Kevin Glen Going to BC

Despite TSN's botched coverage it has been confirmed that Glen is going to the Lions. It would appear Steven Jyles is finished again.

Jyles changed his mind about re-starting his football career and never made it to the Lions' mini-camp. This is the reason behind the move. I don't like it though. I know Lulay is coming off shoulder surgery, but we don't have good non-import depth. I was counting on that 1st pick for O-line or D-line help. Instead we get a very good QB, but an old import who likely won't see the field all that much.

I don't think it's such a bad trade. They get the experienced QB they wanted, the price clearly has come down from what Desjardins was looking for initially. And BC has 2 picks in the 2nd round. It looked like they didn't get one of the guys they wanted in the first round, Glenn gives them better value for the 1st rd pick rather than reaching for a mid level Oline prospect that could've been available at one of their 2nd rd picks.

Why doesn't Kevin Glenn play in Ottawa? It's not like he is going to play any more minutes there in b,c. With Travis lulay starting all there games.

Lulay is injury prone... But Glen had better prospcts of playing in Ottawa.... Calling the team snakes kind of sealed his fate there though

Rightly or wrongly he felt the Rouge et Noir mislead him and it poisoned his relationship with the team.

All we get is the he said/he said version of things; the truth generally is somewhere in the middle of such descriptions.

I think this is a huge mistake. I know they wanted help, but they overpaid. Stupid move. Pretty upset...

Maybe there is something that the Lions know about Lulay that others don't (i.e., Glenn needed, not wanted).

The Rouge et Noir paid Glenn's $50k roster bonus, so there's apparently only $125k left on his contract for 2014 (plus starting bonus). If Travis ever got injured again the Lions would be glad to have Glenn on deck. A CIS draft pick is a crap shoot while Glenn is money in the bank. :thup:

Like the man said, Lulay is like Teflon

Who was it that said Ottawa would never get a first rounder for Glenn ? :lol:

They got a first rounder but not the starting NI Canadian and 2nd roster player or prospect which they were originally asking for in addition to that first rounder. Price was about right IMO.

Glad you changed you mind :lol: :wink:

wolverine29 » 05 Feb, 2014 - 01:05

BC would be interested maybe if he was a FA. No way Buono trades anything to Ottawa. He thought they got too good a deal on the expansion draft as it was.

…a first rounder for Glenn who most likely would have been released…Wally …Wally…the wheels are getting a bit rusty methinks… :lol: :lol:

Did you guys watch the Bomber presser ? How long do you guys think before O'Shea goes Mike Kelly on those reporters of yours... :lol:

...there's no Mike Kellys around this club anymore...this is 2014...get up to speed... :lol:...O'Shea handles himself quite well considering some of the local media buffoons.. :wink:

Oh he did but I saw the look two or three times that we use to see through that visor of his :smiley:
Did Penton try to steal Walter's notes at the end of the presser ?

Actually I was suprised to hear Walters tell Penton they were going out for beers and invite them along. Penton I don't think really got along with Mack and company and wrote a lot of negative bomber pieces, but this plus all the more positive pieces lately suggest he gets along well with Walters and O'Shea. And no, I don't think Penton tried to steal any notes. I think he was collection a recorder.

Lawless, who would be a more knowledgeable guy asking questions, was out of town as well. There's a few people covering the team that aren't very good or don't care much about what they're doing, but I think there's some of those in every city that teams have to deal with in interviews.

And Mike O'Shea is much more controlled than Kelly, so no worries there.

I always figured Penton was the best of the bunch of the writers(most times).

Walters said to him at the end before the invite "That's not funny" So I figured Penton had tried to swipe his note sheet or something. Mike looked annoyed.

I just watched the presser and never saw one iota of frustration or irritation in O'Shea or Walters in the discussion. Not one.
Bizarre and agenda laden to even mention Mike Kelly into this. No idea what you are getting at or why you would suggest friction. Baffling. Well maybe not.

Walters sure is a breath of fresh air with his directness and relaxed professionalism. Very cool guy....bright, bright future I think. He and O'Shea clearly get along and have respect.