Kevin Glenn, 10th best

Kevin Glenn is worse than the other 8 starting QB's in the CFL.

He is also far behind BC backup QB Travis Lulay.

So Saskatchewan has the 10th best CFL QB as the starter.

And you wonder why your losing?

(You could argue that James Franklin, or Drew Tate could be ahead of Glenn also)

Kevin Glenn, nice guy, good guy, even puts up decent stats once in a while. But yep, he's been dropped for better 7 or 8 times in his career and its easy to see why. As nice a guy as he is, he's just not a winner. Weak arm and immobile are two things you can't have to lead a team in the playoffs.

I guess you have to settle for a well traveled journeyman QB like Kevin Glenn when you are waiting for a QB ( James Franklin ) with potential but unproven to be given to you instead of developing your own, but when developing a QB is not your strong suit your ??????

The Calgary front line came like run quick we got him, another huge sack. I do not think that Ray, or even Durant would not want to be back there either. Bring along, must develop QB Marquise Williams to run the O when it's time.

Any QB with an ounce of mobility though would have fared much better. Glenn rolling right into the arms of the d-end was so bad it was comical. He has no awareness of how to do anything other than drop and throw. He can't be asked to do anything other than that.

I think you will find most rider fans agreeing that Glenn is past his prime. I thought your title would represent something of a kudos to him for passing the 50k passing mark last night. At least try to have a bit of class... starting a player trashing thread in another teams area is a tad tacky. There is a time and place for everything and trust me ... rider fans know Glen is in the twilight of his career. He deserves kudos for 50k passing which none of us here could do.

I have no beef with Glenn, he is what he is, but I will say we had a mobile QB... but he was just average to ego Jones. I will also say... when your QB has to run for his life almost every play... it's not the QB's fault... Jones blew up this team, even the good parts... now we just stink!! 14 games to go... no play-offs again... and Jones better be gone!! along with Reynolds. We are still 3 years away from winning a chance at a cup. Cheap pay, cheap players, cheap team... nuff said

Has Kevin Glenn ever even had a "prime"?

His numbers for Hamilton in 2010 were pretty darn good (5000+ yds, 33 tds), but even that delivered them a 9-9 season and 1st round playoff loss.

Mobile QB is great, so long as they have a fast release. Not sure if anyone else on the roster qualifies there (would need to see, Bridge seems alright, not sure on Williams), and the hesitation is why Bennett was punted...hesitation does not work at all with this O and its timing routes...big reason they moved on from DD...his style simply doesnt fit what they are chasing.


And what is it exactly that they are chasing.? Perhaps Wally or huff has a q.b. Waiting in the wings. I would think checking with them might be an option. They seem to always have that next man up philosophy.

The QB Jones wants is the worst kept secret in the game.

I said that is who he wants....not the assurance of who he gets nor who he is banking on. I have a hard time complaining about what Glenn has done this season so far and it is not like there are no prospects behind him. I am not a massive Bridge fan, though many are high on him....I think Williams is an interesting prospect though.

Corky Jo is between a rock & a hard place.

Kev Glenn is certainly serviceable - but rarely outstanding, especially for extended periods.

Best short dropback passer in the history of the game. Slightly above avg. arm, mostly immobile but can scamper like a terrified field mouse on occasion! Obvious weakness is height - 5'8.5"guy doesn't have much pocket presence - ends up being a guess-passer on intermediate to long routes!

All I'm saying is , why don't they start giving either of them some playing time, 2 or 3 series during the games to get some. Experience, or a quarter during the game no matter what the situation is, try and start develope one , and not wait till we have an injury and then they are forced in without any experience. It's well known that you need 2 q.b.'s in this long season. Personally. I would use this season to develope and get ready for next year, if they start winning great , but to hinge everything on Glen I think is the wrong way, I think you would see more support by going this route. But this is mo, and I'm no coach by any stretch of the imagination, to me it's just common sense.

Because if it is a close game but your QB is having success why on earth would you play with that? While sitting a QB for a series can be a good thing when they are off or not seeing things it can do the complete opposite if they are playing well...and in a close game that is a pretty damned big risk to take. The Riders have been in close games...even the Stamps game they showed a spark in the 3rd so you have to go for it...perhaps they should have made the change one series sooner, but that is about it. If they had come out in the third and done nothing...sure...hand the ball over. Let's say it is a 2 point loss but the backup is given 2 series and doesn't come out with scores or maybe 3 points...yeah...I am sure nobody would be outraged right?

Yes I understand all that, but you still need to train someone somewhere along the line. Or wait for an injury I guess

Do tell...what teams in modern football do this? You put them in in garbage time and injuries. It is simply too competitive to do otherwise now....the game has changed. I am not saying I would hate it...but it simply doesnt happen...and for a reason.

Unless Sunglasses Boy is an idiot (jury still out) Brando Bridge will start next riders outing.

K Glenn, after a nice start is starting to go to hell in handbasket.

Last nite - he started auditioning for the TSN panel - to replace ailing Chris Schultz.

Perfect job for KG - fly into Toronto for the weekend - 44 minute flight from Detroit (or save TSN money & drive his escalade in) - be the new joker on the panel and get out dodge to go back to be floorsweep in chief for his group of Tim Horton outlets in MotorMouth City.

Might not happen til season over - Glenn likes scooping up whatever QB coin available.

Glenn might be the most under appreciated quarterback in CFL history. Glenn's career production is in the top 10 among CFL quarterbacks. He has achieved more than some quarterbacks that won grey cups. Winning a championship depends on things that quarterbacks cannot control.