Kevin Glenn asks for trade

Burris was not protected. Ottawa had already stated they would not be drafting ANY player who was a pending free agent. They did not want to waste draft picks on players that may not sign with them.

I think the only reason they selected Kohlert from Winnipeg in the third round was the Bombers didn’t have any more unprotected non-imports who weren’t abut to be free agents.

BC Lions are out on Glenn

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.@RedBlacksGM's price tag for Glenn reportedly 2 starters & high-round Cdn draft pick... via @FifthQtr

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Buono: “I’m out,? as @GM_Brillo rejects @RedBlacksGM's trade demands for @qterback5

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I can not fathom why Desjardins thinks he can get TWO starters and a draft pick for ONE player that he has pretty much deemed a backup, especially when that player was a draft pick (cost him nothing). Lest I be accused of “Desjardins bashing”, I wasn’t following Ticats management or the team that closely when he was GM so I really have no idea what kind of job he did aside from comments that I have read. This just seems like a very unreasonable demand to me - something like want to trade an old clunker of a car for a new Lexus (not implying that Glenn is an old clunker!) Buono is too smart and good a GM to go for a deal like that.

All they can say is no to Ottawa LOL.
Seriously though. With possibly only two teams with interest in KG I think maybe a back up player and a conditional pick IF that.
Wally wont give them much so that leaves Winterpeg to get sucked in. What can they offer? Draft picks? I feel bad for Glenn
Wait for Ottawa to get tired of paying Glenn and Burris. The price will drop dramatically or they will be forced to set him free.

I don’t see Desjardins in any hurry to trade Glenn. From what I can gather, his salary is not really out of line with other backups, with extra pay coming only if he starts games. So unless Glenn’s presence on the team causes issues (and depending on what the issues are, Desjardins might then have the option of suspending him and saving a few bucks), I don’t see Glenn going anywhere for less than what Desjardins is asking for.

Glenn was never promised the starting spot, although he might have been told that there would be open competition for it. I’m guessing that Burris demanded to be the starter as part of his agreement to sign with Ottawa, forcing Desjardins to announce it that way at the press conference. Desjardins’ only other choice would have been to pass on Burris, something he wasn’t about to do.

I’m hoping that Glenn will eventually see that being the backup in Ottawa could be a good situation. Having him as the backup makes the coach’s decision to yank Hank when he’s having an off game a lot easier.

They have no grounds to suspend him. He has ask for a trade. If he refuses to show for camp then they have a case but they cant just say hey Kevin your suspended. The CFLPA would be all over it. It will be an issue with the two QBs. It will be a distraction a new team does not need. A salary they don`t need to pay. They got him for nothing. Take a ew drft picks and be happy with it. They have Burris for now but for how long? As in how much longer will he play.

Which is why I said “depending on what the issues are, Desjardins might then have the option of suspending him”. Odds are that this wouldn’t happen, but you never know. Pretty much the only reason why a player can be suspended by a team is that he didn’t show up. As long as he shows up, he gets paid. They could, however, fine him if he were to “endanger or prejudice the interests of the Club”. No idea what type of actions this would include, although publicly criticizing the team might be enough.

It's true, they don't have grounds to suspend him. But CatsfanininOttawa didn't say they do... he said that if his presence causes issues, they might be able to, depending what the issues are.

If he fails to report to camp, they could suspend him.
If he reports and is sufficiently disgruntled that he disrupts the team, maybe there would be grounds for suspension, but that's all speculation.
If he reports and plays as backup, he might contribute well to the team and they keep him.
If he isn't needed much and the right deal comes along due to injury or any other reason, they could trade him.
If nothing pans out and they decide they don't need him or want to pay him, they can cut him.
He can always retire and devote his attentions to his business activities.

As for what Marcel D is seeking in trade, it does seem like a lot. But I'm reminded of a time years ago when my wife and I were renting an apartment. The landlord said he'd renovate the kitchen. Then after we signed the lease he called me and said, How about we pay for half the cost of the renovation? I said, Well, do we get to take half the kitchen with me when we lease at the end of the lease? He laughed, and said, Hey, if you don't ask, you don't get. He put in the new kitchen and it was very nice. It's a lesson I remembered and have put to good use on occasion. Marcel D seems to be doing the same sort of thing.

Anyway, it's early days and training camps haven't even opened. Things could change.

Yes I realize that CatsfanininOttawa didn`t say he would be suspended. Sorry if it came across that way. My only point was it would take a lot to suspend him. It would have to be KG not showing at camp, not participating fully, something detrimental to the team outside of the game. Showing up with a sour look on your face will not get your suspended. A quarterback controversy well not good will not get you suspended. I think KG has more smarts than to due something really silly.

No worries, I hope I didn’t misinterpret your earlier post, and am sorry if I did.

I agree, it would take something pretty bad to result in a suspension, though once in a while CFL teams have managed to find ways to do that as part of their roster administration/ jiggery-pokery. But I think it’s probably the least likely scenario. And Kevin Glenn is too professional to act badly in all this. Being disappointed at a preemptive relegation to backup status is not what he anticipated for sure. But he’ll behave well I’m sure until his wish to be moved is accommodated in some fashion. And Marcel D is just floating some bait to see what he might catch…so far not very darn much.