he started, other than the business interest thing in the East. But how much more free time could he have being in the east or west during the season. He still has to take a flight to get there. 2 hours or 5 hours, whats the dif? They don't get much time off anyway. I would welcome him back, and think we would be miles ahead of where we're heading for this year, and the next couple. At the same time I was pumped and ready to ride it out with Durant, and still am, but I think this would be a welcome boost to the offense. Lose Jyles and Tate and take Glenn, with minimal cash implications after all is washed out. Remember, everyone on here is all gah gah about Bell, so why the need for Jyles and Tait? "Tommorow" is to far away and to much the norm for Rider fans. "Today" could be packaged up quite nicely with the addition of Glenn.

I think I would rather stick with Durant.

Can you say no thanks????????

Can we for once in my friggin lifetime try and develop some talent instead of looking for it elsewhere especially guys who are relatively unproven. Crandell really had a quarter of a good season and luckily it was in the playoffs and it won him a GC, Glenn has had a few years of success but nothing that tallies a full career. Personally I think it was still a really bad decision to let Joseph go, he would have been a good mentor for these guys and still has some years left in the tanks not to mention our system and coaches worked really well for him. I look forward to TC and seeing what Dalton Bell can do, I see him in 2nd out of TC DD in 1st.

Mo Lloyd and Anton Mckenzie were developed here........Where are they now. Much time, effort and $$$$$$ went into raising the skill level of both, only to have them hit F/A and c' ya......

Who cares about "developing talent"...Lets get what we need for today, and that would be experienced depth at QB.........

And you think Glenn can provide that for us?

Just so I’m clear, you’re all pining for the player ditched in favour of…wait for it…Stephen Lefors. Who, apparently showed enough in his 5 starts 2 seasons ago to take the job without even a competition being held.

You say you want this to add consistency…from the guy who was benched in favour of…you guessed it…Ryan Dinwiddie.

This is who you want to hitch your wagon to?

Casey Printers and Kerry Jospeh were both MOP's and did not help their new teams do squat. It does not matter KG was the eastern MOP. Stick with Durant and let him come into the season knowing he is the guy. He has more mobility than KG does and I think that plays an important role in our offence. Just bringing in KG won't fix everything overnight. We have a wealth of talent, especially when it comes to guys that are able to put points on the board.

[b]"Just so I'm clear, you're all pining for the player ditched in favour of....................wait for it.......Stephen Lefors. Who, apparently showed enough in his 5 starts 2 seasons ago to take the job without even a competition being held.

You say you want this to add consistency....from the guy who was benched in favour guessed it..........Ryan Dinwiddie.

This is who you want to hitch your wagon to?Artie-Lange" [/b]

The fact is that the guy who benched him has zero experience as a head coach and has showed already how much of an idiot he is by making personal comments about guys like Glenn and Brendan Taman who he doesn't even know. That is a completely classless thing to do and it already shows that Mike Kelly has some very unprofessional tendancies and the season has yet to even start! This guy will fail for sure if he continues to take cheap shots through the media at people within the organization and continues his stubborn ways of favouring players on the team that he knows from Edmonton and already know the system. He is clearly a lazy person and doesn't want to have to deal with teaching Glenn his offence and the growing pains that might occur for the first few games of the season while Glenn learns it. Kelly has to realize that although Lefors will be better in weeks 1 and 2 with his offensive scheme, come weeks 18 and 19 when all the chips are on the table, Glenn will be head and shoulders above Lefors. Lazy people go no where in the business of pro sports! In regards to Glenn being benched last season, I think it is a good thing to think about before signing him since he did have a bad season and does seem to be injury prone. But, it's regular for every player to have one bad season in their career especially for a qb. Sometimes guys just need a change of scenery and they are back on top of their game. Paul McCallum for example. Another thing to consider is that the offensive scheme deployed by the bombers last season was a predictable one to say the least. They passed the ball way too much and the routes ran by the receivers were always seam routes or cross routes. It's tough to fool defences that have watched game film on you and you run such a one dimensional offence. In Saskatchewan, not only do we have one of the best running games in the league but we have great receivers to go along with it. We have most likely the most potent offence on paper coming into this season. An experienced qb is the only thing we are missing. Enter Kevin Glenn....

The guy who benched Glenn last year was the the same coach that took them to the Grey Cup the year before - Doug Berry. Maybe I'm making your argument for you by saying that, I don't know.

Anyway, Glenn may well sign somewhere and may end up playing well. I just don't believe it will be in Regina. We've got a kid who's going into his 4th season in the league, showed he could play last year - we either have a QB in him or we don't. But he's done all the learning he's going to do from the bench. By year 4, he either plays, or he gets sent home.

Sorry I meant to say the guy who cut Glenn has zero experience as head coach in the CFL and I was referring to Mike Kelly. But I agree with you that at some point we have to give Durant a fair chance if we ever plan on making him the number 1 guy. I just think it would be nice to have competition in camp and to have some insurance in case Durant goes down again. But apparently this Dalton Bell character is pretty good so maybe we don't need Glenn at all.

Let the Ti-cats have him,they need all the help they can get.

ti cats have a good young guy in Porter that showed allot last year.

Why do some want Glenn back? He is not the answer to mentor guys like Durant, Jyles and Bell. I would suggest that maybe a QB coach, a guy with experience and has had success in this league. Remember that Damon Allen was in Regina, and he would the perfect guy to mentor the Rider QBs. We don't need a guy who results have been mediocre at best, that is not direction the team needs to go. We have to go with the younger guys, it might a season or two, but then we are contenders again in a short time instead of the usual 8-10 years that it seems to take.

Jamie Barresi is the Riders official QB coach for 2009.