Kevin Eakin

I guess I must have missed something but was just on the Bills web site and noted that Kevin Eakin no longer seems to be on the roster . Did anyone hear anything about this ?



The crickets you are hearing perfectly describe his career. Notice all the Eakin-bandwagonners said nothing about it?

Get over it, michael, he's gone. Helllooooo arena league.

The last QB to be ridiculed for playing in the arena league by forum members here, was none other than Argos starting QB this year Michael Bishop.

Don't look now but he's one of the best QB's in the CFL right now.......

Who gets the last laugh....?

On top of this he's durable and other than a wrist injury is next to indestructable due to his size and strength. :cowboy:

Sorry, I meant Arena League 2.

Yes either way ,I could see Kevin benefiting from playing more football even Arena league which I suppose was my original point.

I'm glad Bishop is doing well ,I wish the Cats had grabbed him even though he's damaged Argo goods ,which is what happens from playing there eh?

Hope Kevin resurfaces again in the CFL after a stint in arenas around the US.

Whoa, let him make an actual AFL roster first. Baby steps.

the buffalo bills' response to the injury to jp losman a month ago was not to bring eakin onto the roster from the practice roster, but to cut him and go looking for someone else, for that spot, and bringing back craig nall whom they had cut for number three.
today's transactions in the spec mentions another qb signed by buffalo for the practice roster.
so it did not work out for kevin eakin.

Bishop? One of the best in the League?? Durable? Based on his extremely limited reps over the past 6 years in the league???


The guy can throw, but still can't read a defence to save his life...or score TDs.

A star in the Arena League is not an accomplishment...let alone AFL2.

I've always liked Kevin and I wish him the best.