Kevin Eakin...why should he stay?

I don’t understand why some of the people on this list are so down on Kevin Eakin. He really has not been given a proper chance in Hamilton. He seems like a positive person from all the media exposure that I’ve seen, a team player, the kind of player the Cat’s want around.

As far as him playing for next year, what makes you think he’s even going to stick around. I would not be surprised if he goes back to Europe next year. He was given a chance to play there and proved himself

my 2 cents, flame away negative posters…


Nice kid, I thought he showed some great promise last season and during training camp, but he morphed into a quivering Marcus Brady clone this year. He has had more than enough chances to prove himself.

On the other hand, with some extremely hard work on the off-season, a new head coach, a new Offensive Coordinator, and a vastly new play book, hopefuly he can turn things around and become the QB he is EXPECTED to be.

Otherwise, he would be out of a job.

Interesting post! You say he has "more than enough chances"...2 starts and a couple of minutes in games that were almost over!

His second start this year, although not spectacular, he did show he had a good arm...too bad all the plays were sent in by the coaches and he wasn't allowed to try anything from his own reads!Too bad we even have to discuss your second fact we won't... I aggree 100%

We can only wonder what could have been had we not made those trades???? Or hired PaoPao :roll:

Gee..D'Mac mentoring Eakin and Williams??? What a novel idea...wish I had thought of that! :roll:

Lets see...Troy Davis still a Ticat???

No need to sign Ranek????

How do you know this?

I read the interview in the spec!

Because hes better than Williams thats why

thats a bold do you get eakin is better than williams? you have to be kidding me.

That really isn't afir to make a statement like that. There is no way to judge either QB right now.

However, Eakin has shown me glimmers of hope since his debut game last year. That is just my own opinion of what I've seen.

To be fair to him his start against Winnepeg asn't exactly fair if Banks was telling the truth about playcalling and signals.

(scotty dog) That really isn't afir to make a statement like that. There is no way to judge either QB right now.
I agree. With the shambles of an offense we had this year, thanks to a lousy offensive scheme, lack of discipline and injuries to the offensive line, there was no way to truly judge the talent of any of our quarterbacks.

I'd bring about six quarterbacks into training camp, including the afore mentioned.

Allow them all to start out on an even keel and select the final three candidates as #1, #2 and #3.

Eakin is better than Williams. Appstate07, you cant see that because you;ve been a Williams fan much longer apparantly

Neither Eakin nor Williams have had the oppurtunity to prove much of anything, especially which is better than the other.

Both look like they have what it takes. Both are young and have good upsides that would come with reps and learning (and a halfway decetn supporting cast) .

Both should be invited back to camp next year.

Thats probably the weakest arguement ever.

What makes you say Eakin is better than Williams, maybe Williams is better and you can't see it because you've been an Eakin fan since last year. :roll:

Eakin played a good half tonight. Too bad he jammed his thumb. He should not have gone back in the game and toss one up. That was the difference in the game, Eakin appears to have the tools but needs a real game plan and supporting cast.I would invite him back, along with Williams. I would be looking for a solid experienced backup to challange in camp.

I agree...both look like they have promise. It's just too bad that tonight, in Williams case, he had no protection. At least for the 10 minutes of the second half that I could stomach watching.

You know, most teams make adjustments at halftime to come out stronger. Tonight, it appeared Hamiltons adjustments..whatever they were..made them come out looking more inept.

The more I've watched the Cats..the more I feel that it really doesn't matter too much who they have as QB. They badly need a frontline that can provide consistent protection. Once they have that..everything else will follow suit.

Eakin should have been farther ahead than Williams because Eakin was here last year, too. I say invite Williams back to training camp next year, cut Eakin loose and try to develop another young guy at #3.

About the #3 is Beutjer coming back for training camp?? From what i seen in the warm-ups (Yes warm-ups don't usually mean anything but that is all I saw of him) in Saskatchewan that year he was throwing 45 yard bombs on the rope.

I think Williams has way better tools than Eakin who appears to be a tool. I can't help but be impressed every time I see Williams launch a deep ball. Last Sunday I was shopping, see a tv with the game on it and would you know it Williams bombs a perfect pass to Flick. I think he has some serious potential.

Even though I think your analysis is crap sack attack... I dont think yoou will have to worry about Eakin wanting to come back to the cats next year..

And about 150 offensive linemen.

WHat qb would want to come back to this team when there is no head coach, no o.c. ,and absolutely zero quarterback coaching. young qb's want to get better, to be tutored under expeirenced coach's. If I were Eakin or Williams I would be seeking employment elsewhere.

I'm pretty sure we'll have a head coach and o.c in place by next year, or else we are in major trouble. :stuck_out_tongue: