Kevin Eakin

Jason is banged-up and Kevin is the #1 QB at practice.

   Watch for him Friday ...... maybe even to start.

He wont, nothing will stop Jason from playing, I like that in a QB.

Lancaster will stop Jason from playing if he's hurt. You don't want Jason getting so banged up that he's useless for a playoff drive.

Source please... Is this actually true? I've heard nothing about this in the media this week

Where's the practice police to come in and set the record straight?

Dont report what you see.... practice will be closed off, the site shut down... etc.

On the topic of Maas, this is why we have Eakin, to come in if Maas is hurt and get the job done. Until i see a source or see it myself, i'll dismiss it for what it is... a rumour.

I was on the train trip to Montreal and witnessed first hand Jason limping from the train to the bus at Aldershot with a bag of ice on his leg. So it is probably true. :frowning:

nah hell b fine

Please keep Mouth Quite when come to Practice
Wait Until The Team Announce it
After all this is Public Fourm…

i hope we get to see eakin on friday :thup:

um... what?

We should be playing Eakin even if Maas isnt hurt. Eakin needs his time to shine. The over rated Maas can have a rest :smiley:

I agree with the theory of playing Eakin even if Maas isn't hurt. I think he needs some time on the field, under fire.

If Maas is truly unable to play, and Eakin takes a hit and is hurt, who's our (dressed) back up QB?


Personally, I think Kevin would be "better" against the Bombers...Jason has a tendency to play like a running back (or more unkindly, "linebacker"), when the pursuit gets too heavy, and Wpg has a very good front four against our piecemeal OLine.

Looks like Corey Holmes better be ready for a big night on Friday!

I'm thinking we'd put Richie Williams in before Morreale.

On a related topic ... who can name the last 2nd string QB that played under Coach Lancaster (Hamilton, Edmonton, Sask) and went on to become a CFL starter? Careful, it's a trick question ...


Russ Jackson

Believe you have bagged the cement bicycle award Sack Attack, nobody else comes close, Ronnie was always careful in Regina to never have a really good backup, and he paid dearly for this when he went on to coach the Riders...

Maybe that was a rational thing for QB Lancaster to do (not that it was within his powers as a player). But as for Coach Lancaster, failure to groom backup QBs has not served him well over the years. I still like the guy, but I don't particularly like that part of his coaching style.

I don't think that putting Kevin in if needed should be a big concern! He has lots of experience starting...AND WINNING!

He just needs the opportunity to start! No doubt more CFL experience will help but I have confidence in the man!

There are five possible situations that can happen if Eakin starts:

  1. We win big against a strong Winnipeg defence. Possibly creating a QB contraversy that could harm the team.

  2. We barely win over a strong Winnipeg defence. No real contraversy created.

  3. We tie. QB contraversy would be ambiguous.

  4. We barely lose to Winnipeg. Eakin supporters will be looking for excuses (play calling, poor execution by recievers, no O-line blocking, etc...)

  5. We get destroyed by Winnipeg. Crow SHOULD be eaten for all those who have been crying for the backup QB to start over the last three seasons.