Kevin Glenn and Dave Stala Named CFL Players of the Week

A pair of Hamilton Tiger-Cats earned CFL Player of the Week honours today, as quarterback Kevin Glenn was named Offensive Player of the Week and Dave Stala was named Canadian Player of the Week.

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As it should be. :smiley: :thup:

Nice, very nice indeed. :smiley:

They were magic no question.

Congratulations to both. They had a great game. Schultzie gave his 'Game Ball' to Stala and Stegal gave his to Glenn.

Congrats to both. I know Stalla will keep it up, here's hoping Glenn disproves history and can as well

Great job by both guys. Well deserved.

Glenn has already disproved history the past two seasons. Just look at how many times he has been named player of the wk since he took the starting position.
We are very lucky to have him.
Makes you wonder why teams get rid of quality players such as Stalla, Bruce & Glenn. No matter, there loss our gain.
Wonder if there are any more star players who will join the party this yr in the Hammer.

Does Glenn get a Tim's Card as a prize? :wink:

Great job by both players. They connected with eachother all game.

Great off. package by coaching too. Silenced the critics.

Now if only the coaches could silence the trolls what a wonderful site this would be.

Whatever Dr. He has actually proved that his inconsistent record is ongoing judging by this season.
so far we've had one crap game, one average game and one terrific game. Likewise with last season. Up and down. Simply put, he's not been consistent. Lets hope that changes and every game is like last week or at least more of those and a few like the week before and none like week one

The Als, blue team, and Bombers let us have Stala, Bruce, and Glenn respectively, all for different reasons. :slight_smile:

And more recently, the Riders let us have Thigpen, who has already been named special teams player of the week.

Anyway, congrats to Glenn and the Cathedral graduate who was Glenn's go-to guy that game. They deserve this. :thup:

How can you blame him for the OL collapsing within 2 seconds of the snap honestly?Ever heard the expression "it's hard to throw while you're on your back"?
Calgary he did well because he had time, ditto against Winnipeg.When the line's solid, Glenn's solid.Other than that you can blame maybe 1 a year on him.Glenn is a solid vet and I predict a career year for him this season, he's got all the tools to get it done.

Hope you are right. I'm waiting for the consistency before I anoint him as saviour. His history and his tenor in Hamilton demands that I do

I hope i'm right too lol, he deserves a great year and a grey cup win.

We all deserve that.

Why? Why must you spoil a good thread with complaints and a gloomy forecast, both of which are unwarranted.. He has one of the highest QB rating in the league. 'Nuff said.

He was not inconsistent last year. Only in the minds of people who were hell bent on starting a qb controversy. Glenn was great last season and had he been named starter earlier, he would have eclipsed the 5000 yard mark. If that's inconsistency I'll take it.

I think this is Glenn's year. He's coming into the part in his career where the game is really slowing down for him. Last week he was surgical and I'm looking forward to more of it. :thup:

Anyway, it's great to see two of our guys getting these awards. I think both will continue to have great seasons. I'd like to see Stala go over 1000 yards this year.

Congratulations to both players. They deserve it.