Kevin Eiben Retires

?Kevin Eiben has retired. He released this statement.....
"I would like to thank the Argonauts and Tiger Cats for 12 great years of pro football. Some great times and better friends. #35 is retiring"!

Thanks Kevin for all you did for the Ti-Cats and the City of Hamilton, and for taking the time out of your off season schedule to help coach the kids and improve their skills at Football camp this winter! It was nice that you remember me and came up to talk. Wishing you nothing but success and happiness in life with your wife and family! :thup: :thup:

Will miss seeing him on the field in any uniform.

Frank Zicarelli, who covers on the Ti-Cats, from Toronto, for the Sun papers has some comments on Eiben's retirement along with his look at "the state" of the team today:

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The best part of that story is the news about Martell Mallet being medically cleared to play.

This is the first update we have had on Martell (and it's from a guy in Toronto :roll: ).

That is an EXCELLENT article & SPOT ON analysis from Frank Zicarelli. Always enjoy his coverage & perspective upon the TiCats.

Neither excellent nor spot on. Complicated a fairly simple analysis. Highest producing offense won ony 6 games. That's means no defense. Full stop.

Re Eiben. Had less in the tank than we all thought, maybe less than what he thought too. Great CDN player though..

Good for Kevin and his family! He was a fine Argo player. Creehan thought that Eiben should start ahead of Markeith Knowlton. That tells you more about Creehan than Eiben. Thank the Baby Jesus that Creehan is gone! :smiley:

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

Hated him for 11 of those 12 seasons lol. When we signed him I was less than thrilled, but I sincerely appreciate his contributions and wish him well.

I thought it was excellent and spot on because it echoes many of the same things that Mr. Austin has said about 2 & outs and sustained drives etc.

Agreed. We also turned the ball over more than any other team, except for Winnipeg. The offense wasn't as good as some (most) people made it out to be.

Kevin we will miss your spirited play and experience on the field and thank you for being a Tiger-Cat, a great player as I hate to admit with the Argo's but we enjoyed watching you last year in Black and Yellow with the Cats.

All the best to you and your family in life away from the Tiger-Cats, the CFL and in your new career!!

Like the old saying go's "Old Football Players Never Die they Just Go Offside"

I think of Eibein as an Argo

but anyway you measure it he was a great player - congrats on a great career

Kevin will miss you on the field, but welcome you to the front office of the tiger-cats. good luck on your new venture.

I saw in a piece on this site about his retirement that he was taking a job in the Ticats front office. I wonder what it is? He's not listed in either the business ops or football ops pages of the site.

Whatever it is, I wish him well.

his position to handle and bring in sponsors for the new ivor wynne in 2014

Thanks for that info. That's cool and I hope it works out very well, for him and the team.