Kevin Eakin...why should he stay?

It wouldn't surprise me if we have a quarterbacks coach in tow for next year as well.
Danny McManus comes to mind.

Eakin and Williams will both be back next season for training camp and so they should. Both guys are very young and have a ton of talent. I really think Eakin was trying too hard sometimes to make things happen and it had the opposite effect. He's a real gamer....let's see how he is with a new OC. I predict he'll shine next year.
As for Williams, this guy could very well be a star in this league. He's mobile, has a good arm, has great pocket sense, and sees the field well....not only that, he's got a great set of wheeels. Hopefully we can develop him into being a star for us. That's definitly something we have been unable to do the last few years....develop a young QB. :cowboy:

This entire team is messed. The performance of the QB is probably the most dependant on the cohesiveness of the team of any of the positions. I still can't make a call on Eakin...

eakin has jumped ship so no he wont be back.

Eakin could not have made any other decision, because no matter what so many on this forum think they know he is a very good QB with a great future ahead, NFL Europe is a better opportunity for this former New York Jet who by leaving that team showed his desire to play this game, why our Ticats did not give him fair chance is the question what we all should ask ... I ask management to please stop runing this club in such poor fashion .. dont let this happen to the next promising QuarterBack that may come our way, that is if by our track record any player would dare give this team that opportunity, Good luck Kevin sorry you were treated this poorly.