Kevin Glenn a respectable starting QB?

guys call me crazy, but i think Glenn can be a starting QB next year.
think about it, khari Jones wa a 5000 yard QB when we had bruce and stegal with roberts to pass to out of the backfield. then we lost arland bruce, and he went down to 4000 because he didnt have a number 2 guy. am i wrong?

lol im gonna get a whole lot of criticism for this post, but its just on my mind and a possibility. now that we have armstrong, milt AND cavil, with stoddard in slot, and mccord as a fifth guy, with roberts in the back field. I think Kevin has what khari had. hes also developed that chemistry with milt that khari had. o if milt stays, armstrong stays, cavil tays and we keep stoddard at slot, i think its very very possible. if the O-line can stay healthy to of coarse.

i think we put Kevin in to the starting role at a bad time, where we only had one good reciever. and now hes stuck with that back up title. if we keep our best line from this year, and they stay healthy, Kevin could be a starting QB, maybe even a good one.

yes im getting ahead of myself, and should focus on this year, but i just thought it was an interesting point to bring up as it just kinda popped in my head.

ill see what he is on pace for at the end of the season with the healthy recieving corps. when we have cavil, stoddard, armstrong and stegall all in the same line up, and up date u at the end of the season.

another thing i should add is that he needs to stay healthy as well, and be as mobile as he was when we had the 5-2 start.

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well i for one think your crazy ... we need to start Banks one game and see what he can do in a game from the first play of quarter 1 to the last play ... if he struggles then we can yank him, just give the guy a shot dammit. I am sick of watching Glenn limp around, throwing only to Stegall and throwing INT'S ..... Time for a change Bottom Line...

I don't think Glenn is that bad of a QB, he definaly should get the starting role again next season, unless the Aspens take over, and get us a star like Printers or something.

with the receivers we are getting....once Cavil gets back in the line-up and now Armstrong....there will be NO-MORE excuses for Glenn....if he still can't deliver with the receiving set we have...i say we've given him enough time...Glenn is not a new guy to the position of qb....he's been around a few years in the CFL....THE CLOCK IS TICKING.... :roll:...i hope he takes it to the Als....and gives us some proof he can still be the NO.1 guy....go Kevin...goBigBlue :rockin: :thup:

I agree with you papa! As long as he's healthy,there should be no more excuses!

I agree with papazoola. Give Kevin a chance with a consistant o-line and a decent group of receivers. If he fails to produce then get rid of him. look at Cavillo now that they are having problems with their o-line. he does not look very good now? Blueandgold4ever I think figures if you put in a Ricky Rae that we will instantly win football games. I guess he hasn't been watching Edmonton or Montreal (too busy listening to those block buster trade anouncements on CJOB)play this year. The quarter back alone can not win football games.

the oline is critical to any success the qb is going to have. We have one of the best running backs in the league and he couldnt even gain a yard on his first 3 carries last game. that tells you just how bad they were. glenn is an adequate qb at best, he needs a good running game to open up the pass for him, like most other qbs, so unless the oline gets better doent expect miracles from him.

we have the best running game in the cfl...if he cant work with that...

....Like KK said I too believe that Glenn is a decent enough QB, but to be a respectable 'starter' I think the player needs to have that intangible leadership quality that I just don't see Glenn having...when I look around the league at each team's starting QB I see a guy that the rest of the team revolves around, a player that can take the game in hand almost by themsleves and make things happen....I don't see that quality in Glenn right now....I'm not sure I'm explaining myself correctly here, but look at Ray, Dickenson, Burris, Allen, Joseph, those guys are looked at by their team as the Leader of their respective offences, I see the BBs offense look to Stegall as the alpha-male of the squad and not that this is bad, but it lowers Glenn on the hiarchy, and IMO this makes him back-up material, not starting offense to Glenn, I'm sure he's tried his damnest to succeed, but it's just not two bits, for what it's worth....

very accurate assessment RedW....Because Glenn shows flashes times...of a better than average qb....does not put him into the category of a Calvillo OR Dickenson.....He gives it a 100% most of the time....and when he comes up short ...says to me, the guy has got talent....but lacks that little extrta edge...You mentioned Stegall as having that 'intangible'...i will add Charles Roberts..Glenn probably looks at both of these guys as 'the stars'...until he can mentally put himself into that category ....he will always be just a good qb.... :expressionless:

Glenn's a decent qb IMO, good enough to be an average starter in this league.

But I find it funny how you jump on and off Kevin Glenn week to week.

.....if Kevin was more probably wouldn't find people jumping on and off Glenn....except for maybe the opposing front four.... :lol:

off topic question, but did Stegail breack the recond tonight?

In my Books guys like Ray n Cavillo are true starters, thats why the Esks n The Als, are at the top of the Standings.. NOT. If they were newcommers to this league, they would be both watching from the sidelines, with the performance thay had to date...When Glenn plays with a banged up line, all hell breaks loose when he fails..cut him some slack...he's all we got...

The same thing happened to Greene here in Sask he was hated by the fans but had no talent in receivers to work with.

In the recent years we've seen a lot of Bomber fans calling for Glenn's head but now that Armstrong is in Winnipeg it looks good for Glenn finally having a talented second receiver to work with this year.