Kevin Glenn asks for trade :cowboy:

He'll be traded asap.

Not surprising in his situation being selected as the teams expansion and first QB only to be rejected in favour of Henry Burris, obviously Kevin Glenn is a starter QB and wants the same situation as Henry and thought that is what he originally had in his draft deal, unfortunately he became the next on the list.

I hope Kevin signs with another CFL team apparently though Ottawa said they will not trade him to an Eastern Team, so he will probably end up out west again, Winnipeg was a possibility but I'm sure BC maybe interested after Buck announced his retirement?

We saw how Kevin and his family were extremely happy to be chosen by Ottawa then the shaft by the REDNECKS. I don't blame KG for wanting the hell out of there. Good luck Kevin I hope you find your place were you and your family are happy. :thup:

No surprise here…I thought it might actually come sooner, but this was expected

I was going to make a joke about "No Respect", but what has happened to him is not funny at all.

I wish him nothing but Good Luck in the future. G'awd knows he sure hasn't had much "Good" luck.

As a human being he deserves better than what Ottawa has shown him. Sure, I know this is pro sports but sometimes you just know there is a "limit" to what a fellow should expect.

They should just release him and get it done with. Why would any team offer anything of value with the situation Ottawa has put themselves in?

Edit: I would welcome KG back any day. He is a class act!

No surprise,really,what do you expect when you got a total moron like Desjardin running things over there.He would screw up a two car funeral,what is he going to do in a year or two when Burris retires? Give the job to DeMarco as starter? Typical Desjardins hasn’t even played a game yet and already he has dissension in the ranks.I can tell you what the other GM’s will offer him,knowing that Glenn wants out,and that’s absolutely nothing,he might get a bag of used balls and a kicking tee but that’s about it.It makes me laugh,when I think about how this buffoon Desjardins still has a job in this league,he must be related to somebody or something.Just remember folks,this is the same guy who traded an all-star 1000 yd rec and 1rst rd pick starting OG away for a 3rd string QB who was released in T.Camp when he was here screwing things up 6 years ago.Not that I wish ill will on anyone,but it would look good on Desjardin if Burris went down with an injury and all of a sudden the REDTHINGS didn’t have anybody to replace him,with Glenn playing elsewhere.IMO hanging your hat on a soon to be 40 yr old QB is not going to work in the nation’s capital,especially when Hank looks around and sees that Desjardin hasn’t given him anything to work with,I mean have you seen the Recievers that Desjardins has brought in? Brutal,absolutely Brutal…prediction time here…Hank doesn’t last the season and ends up on IL sometime this season and suddenly you’ll see the TWOCOLORS scrambling half way through the season looking for a replacement.I wish nothing but the best for Kevin Glenn and enjoyed watching both him and Hank play here these last 5 yrs,but IMO Desjardins is a total incompetent and I hope this situation totally blows up in his face. :cowboy:

I’m not so sure that’s obvious.

It would be much more obvious if there was even a single team in the league that wanted him as their starter.

Two lines in the TSN article gave me a deja vu feeling:

  1. There have been suggestions that Glenn would not report to camp if he wasn't traded.
  2. Dan Vertlieb, Glenn's Vancouver-based agent, said he's hoping a suitable resolution can be reached.

And of course that would be the very same Dan Vertlieb who previously brought you the “Chris Williams Holdout Saga”. Let’s see if we can have a repeat of the drama this year. (I wonder if any of his players actually show up to camp to honour their contracts?)

A lousy way to treat KG but you're just a commodity in the pros. I hope he gets a chance to compete for the #1 position somewhere.

An Argo-Cat fan

I hope KG finds a place to play. I doubt he will be the starter anywhere. More likely he’ll be a back up. The market will decide.

I don’t think Ottawa did anything wrong in this to deserve all the scorn levied their way. They selected him first in the draft because they felt he was the best QB available at that time. I’m sure at that point they planned to make him their starter. Henry Burris was still under contract to Hamilton then. Later, when Burris was released, Ottawa signed him, feeling that he was a better choice than Glenn. Why should they not make a move to improve if they felt they could do so? Turns out they “wasted” their first draft pick, but there was no way to know that at the time.

When Hamilton acquired Burris for Glenn in a trade with Calgary, not many here were screaming that this was an awful thing to do. Now, people seem to think that Ottawa preferring Burris is stupid and unethical, if not a criminal offense. It’s a business, Ottawa is trying to field the best team they can. That’s their job.

Again, I hope KG finds a place to play. If not, he has a business to run and will be fine.

I always like Glenn and was sad when he left, if you remember he took us to the eastern finals and if not for the weather, probably to the Grey Cup. I hope he comes here as our starter.

Agreed… Desjardins quickly secured the best and most experienced QB asset left unprotected in the draft. Later, an even better QB asset became available and Desjardins upgraded. Better is better but it’s a favourite pastime to trash Desjardins on this board.

As soon as there is a serious injury to a QB there will be a serious offer for Glenn’s services.
Edmonton should start negotiating immediately as Reilly is a high risk for injury
Tate is prone although they have Bo Levi
Riders have nothing after Durant
You would think the Lions could use Glenn as Lulay went down last season and they are hosting the Grey Cup and Buck just retired
We are not exactly stable at QB
The list is for all the teams if a QB goes down
Glenn will be moved this season

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The race for Kevin Glenn is down to #Bombers & #BCLions. But its been a slow race: #CFL

It sure is. And it’s continuing here now.

As far as I can tell, Marcel D is dong a decent job in Ottawa putting their team together.

Paradoxical :stuck_out_tongue:

Marcel D has said in a previous interview that he would only consider trading KG to a Western team outside of their division that being said when you consider this past off-season with all the movement of players, free agents and QB's really outside of Calgary who signed Adrien McPherson and have Tate and Mitchell in place, the remaining Western Teams all could use Kevin Glenn and his experience.


I wonder if Burris was protected in the draft since he was a potential free agent. Austin might have chosen to protect someone like LeFevour. Ottawa might have been able to select Hank then except for their desire not to select potential free agents (as shown with their one free agent selection from the BBs) because there was no guarantee that they would sign. Of course when MD offered Hank the kind of money and contract that he was seeking, he was quick to sign.