Kevin Glenn a natural Back-up

Berry…play Banks for the rest of the year as the no. 1 …and for cripes sake give your team a shot at a play-off spot…short week or not …that was a brutal performance by an uninspired team…why??? partly because of an under-performing qb…who is at best…and i’ll say it again …a good BACK-UP…i think Berry realized it at the beginning of the year…but that’s all he had to work with/…and to put a little blame on him…going with an over-the-hill Quinn to solidify the quandry we now have… IF …we don’t get someone of a credible nature…who resembles a starter…we may not make the play-offs…and i thought that was unthinkable a few weeks ago…You can only expect the D’ to do so much…the offence stinks…plain and simple…and if it is not corrected …it’ll be 'that’s all she wrote… :thdn: :?

i agree 100% and actually think Glenn should be moved outta Winnipeg, he's had his chance for 3 years now and hasn't shown us shit except interceptions and injuries.

No argument here!!! I said awhile ago that Glenn is not a good enough QB to get it done. I picked Winnipeg to finish last in the East this year because of Glenn and the fact that we don't have a bonifide starter. I was upset that we didn't get our hands on Maas last year. Laugh all you want but I'am sure Maas would of played well in Blue&Gold. We have a tough schedule ahead and if things go reasonable well we'll probably end up at 8 and 10 but not if we keep playing like last night!

Glenn has never had the abilities but neither has banks. The B&G have no choice really but to play Glenn and most of us knew the bombers chance this year would be small. I think we should just finish off the season behind our team, and on the off season hope to god we go looking for nothing more then a QB. thats all this team needs, we have a great running back, even better recievers, and had a great defence but injuries have taken over that.

injuries taken over the d? Not really. Kyries at LB is a mistake, not because he cant play LB,but because we dont have a legit safety otherwise. At least banks would get reps, and he couldnt possibly do that much worse. He could through short passes and hand off to charlie all game, and the D would get the O the ball enough to make it work… They expect to much from Glenn. They should treat him to his abilites, and use plays HE can excel at, not plays Anthony Calvillo would be good at…

I just don't think that KG has the heart to be a starting QB that will take a team to the ship. I watched the game last week between Calgary and Edmonton and Ray's performance was one of a QB with heart. Ray showed that he wants to win, something we haven't seen out of KG. Last night's game KG just looked like he didn't really care. He was throwing ducks, missing recievers, and throwing the ball into the ground. Jamie's got a great set of hands, but he can't catch balls thrown at his feet.

I'm just fed up with Glen's performance. We have the worst QB in the league we can't expect to go anywhere with him. Oh... and the QBs we have behind him also stink and only make Glen look better than he really is.

Well It wouldn't be the first time a team started a QB without experience RE: look at Ricky Ray, Jason maas and even Henry Burris.. They were all backups with no experience and now look at there abilities, come on i say give Banks a shot ... Glenn is nothing but a second string QB at best ... actually that is praising him ... I think Glenn is another Khari Jones

well true you make great points with those 3 QB's and many more have done the same, but not all backups have what it takes. Kevin Glenn has never had a great run as a starter, He took over for a crappy QB known has KJ and still has not been able to produce. He has had his chance and failed and we now need a QB that can get things done. And an idea is Buck Pierce. ya he is the back up for DD but he moves the ball very well and has great management skills, he will be a great QB when he finds a starting roll. He came in after DD went down to MTL asnd completed 7 of 8.

...i would go after Pierce in a heart-beat....if i thought he was at all available....ONLY TROUBLE IS.....B.C. is not going to part with him....especially knowing Dickensons' condition...Buck is going to be their NO. 1 guy in the not too distant future...which also answers another question...It's doubtful that Printers will ever don a Lion uniform again (if he decides to comes back) that would be the logical guy to go after....won't help us out this year,,,but he sure would make us a BIG contender ...till something like that happens ....i'm afraid we have to go with Glenn and hope for the best :roll:

Never thought I would say this but KG has got to be demoted. Our season might be lost with him so why not try someone else. He has not done us many favors this year, a few good games but the defence sure made a difference. Hate to mouth off when we still have a chance. Frustrating to say the least.

well we should give banks a shot and starting because at this point the team can not be hurt much much, we are sitting under 500 and need to find something to spark the O

I guess you can add Calvillo to that category as well, 5 straight losses now so it must be his faullt right, wrong, they are having the same injury trouble on the oline we are, it doesnt matter who is quaterbacking if the oline suucks so does the quaterback.

I will reserve judgement on Kevin until after our oline is healthy and we get him some receivers who can catch and make plays.

...hey now that's about prying Calvillo out of sound a little ridiculous...but he does know Berry ...and works well with him....maybe a change of scenery would prolong his career...I'd take Calvillo over Glenn as it stands right now... :wink: :? :?...but unfortunately i think we'll have to live and die with Kevin for now.... :rockin:

anything but calvillo i have never liked him and i never will and yes i know he is good but i am to arogant to change my mind on how i hate him

Well if we have to live with Kevin, I guess we'll just have to supply him some pass blocking n just maybe we should try to hang on to some of those wounded ducks he throws...

Couple of thoughts.

More receivers to compliment Stegall. Johnson hasn't lived up to his billing. Brazzel is inconsistant. Milt can't do it all.

Another Running back option to keep the defense's from keying on Roberts. Remember Mike Sellers? Roberts and Sellers worked well together and complimented each other.

Upgrade the O-line. I just don't think they are giving your QB's enough time.

Upgrade the QB. I said it at the beginning of the season, Kevin Glenn is a good #2 Backup QB at best.

Just my thoughts.

..definitely you were right about Glenn...sporty....but he is a great back-up...close second to Bucky lol........although Pierce is looking more like the leos no 1....We have a lot of work to do....especially at the main position of our team....only trouble is i can't see correcting it this year...we'll have to sink or swim with Kevin the duck...Our 'o' line ...believe it or not is one of the best we've had in quite awhile....they have had the worst run of luck this year falling to injury every game....we now have St. Germaine down and doubtful for Mont. ...on Mike would i love to have this guy back...but he looks like a fixture in the nfl...Brazell is going to be cut...he just didn't pan out....looked great for awhile ...then tanked...He's just a waste of a roster spot right now...and probably headed to the injury reserve list ...I hope things turn around next game ...but unless some serious moves are afraid we're in for more of the same...the Bombers early season swagger has turned into a swoon..... :lol: :lol:

Hey Papa, whats up with Stoddard? I always thought he was a quiet, but reliable receiver. Is he nursing an injury, or is he in Berry's Dog House?

we had him at the weak side wide out all season, hes not fast enough to be a wide out, especially on weak side, so he didnt get any balls. we recently moved him to slot, and u can basicly say hes our number two guy, probly will be untill cavil and mccord get back. we should have had jamie at slot all season IMO

Brazzell is like a girl on the first couple of dates....tease, tease, tease. Every team he hooked up with he started off well and then disappeared. I remember his stay in BC, I thought he'd stick for sure....NOT!