Kevin Glenn announces his retirement

I hope he gets a shot to step into coaching. I believe he would make a great coach.

What a unique career Glenn had. The best journeyman QB ever? I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets a call or two about coming back in August or September, if some teams experience injuries or just lack of success.

Congrats Kevin. Job well done! Happy 40th!

He really did have a GREAT career in the CFL.

Best of Luck KG!

He was a class act from beginning to end, i wish him the best in the future!

Cheers to that. :thumbup:

All the best to Glenn.

Hopefully see him in the coaching ranks.

Talk about perseverance.

Khjari Jones with the Als could use some help right now

…a respected but aged gunslinger hangs up his belt for good…Thanks for the years of quiet service KG, you’re a class act…

A man’s man. Good luck, Kevin.

The case for that is definitely strong


I will never forget meeting him at Lone Star Texas Grill after Grey Cup 100. A group of about 12 of us with various CFL team allegiances including Argos went to grab a bite and some post game celebratory drinks/shots. Glenn walked in with his family about 30 minutes later and sat a few tables away from us. We asked the waitress if she wouldn’t mind going over to him and asking him if he wanted a drink on us. She came back and said “He’s seems a little down.” We told her “It’s probably because his team just lost one of the biggest games of their lives.” She said “That makes sense, he ordered a double.” On his way out he came over to our table, shook each persons hand and said “Thank you.” It was really classy of him and we were glad he understand our gesture wasn’t gloating just a cheers and sorry for your lose. Class act, going to be missed.

Thank you for your service, Kevin. You will be missed in the league.

Thanks KG. Congratulations on a fine career.